VR/AR Roundup, October 1: How much will VR cost You?

Written by Estevan Aviles | Thursday, Oct 1, 2015

Virtual reality is cool and all, but the question that most are afraid to address is the bottom line: in the end, how much will it cost YOU to buy into the future of entertainment? Hold onto your wallets, we’re about to give a complete rundown of the VR tech scene as it stands:

  • To start, the word on the street is that it’ll cost you about $1,000 or more just to own a computer that can run Oculus. In addition to that, the Oculus hardware itself will cost at least $300.
  • Do you feel like it’s more affordable to invest in Sony’s PlayStation VR? Well we hope you don’t break your PS4 soon because the headset itself will cost about the same as a brand new PS4.
  • Thank you Samsung for announcing that Gear VR will officially be $99 and launch in November. Although this is a mobile phone dependent version of VR, it still gives us an early look (and tons of fun) ahead of the coming tidal wave that is VR entertainment in 2016.
  • Still stretching that pocket thin? Well, the secret’s out… VR is already here and it could cost you anywhere from $0 - $20. That’s right, say hello to Google Cardboard.
  • Finally, never to be one behind in innovation, Microsoft has now created their own cardboard VR kit.

Although there are more VR headsets being developed than what is listed above, these are considered to be the front runners by far. Whatever will end up sucking your wallet dry when it comes to VR, you can be sure to find it next year at SXSW!

Want more info on these exciting new technologies? Then be sure to attend the first-ever SXSW VR/AR Track on March 16-17. This programming is open to all SXSW badgeholders.

Registration for SXSW 2016 is open, so make sure to get your badge before the next price surge on Friday, October 23.

Photo by Tyler Draker