Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a top sponsor and align your brand with SXSW.

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The SXSW Sponsorship team offers valuable support to sponsors throughout the season leading up to the events. Contact us for more information on developing a custom program that fits your needs and marketing goals.

Sponsorship Vision

SXSW Sponsorship Activations

When your brand purchases a SXSW Sponsorship package, it is committing itself to delivering experiential relevance and value to thousands of industry influencers including press, creatives and their millions of collective followers, who have come to expect nothing less from SXSW and its partners.

Through activations, product integration, social media and logo placement, your brand has the tools to educate, entertain and engage a captive audience on what it is doing to make a difference in the music, film and digital worlds today.

So put your best foot forward.

Visualize this partnership through the eyes of our attendees.

Adding value to the SXSW experience while integrating your brand's products will not only showcase the authenticity of the brand, but will result in great, objective 3rd party recognition that will move the influencer needle.

This is more than a marketing play. It's about creating experiences that will resonate long after your brand strikes its activations.

It's about what your brand does with the opportunities that it has been given.

Sponsorship Relevance

Beyond March, our sponsors take the inspiration gained from their involvement during Music, Film and Interactive, and keep the conversation going year-round within their global communities.

Learn more about how each sponsor works to align their brand and engage with the SXSW community, straight from the experts themselves.

Read more about what our sponsors, past and present, bring to SXSW!



High Profile Programs

Achieve the greatest
marketing impact.

A Super Sponsorship delivers the highest visibility possible and provides seamless promotional exposure by aligning your brand with SXSW as a top promotional partner.

Hone in on your
target audience.

A Major Sponsorship allows your brand to have maximum exposure for the duration of a specific festival, as well as inclusion in SXSW’s promotional campaign.

Make a splash with High Profile Programs.

SXSW offers a handful of focused opportunities that give you visibility in interesting and effective directions. Premier Marketing Opportunities pack a lot of punch.