EDJ Artist Spotlight: LOUDPVCK

Written by Dempsey Jones | Friday, Sep 20, 2013

With music being a large part of their lives since they were young, there is no doubt that Kenny Beats & Ryan Marks are making their way to the top. Together, these gentleman make up the duo LOUDPVCK (pronounced Loud-Pack) who graced the SXSW stages with their showcase in 2013. Both Kenny and Ryan both began studying music and its intricacies at a young age, produced music in high school, and went on to pursue their dreams at Berklee College of Music. Its almost as if their symmetrical but unique paths were meant to merge. Kenny Beats has a background in producing hip-hop, and Ryan Marks has a strong grasp on EDM. Obviously, these two were meant to produce trap music in its most original form.

It seems that every other day, I read an article about some DJ saying something about another DJ producing trap “incorrectly.” Or there will be some duo claiming that their fans don’t have a complete understanding of trap. This argument of what a genre is or isn’t is cyclical. It will always exist, because someone will always be disappointed with change. Sometimes it is hard to understand how music evolves and becomes another genre. One of the arguments is that a lot of the “trap” coming out in the EDM world is not acknowledging the roots of the subgenre: hip-hop. There may be hip-hop elements, but without that strong hip-hop foundation, the music is not “true” trap. Personally, I do not have a claim either which way, but I do believe that the roots of a genre should be communicated, valued, and understood.

Yet the question here is, should all producers communicate and respect this foundation? If they venture off of the traditional course, is this wrong or are they just accepting music’s recurrent evolution? Kenny & Mark, the men of LOUDPVCK, have what it takes to bring forth substantial and influential tracks to the trap subgenre that respect its foundation and contribute to a progressive future.

If you want to catch this duo live and up close, make sure to check out one of their North American tour stops, or catch them here in Austin on October 3rd at Haven. If you want to just jam out a little, make sure to tune in to EDJ today at 12pm, 6pm, & 12am CDT!


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