Van Troubles & the Tele Novella-THON

Written by Ali Killian | Thursday, Jul 24, 2014

Dawes at SXSW 2013

Van trouble – it can be the end of a band's career or a road bump along the way. In Tele Novella's case, they don't even have a van to trouble them, so, like many small bands facing van issues, they're asking for help.

Cue Tele Novella-THON, the band's free show and fundraiser. The free event – complete with a raffle, pizza, beer and live music from SXSW alumni such as The Black, Daniel Francis Doyle and the reunion of Bo Bud Greene – starts at 5 p.m. this Saturday at ABGB. While the event itself is free, Tele Novella encourages donations: to the raffle, on-site and/or to their Indiegogo campaign. With the money they raise, first, they'll buy a tour van, then, the Austin indie-pop group will use the leftover funds to record a full-length.

To hear a previously released Tele Novella track, tune into Chronolog today at 6 & 12 CDT on SXSWfm, and be sure to revisit SXSWfm to hear songs from other SXSW alumni, some of which have had van trouble of their own.

Just four days ago, Driver Friendly's trailer broke in the Redwood National Park (conveniently, the band "just so happened to stop next to the only welding station in the park – 65 miles away from the next.")

In 2013, Brooklyn-based A Great Big Pile of Leaves' van was broken-into in Chicago. In 2012, Austin's Ume and Kansas City, Missouri's The Life and Times both had van trouble while on tour together. In 2011, Dawes' (show above) van broke down near Pittsburgh, and vocalist Taylor Goldsmith had to catch a flight to Philadelphia to perform an acoustic set.

And one of the more well-known van accidents happened to Chicago pop-rockers Fall Out Boy in 2004. While driving to a video shoot in New York, the van slipped on black ice and crashed. Though no one was seriously injured, the wreck destroyed the entire van and trailer (and later inspired the cover art for the band's breakout album From Under The Cork Tree). Van troubles are so common for bands that even the satire publication The Onion wrote a piece on it back in 1996.

Like Tele Novella, many bands who encounter these problems ask for help from fans. Buying merchandise, music and show tickets directly from the bands, publicizing the band's posts and donating when possible are just a few ways to help out your favorite bands when they hit hardships. So if you're in Austin, head to Tele Novella-THON this Saturday at ABGB to help the band achieve their tour-van dreams. And no matter where you are, tune into Chronolog today at 6 & 12 CDT on SXSWfm to catch a track from the band and others from SXSW alumni.

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Dawes photo by Tammy Camp