Tha Fixx Serves Up a Serving of Casey Veggies

Written by Ali Killian | Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014

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For decades, moms have been telling kids to eat their veggies -- we're supposed to eat three to five servings per day. Today, SXSWfm has you covered. Let this week's episode of Tha Fixx Radio spoon-feed you a serving of Casey Veggies, a rap up-and-comer from California.

A founding, former member of hip-hop collective Odd Future, Casey Veggies began his rap career as a 16-year-old basketball player in Inglewood, California. Veggies has been dropping mixtapes left and right since 2007, including a collab with Rockie Fresh called Fresh Veggies. But no veggie mix is complete without peas and carrots -- Casey co-founded the "lifestyle guide on fashion and music" Peas N' Carrots International with his friends Joshton Peas and Anwar Carrots in 2007, in addition to kicking off his rap career.

Since then, Casey Veggies has been beefing up his rap resume with mixtape after mixtape, but we have yet to see his debut solo album. With the amount of material Veggies has released, it seems like a full-length may not be too far off. Last week, a fresh Veggies track called "The Boy" hit the Internet, and SXSWfm has another new one to share with you.

Tune in to Tha Fixx Radio on SXSWfm at 6 & 12 CDT today to catch another fresh collab from Casey Veggies. Make mama proud.

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