Photo by Aaron Rogosin

Photo by Aaron Rogosin

SXSW GO – Official Mobile Guide to South by Southwest

SXSW® GO is the official mobile app for getting the most out of attending SXSW. Browse the SX lineup and create your personal schedule to sync with all of your devices.



With the SXSW GO mobile app you can browse our continuously updated lineup of programming and build your schedule online at or directly on your mobile device.

Sync your online schedule with your mobile device, so your info will always be up to date! Plus, get schedule recommendations, helpful event navigation information, and discover new music, films, and sessions. Click the buttons below to download the 2019 mobile app on iPhone, iPad, or Android.

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2019 SXSW GO App

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Mobile App Features


Stay tuned for full release of features on the January 2019 update.

  • Event Status – We’ve made it easy for you to check the current status of a room or a venue’s remaining capacity for conference sessions and festival events.

    • A Green-Yellow-Red system appears on the app, the online SXSW Schedule, and on the digital Event Status Boards located around the ACC and other venues.
  • Venue Size – Both the app and the online SXSW Schedule will show room size information as small, medium, or large for any venue to help you plan your schedule.

  • Favorited By – See how many people have starred any session, showcase, or screening with Favorited By on the app and online SXSW Schedule. Not only will you be able to see how many people favorited an event, you can also see who.

  • SXSW Recommends – SXSW Recommends delivers personalized Event and Attendee Recommendations based on a variety of factors including: a registrant’s favorited events, networking contacts, time, location, and popularity by weighting these factors through an advanced algorithm created by SXSW and Eventbase.

  • SXXpress – SXXpress (South by Express) is a feature, digital pass program for SXSW Platinum, Film, and Music registrants that allows enhanced access to Music and Film Festival programming. Learn more here.

  • Schedule – Browse the entire SXSW Schedule and customize your own schedule. Select events as My Favorites and easily sync them between devices. Note: As date, time, and location details become available in the schedule, your personal schedule will be automatically updated.

  • Networking – Search the directory for other Attendees. Boost your networking with personalized recommendations from SXSW Recommends.

Learn more about event navigational tools at the Attendee Services Hub, your guide through SXSW registrant resources.

SXSW® GO - SXSW Mobile App presented by Showtime and powered by Eventbase

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