Backbeat Show Review: FIDLAR & The Orwells (10/4/13)

Written by Jessica Pickett | Tuesday, Oct 8, 2013

The city of Austin is in full buzz mode with the 11th annual Austin City Limits Music Festival taking place. Two Backbeat artists on this lineup are punk rock bands FIDLAR and The Orwells who've been touring the US together since the end of September. After their Friday daytime performances at Zilker Park, the two groups played an official late night show together at Holy Mountain. With a venue capacity of only a little over 200, this show was bound to be a sell-out, packed to the gills with jean-vest-wearing, safety-pin-covered punk music fanatics who were ready to jump into the mosh pit head first.

Five-piece Illinois youngsters The Orwells took to the stage first, dawning underage black X's on their hands, indicating even more how impressive their newfound success has been since their high school inception in 2009. Frontman Mario Cuomo has a truly enthralling presence with his high-energy dance moves and exaggerated facial expressions, having even showcased his twerking skills at one point.

Mom + Pop quartet FIDLAR headlined the night, having basically started an all out riot amongst onlookers as soon as they took the stage. They powered through their mostly two-minute-long rowdy tracks, from their self-titled LP released earlier this year, mainly all about sex, drugs, and rock and roll of course. Drummer Max Kuehn showed off his impressive skills by playing most of the second half of the show with his face completely covered by a towel, letting the pure sound and chemistry with his bandmates guide his drum sticks.

If you're looking to see some uproarious, gritty punk shows, these two groups are your best bet. Just watch out for all the flying legs and elbows. For those of you who will be attending ACL Weekend Two, you can catch both FIDLAR and The Orwells on Friday.

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