Want Some Wu-Tang With Your EDM?

Written by Dempsey Jones | Friday, Oct 18, 2013

SXSW Alumni Doctor P

Doctor P, English dubstep and drum and bass producer, co-founder of Circus Records, and SXSW 2012 veteran, recently collaborated with Adam F and Method Man, a member of SXSW alumni Wu-Tang Clan. Their track is titled “The Pit,” and its newly released video is pretty intense.

Chock-full of gore, zombies, scary robots, and flat-out ugly beings, this video creates a post-apocalyptic hell that I sure don’t want to live in. The video itself is an aesthetically impressive piece of work. Short film material if you ask me. With animated heroic versions of Method Man, Doctor P, and Adam F, the short story has some cringeworthy moments, a solid storyline, and a badass feel. Overall, it’s an aggressive track and video that is sure to be played in some of today’s biggest EDM clubs.

Acting as another example of the wonderful merge between hip-hop and EDM, this track may not make all of today’s bassheads extremely happy. Some EDM listeners prefer to have that super modern factor in their music that they can relate to. This may be why EDM remixes of pop hits and pop hits incorporating EDM are growing in popularity. Taking things back with a little Method Man is a pretty solid move for Doctor P and Adam F, and I am definitely not complaining. I’ll always be a Method Man fan.

Sadly, the audio version of the track doesn’t drop until October 28th, so until then you can watch the gore-filled video again and again below or tune in to EDJ today at 12pm, 6pm, & 12am CDT to hear Doctor P and some of the greatest EDM DJs and producers to come through SXSW. You can listen to SXSWfm on your smartphone or desktop by clicking here.

Photo by sm Photos