White Denim's Austin Vibes Shine Through on New Record

Written by Ali Killian | Thursday, Oct 31, 2013

SXSW Alumni White Denim

White Denim have come a long way since their 2007 EP debut. With three albums under their belt, they return to their Austin roots with the release of Corsicana Lemonade.

Initially pegged as a garage rock band, White Denim’s background in jazz, country, and indie rock meant they were always going to experiment with their sound. On stage, they're a band that can not only play, but also be prepared to take risks for the thrill of it.

For Corsicana Lemonade, White Denim built their own studio in a house overlooking Lake Travis in Austin. So it’s no surprise the surrounding ambiance had a heavy influence on the new record. Exploring mellower territory, White Denim continues their rampant diversity with a more Southern country-folk vibe. Dwelling on family and memories, the lyrics set the mood of a back porch party with a strong smell of BBQ in the air, transcending a warm glow.

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Photo by Mark Seliger