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Welcome 2021 SXSW Online Attendees


The Attendee Services Hub is your guide to SXSW Online with a suite of navigation tools and resources to help prepare you for the digital adventure ahead.

SXSW Online, a digital experience from March 16–20, 2021 includes keynotes, Conference sessions, Music Festival showcases, Film Festival screenings, world-class networking, online Exhibitions, and more. But before you dive in, browse our platforms overview, learn how to link your registration pass, connect with other attendees, and more.

The SXSW Online Pass covers the entire event, giving attendees the opportunity to take in programming and connect with others across the many industries that SX serves.

Explore Event Platforms, find out what’s playing daily across 5 channels on our Where to Watch schedule, step into the Creative Industries Exhibition, and more.

Conference Keynotes and sessions will remain available to SXSW Online registrants on the event platform and Connected TV apps through April 18. Browse the complete list of post-event on demand content including select Music showcases and Film programming.

To stay in the SX know – sign up for SXSW Event Updates, check out the SXSW News feed for the latest programming features and announcements, and follow our social media channelsTwitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

On Demand Content


Post-Event Content Availability

Most Conference sessions and select Music Festival and Film Festival programming is available for attendees on our online platform and Connected TV apps through April 18.

Click here for a full list of available content.

Getting Started


Link Your Pass

Once you have registered for SXSW Online, you will immediately receive your link code in your Shopping Cart.

From there, follow these steps to get started:

You can also find your link code by logging into your cart and clicking on “Purchase History” in the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner. Within one business day of your registration purchase, you will also receive your link code in a confirmation email with the subject line, “SXSW Online SXSW 2021 REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION.”

Set Profile & Settings

Once you’ve opened the SXSW Online Platform, go to the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner and click the down arrow. Under “My Profile” add your personal information and then verify your “Settings.”

Set Your Networking Availability

Under “My SXSW” click “My Meetings” to update your availability to reflect the times you are available to be contacted. “All day” (24 hours) is the default setting to accommodate international participants.

Event Platforms Overview


2021 SXSW Online programming includes live and on-demand Keynotes & Featured Sessions, Conference Sessions, Mentor Sessions & Workshops, Film Festival Screenings*, Music Festival Showcases, Comedy Festival Showcases and Podcasts, the Creative Industries Exhibition, Networking Events, and Special Events.

SXSW Online Platform Overview

View and participate in SXSW Online events across multiple platforms. Programming will stream across five channels from 9:30am CT – 10pm CT with an overnight rebroadcast.

All Conference Sessions will be available on demand, with channel content posting on the same day they air. Films will be available on demand when they drop (please see the schedule for more information). Most music Festival content must be viewed at the time it airs, but select showcases will be available from March 21.

The SXSW Online platform is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer is not supported. Content will not appear in your Connected TV app until its scheduled start time. Some Films have limited capacity and require advance RSVP (which begins on Tuesday, March 9).

Download the SXSW Online Mobile App for iOS and Android.

SXSW Connected TV Apps are now available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku®, Samsung Smart TV (not available in Brazil, China or South Korea), and Android TV.

Certain film content may be geo-blocked due to rights and the distributor’s discretion. Please find the full list of film availability here.
Some content will be subject to capacity.

Build Your Schedule


Use the SXSW Online Platform and/or mobile app to build and customize a personal schedule in advance.

Click the + sign in the schedule list view or the green “Register” button from a schedule listing page to add an event to your schedule.

Some events at SXSW Online are RSVP only. Sign up for Film Screenings with capacity limits, Professional Development, and Mentor Sessions starting Tuesday, March 9 at 11am CT.

You can find your personal schedule in “My SXSW.” You will be sent notifications about events added to your schedule shortly before they begin.

Explore Schedule

Where to Watch


Live sessions and events are available across five channels scheduled every day between 10:00am – 10:00pm CT on our event platform mobile app, and through our Connected TV app. This programming will be rebroadcast overnight starting at 10:00pm CT.

Conference Keynotes and Featured Sessions will be available on demand the same day after its scheduled stream time. All other conference sessions will be available on demand at 10:00 am CT on Tuesday, March 16.

Film Festival content premieres every two hours from 10:00am to 8:00pm CT from Tuesday, March 16 to Thursday, March 18. Many films do not have a capacity limit and will be available for the duration of the event. Three exceptions with 6-hour timed windows: Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil; Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free; and Under the Volcano.

Music Festival showcases are scheduled viewing, and must be watched live. Select showcases will be available on demand starting Sunday, March 21.

Conference content along with select Music Festival showcases and Film Festival events will be available via the SXSW Online platform and Connected TV apps through April 18. Browse the complete list of post-event on demand content.

Daily Channels Schedule

RSVP Events



Networking Opportunities


Networking with other registered attendees is currently open on the SXSW Online Platform.

Discover the many ways you’ll be able to engage with attendees and organizations in both group and one-on-one networking settings before, during, and after the event.

Networking Opportunities

Creative Industries Exhibition


The Creative Industries Exhibition is an all-inclusive digital expo serving as the epicenter of business for this year’s SXSW Online experience featuring a diverse range of forward-thinking exhibitors – from promising startups to established industry leaders.

Digital Exhibitor Booths

Using the SXSW Online Platform, find Exhibitor company information, product categories, social media profiles, contact details, and other content the exhibitor may have uploaded including documents, resources, and featured products and services.

Exhibitor Types

Meet top creative organizations, innovative industry leaders, small businesses, and emerging startups from all over the world exhibit. Exhibitors are dynamic organizations and thought leaders that are changing the game and looking to share their stories and ideas.

Find Exhibitors

Sort exhibitors by product or pavilion type to find exhibits that match your interests. Or, search using keywords on the Creative Industries Exhibition page to filter through all participating brands.

Meet with Exhibitors

Book a meeting with a company to learn more about a product or service using the SXSW Online Platform. Navigate to a company’s digital booth and use the chat function to make contact. This enables you to book a meeting, ask questions or network with the company’s team in real time.

Exhibitor with No Available Meeting Times: Choose from several other options to make important professional connections both during and long after the event is over. Digital booths are equipped with business and individual contact information that you may add to “My Networking” and “My Bookmarked Companies” in your “My SXSW” section. These contacts can be exported, making it easy to reach out at a later date.

Bookmark Exhibitors

Bookmarking makes it easy to revisit your favorite exhibitors. Bookmarks are located at the digital booth directly under the company logo. Your list of bookmarked exhibitors will populate in the “My SXSW” section of the platform.

Build Your Wishlist

By clicking the tag icon in the bottom right corner of an item, you can add any product, service or Swag item to your wish list. To see your wish list, visit “My Wish List” under “My SXSW.”



Live Keynotes

SXSW Conference Keynotes will be streamed live every day on Channel 1. Tune in at 1pm CT to catch talks with Stacey Abrams, Willie Nelson, Charles Yu, Pete Buttigieg, and Priya Parker.

Featured Sessions and Awards

All SXSW Conference Featured Sessions and Awards shows will stream daily across Channels 1–4.

All Keynotes and Featured Sessions will be available on demand the day they air.

Conference Sessions

All other panels and presentations will be available on demand. You can find this content via the online schedule. Some speakers will be available for Session Viewing Parties. Please see this grid as a handy reference for what’s happening when.

RSVP Events

Some Conference events require sign up, which begins on Tuesday, March 9 at 11am. RSVP for Roundtables and Professional Development events by clicking the green “Register” icon on schedule listings. Mentor Session sign ups will be available via Mentorly.

Film Festival Screenings


Premiere Launch Schedule

The Film Festival is premiering new work every two hours from 10:00am to 8:00pm CT, every day from Tuesday, March 16 to Thursday, March 18. Learn more about How to Watch Films at SXSW Online 2021 including global and U.S. access and capacity limits or check out our handy film grid.

Film Availability

At a film’s scheduled premiere launch time, it becomes available for viewing and remains available on demand until it reaches its audience capacity or the event ends on March 20. Three exceptions with 6-hour timed windows: Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil; Tom Petty, Somewhere You Feel Free; and Under the Volcano. Please note, films will appear in your Connected TV app at their scheduled start time.

Viewing Limited Capacity Films

Some Films have limited capacity* and require advance RSVP. Film RSVPs open on Tuesday, March 9 at 11am. At that time, you may begin to RSVP for films on the SXSW Online Platform and mobile app. Once you have an RSVP to a film you have secured your seat. That means you can watch the film at any time between its scheduled premiere launch and the end of the event on March 20 on the SXSW Online Platform, mobile app, or Connected TV app.

*Limited audience capacity is determined by the rights holder for the film. Many films do not have a capacity limit.


While SXSW is a global event, certain films will be restricted to access in the United States due to rights and distributor requirements.

Audience Award Voting

All films are eligible for the SXSW Film Festival Audience Awards and Sunday, March 21st is Audience Awards Voting Day!

On Sunday, March 21 visit your “My SXSW” page to look back at the films you’ve watched (you must be registered or have RSVP’ed for them in order to vote). Use the “Give Your Feedback” feature on each film’s event page to cast your votes by 11:59 pm CT on Sunday!

If you’ve already voted, your vote is in the system and will be counted.

Audience Award Winners

The “Give Your Feedback” feature will be used to determine winners. Audience Award results for all categories will be certified by the accounting firm of Maxwell Locke & Ritter.

Join the Live Discussion Chat on SXSW Online

Each film has its own page on the SXSW Online Platform with its own Discussion Chat. Chat about a film with other participants, the filmmakers themselves (on select films), ask questions, give feedback, or write a note to the makers of a film you really loved.

Filmmaker in Focus

Get to know the filmmakers by watching these video series linked on each film page in the SXSW Online Platform.

Film Festival at SXSW Online XR

Select SXSW Music Film Festival content can be seen at SXSW Online XR, hosted on VRChat. SXSW Online XR can be experienced on PC, PCVR and Oculus Quest headsets.

Music Festival Showcases


Music Festival Schedule

Music Festival Showcases take place March 16-20 between the hours of 2:30pm and 10:00pm CT. For attendees in the eastern hemisphere, the schedule repeats over the next 12 hour cycle. Music Festival Showcases are appointment viewing so don’t miss them when they air.

Connected TV Viewing

Passholders can view the SXSW Music Festival via SXSW Online Connected TV Apps for Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku®, Samsung Smart TV, and Android TV.

Availability coming soon.

Join the Live Discussion Chat on SXSW Online

Chat with other attendees during the showcase. Each showcase has its own page on the SXSW Online Platform with its own Discussion Chat. Chat about an artist, ask questions, give feedback, or share a message with the artist.

Music Festival Showcases in VR

Select SXSW Music Festival Showcases can be seen in our SXSW Online XR world, hosted on VRChat. SXSW Online XR can be experienced on PC, PCVR and Oculus Quest headsets.

SXSW Comedy


This year, SXSW Comedy is bringing you showcases from iconic comedy clubs from around the country, plus other special events.

SXSW Comedy invited some of the most lauded comedy venues from around the country to present live shows from their home stages, most for the first time in nearly a year. Each club curated an impressive lineup of regulars, excited to be back on a real stage for a small live audience and the result is a fascinating comedy time capsule.

SXSW Comedy programming will be available nightly on Channel 4 with events going to on demand after they air. This content will only be available for the duration of the event.

View Comedy Schedule

SXSW Online XR


SXSW Online XR

The SXSW Online XR world will feature condensed, fantastical artist representations of Congress Avenue and the Red River Cultural District, and will showcase live sessions, meet ups, special events, a selection of 360° videos from the Virtual Cinema program, and 2D video feeds of SXSW programming.

The complete Virtual Cinema Program, including previously-announced Virtual Cinema Competition and Virtual Cinema Spotlight projects, will also be accessible and downloadable in the world via the VRrOOm store online. The VRChat worlds can be experienced on PC, PCVR and Oculus Quest headsets.

Online XR Help Desk

Help Resources


Customer support can be found by contacting the following:

  • Help purchasing registrations, redeeming coupons, linking registration to Online platform, general questions, and customer service. Email

  • Help with access to Online Event content, compatibility with browsers, compatibility with hardware/software. Email

  • Help and support with Online Event questions and problems that don’t fit the reg@ and techsupport@ descriptions. Email

  • Help with general information and questions about SXSW. Email

  • Help and support with inappropriate behavior by any participant(s) in the Online Events. Email

  • Help with questions about ADA accessibility accommodations. Email

  • For more general questions about SXSW Online, start with the SXSW Online FAQs.



Most programming at SXSW Online 2021 will feature closed captioning, and some will have ASL interpretation. For questions about ADA accessibility accommodations email

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