SXSWfm 2014 Artist Spotlight: CALLmeKAT

Written by Ali Killian | Friday, Feb 28, 2014

SXSW 2014 Artist: CALLmeKAT

Danish singer-songwriter Katrine Ottosen of CALLmeKAT delivers feel-good beats and velvety vocals that leave listeners floating in a world of dream-pop. Ottosen, a 33-year old from Copenhagen, masters the simplicity of her delicate voice and keyboard-based songs to produce something Interview Magazine calls “downright bluesy.”

In an interview with Impose Magazine, Ottosen’s genuine spirit shines through while she talks about her creative process: “I am a sucker for vintage keyboards, and simple analog instruments that have soul and you can feel it when you play them. What attracts me to keyboards and pedals are the way I can manipulate them and create a new world with the same three things, when I approach them. It's like one big jigsaw puzzle - but with endless ways to solve it.”

After supporting Au Revoir Simone on their fall US tour, CALLmeKAT performed at MIDEM, the international music trade show in France, and will continue on to Austin for SXSW 2014. Meanwhile, CALLmeKAT is preparing to release her Hidden Waters EP this summer.

CALLmeKAT's SXSW 2014 Music Showcase is on Friday, March 14 at Esther's Follies starting at 12:00AM. Hear songs off of CALLmeKAT’s upcoming EP Hidden Waters, along with other SXSW 2014 bands, on SXSWfm, SXSW's official online radio channel. Download the mobile app for iOS or Android here.

Photo courtesy of the artist