Covering POTUS: A Conversation with the Failing New York Times

Baquet is the Executive Editor of The New York Times, and in this session with NYT columnist Rutenberg, the pair looked at the importance of journalism in the wake of President Trump’s election. At the time, Trump had been in office for less than two months, and the extent of his animosity towards the free press was still being revealed. At the time, Baquet looked at Trump’s election as a welcome boon to circulation at a time when newspapers were losing readers in droves, though he acknowledged the challenges in covering the new president.

Dean Baquet

Executive Editor, The New York Times.
Dean Baquet is executive editor of The New York Times, a position he assumed in May 2014. Mr. Baquet serves in the highest ranked position in The Times’s newsroom and oversees The New York Times news report in all its various forms. Before being named executive editor, Mr. Baquet was managing editor of The Times.

Jim Rutenberg

Journalist, The New York Times.
Jim Rutenberg was named media columnist for The New York Times in January 2016. He is also a contributor The New York Times Magazine. Previously, Mr. Rutenberg was a chief political correspondent for The New York Times Magazine (2014-2016).

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