Photo & Video Policies

We are excited for you to share your SXSW and SXSW EDU (the “Event(s)”) experiences in your news coverage, but it’s imperative that all accredited media also respect the rights of the creators that participate in SXSW and SXSW EDU. This Accredited Press Photo & Video Policy covers what type of photo and video recording is and isn’t allowed during the Event. When we refer to “content” that includes, without limitation, videos, clips, photographs, audio recordings, text, graphics, logos, icons, images and software made available to the attendee during the Events.

In-Person Event

Professional Photography and Videography is permitted at SXSW Events only with press credentials and a camera tag provided by the SXSW and/or SXSW EDU Press Departments. By accepting press credentials and a camera tag, you agree to the terms detailed in this Photo and Video Policy.

For any questions about this policy, please contact or For photo policy information for non-media registrants or the general public, please go here.


  • Only SXSW and SXSW EDU accredited press are eligible to receive a camera tag
  • To obtain camera tags, bring your camera to the Press table in the Registration area of the Austin Convention Center
  • The camera tag must be affixed to your camera and clearly visible AT ALL TIMES.
  • Under no circumstances are tripods, lights, cabling, power cords and/or elaborate set ups permitted in any SXSW venue hallways
  • Media attendees are not permitted to take photos or shoot video where it is unsafe or disruptive such as in doorways, fire exits, expo floor aisles, hallways, walkways, lobbies, pre-function areas, sidewalks, etc. Please note that, not complying with a request to move or stop capturing content could result in your removal.

* For a map of designated filming locations in the convention center that can be used for no more than 30 minutes, please contact

Press credentials and photographer/videographer camera tags are issued at the discretion of SXSW and can be revoked at any time if SXSW determines they are being misused.


You must have a SXSW camera tag affixed to your camera to take professional photos at Conference and Festival Events.

Additionally, flash photography is only allowed as follows:

SXSW Conference

  • During the first five (5) minutes of any session from the front of the room
  • After five (5) minutes, no flash photography will be allowed and cameras will need to be removed from the front of the room
  • If you are staying after the first five (5) minutes, you must have a seat in the audience

SXSW Music Festival

  • During the first three (3) songs of an artist’s set flash is allowed
  • After first three (3) songs no flash photography is allowed
  • Specific artists may have different rules regarding photographing showcases

SXSW Film & TV Festival

  • On a case by case basis, which must be approved by the SXSW Press Department in advance. Otherwise, flash photography is prohibited inside venues.


In order to protect SXSW and the rights of artists and speakers, including, without limitation, copyrights and rights of publicity, videography for news coverage, reviews and interviews are permitted and restricted as follows:

Permitted Videography

SXSW and SXSW EDU Conferences:

  • During first five (5) minutes of any session

  • Tripod or handheld video recording from the designated press area or if there is no designated press area, then the  back or sides of rooms

  • No filming or photography may impede the ingress or egress of a room

SXSW Music Festival:

  • Only with prior approval from SXSW, video may be recorded during three (3) songs of any one artist’s set and :45 continuous seconds of live footage may be broadcast
  • Upon request by SXSW, it will be your sole responsibility to obtain and supply to SXSW written permission from artist or artist management.

SXSW Film & TV Festival Q&As and Introductions:

  • Filming from your seat at Film & TV Festival venues is allowed except at the Paramount and Stateside Theatres.


  • Your SXSW and SXSW EDU press credentials and camera tag will NOT allow you to audio or video stream, broadcast or otherwise transmit, retransmit or copy in any form any SXSW artist performance, conference programming, or Film & TV Q&A longer than :45 continuous seconds. To request additional Event recording and licensing rights, please fill out this form.
  • No board feeds will be allowed during the SXSW Conference, and will not be allowed without prior consent from SXSW during the Music Festival
  • No video recording of any kind is permitted at the Paramount or Stateside Theatres without prior approval from the SXSW Film Publicity Department

Additionally, all SXSW and SXSW EDU attendees agree to the SXSW Participation & Credentials Terms & Conditions, Terms of Use, and Code of Conduct.

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