At A Glance: Meet Sophie Roach, SXSW 2019’s Big Bag Artist

What was the vision behind the design?


SXSW 2019’s Registrant Bag artist, Sophie Roach, is a self-taught artist who splits time between Austin and Brooklyn, New York. By using familiar shapes, patterns, and her own intuition, she has created a unique visual language based on spontaneity and rhythm. In addition to commercial collaborations with both local and multinational companies, she has hand-painted large scale murals all over Austin and around the U.S., IG: @sophie_roach


“For me, SXSW is a surge of energy and an exciting disturbance to my otherwise laid-back hometown. In designing the 2019 SXSW Big Bag, I wanted to utilize the optimistic chaos in the ecosystem of my work to express what I see as the beautiful noise of SXSW. The noise of so many ideas swirling around, the noise of the unlimited events to pick from, and the literal noise of the music portion of the conference.”

See some of the artist's work below.

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