“March of the Afrojack” Is Here!

Written by Dempsey Jones | Friday, Sep 27, 2013

It is here! Dutch music producer and DJ, Afrojack, released part one of the documentary, March of the Afrojack! The documentary will be released in five parts, and for all EDM fans and aspiring producers and DJs, this is a must see. The documentary highlights Nick van de Wall’s journey and experiences from beginning to present and reifies the idea that if you work hard and are dedicated, you can get to where you want to be.

The beginning of part one features moving scenes from EDM festivals, which are followed by clips of fellow DJs and producers Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, and Guetta who provide commentary on the talented man that Nick has become. In contrast, part one then presents a more insightful perspective from his mother, Debby, who shares with us the type of person her son is now and was throughout his childhood, all amongst beautiful shots of the Netherlands.

Nick himself states in part one, “I want to show everyone I’m a normal person.” Well, with this being the first of five parts, I can only imagine that we have a lot more to learn about Afrojack, his expertise, and how he came from a simple beginning and has now risen to the top of a world that is anything but simple.

Keep an eye out for parts 2-5, and tune in to EDJ today at noon and tonight at midnight to hear Afrojack and other great SXSW EDM artists! In the meantime, check out part one of March of the Afrojack below.


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