Americana Profile: The Devil Makes Three

Written by Kevin Connor | Monday, Nov 4, 2013

SXSW 2014 Band The Devil Makes Three

Our featured album this week on Americana World Headquarters is a brand new one with an old-time sound from The Devil Makes Three, I’m a Stranger Here, just released on New West Records. This trio of raised-by-hippies Vermonters came together as a band in Santa Cruz, California, stirring up a heady blend of bluegrass, country, ragtime, blues and more and putting it on the menu as “folk punk.” The album, produced in Nashville by the great Buddy Miller at the great Dan Auerbach’s studio, is TDM3’s 4th studio creation and 7th overall release.

For such a rhythmically-oriented band, The Devil Makes Three is surprisingly drummer-free. Lead singer Pete Bernhard plays guitar, as does Cooper McBean (plus banjo), and Lucia Turino learned the upright bass just to be a part of the band. “The rhythm is what our band is about,” says Pete, “We write with rhythm and dancing in mind.”

The Devil Makes Three are touring and causing dancing breakouts throughout the Midwest this month and have already been announced as showcasing artists for SXSW 2014. Catch selections from the new album four times today “on the 6’s and 12’s” on Americana World Headquarters, hosted by Kevin Connor, here on SXSWfm. Listen to the stream now on your mobile device or desktop by clicking here.

Photo by Piper Ferguson