EDJ Artist Spotlight: RL Grime

Written by Dempsey Jones | Friday, Oct 25, 2013

RL Grime at SXSW 2013

RL Grime, also known as Clockwork or his birth name Henry Steinway, is one of L.A.’s own who is a powerful force in the world of trap. The 2013 SXSW Showcasing Artist released a new track earlier this week. Entitled “Because of U,” this track differs from RL Grime’s usual trap work. It is a little softer, quicker, and filled with chilling high pitched vocals that switch to a sexier, heavier feel a minute into the track. This piece is definitely the direction I hope RL Grime continues to take his work.

If this continues with RL Grime and other influential trap artists, it is possible that we may see the reverse trend from that of dubstep. Dubstep started with softer hits like this, yet with its rise through commercialization, the beats became heavier and the tracks became rougher. This may be a stretch, but if the hi-hats take a rest for awhile and the soft beats begin to trend, I will have hope that trap may take things back a step and explore alternative musical territories.

RL Grime is currently on tour in the US, but he will be on tour in Europe, the UK, Australia, and Canada soon. If you can’t catch him live, make sure to tune in and check out his latest track on this week’s episode of EDJ by tuning in today at 12pm, 6pm, & 12am CDT. You can listen to SXSWfm on your smartphone or desktop by clicking here.

Photo by Ryan Hutson