SXSW Alumni Spotlight: Delta Rae

Written by Ali Killian | Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013

SXSW Alumni Delta Rae

Finishing up their US tour, Delta Rae is back in the studio recording their second album. Meanwhile, the soulful sextuplets have left us Chasing Twisters, their new EP, to tie us over.

The Durham, North Carolina natives were a part of last year’s KGSR Live Broadcast during SXSW. Delta Rae kicked off the four-day morning music show as the first act, waking the city of Austin with their 6am performance. They also made their way back to Austin to perform at ACL.

Delta Rae, made up of Elizabeth Hopkins, Mike McKee, Grant Emerson, and siblings Ian, Eric, and Brittany Holljes, combine southern loving and mythical folklore with rock, gospel and country influences to bring an energetic sound. The band’s strength lies with its vocal versatility. Delta Rae is blessed with not one, not two, but four singers who take turns delivering lyrical story tales. Delta Rae’s music is an experience; it sends you deep into the south with stories of magic and leaves you wanting more from heavy beats and power vocals.

Often compared to Fleetwood Mac, Delta Rae was thrilled when Lindsey Buckingham wanted to contribute his fingerpicking guitar style to “If I Loved You,” one of the tracks off their new EP. The guitar and piano-dominated ballad features the vocals of Elizabeth Hopkins which heighten the emotional sentiment and heartbreak of this must hear track.

Now, Delta Rae plans on squeezing in as much recording time as possible for their upcoming album before heading out on their next tour in February 2014.

You can listen to tracks off of Delta Rae’s new EP Chasing Twisters on SXSWfm. To launch the SXSWfm player on your mobile device or desktop, click here.

Photo by Richard McBlane