Volunteer Crews

SXSW offers a variety of crews to choose from! Whether you're a lover of music, a film junkie, or interested in the latest technology, there is a crew for you! Volunteers can select one crew to create a schedule and secure their opportunity to attend SXSW or SXSW EDU!

SXSW EDU Volunteers – Photo by Tico Mendoza

SXSW EDU Volunteers – Photo by Tico Mendoza



Check out the descriptions below and see what crew might be a good fit for you. Crews are separated by their volunteer type to help with navigating the sign up process when volunteer registration opens in January.

More information can be found on the Volunteer Types & Badges page.


Operates: March 5–19, 2023
Age: 16+, unless indicated otherwise in the crew description
Available Badges: SXSW EDU Badge, or Volunteer Interactive, Film & TV, Music, or Platinum Badge

Accessibility Crew

Inclusivity is key when you join the Accessibility Crew. Volunteers will staff the Accessibility Desk at the Austin Convention Center to provide a variety of information to people with disabilities. This crew also assists with deploying closed captioning equipment and occasionally monitoring Sensory Rooms. An understanding of the Americans With Disability Act (ADA) is important when choosing this crew.

Ambassadors Crew

SXSW welcomes participants from around the globe! Ambassador Volunteers provide an array of information to SXSW attendees. Volunteers may find themselves helping at a SXSW Info Desks or checking credentials throughout the Austin Convention Center. If you enjoy seeing the action around the conference, showing your Texas hospitality, and being helpful…you might just love the Ambassador Crew!

Banners Crew

Volunteers on the Banners Crew hang the official SXSW banners throughout SXSW and SXSW EDU - in programming rooms and lounges, at music venues, and more. Banners is an active crew where volunteers can expect some light physical activity, including walking. (Get those steps!) Volunteers are dispatched in small groups for all banner hangs, where they work together to solve unique challenges behind-the-scenes. Not the right crew if you prefer to be inside and stationary. Volunteers must be 18+.

Conference Tech Crew

Looking for a gig that caters to your inner geek? Join “ConTech” to assist with the technical set up of sessions, including connecting laptops to projectors, setting microphone audio levels, and general troubleshooting. A smile and a polite greeting are a big part of this crew and technical experience is not required.

Event Transportation Crew

Volunteers will pick up and deliver people and things using multiple modes of transportation. You never know who or what might hop in for a lift! Most transportation runs use vans or golf carts, and occasionally on foot. Volunteers must be aged 21+ with a clean driving record to drive. Some 18+, non-driving positions are available.

Exhibitions Crew

Want to be one of the first to see all the cool exhibits at SXSW and SXSW EDU? Volunteers on the Exhibitions Crew will help direct exhibitors during the load in/out process of the many exhibitions. Additional tasks include checking credentials at entrances, helping to connect exhibitors with SXSW staff, and assisting with signing up registrants for any SXSW produced exhibits.

Hospitality Crew

Calling all foodies! This crew is going to give you the perks that keep you full. Volunteers will help manage SXSW Staff & Volunteer hospitality areas, interact with vendors, help with maintaining the cleanliness of the spaces, and facilitate the use of QR scanners to track meal redemption.
 This crew greets all the wonderful people (like you!) that make SXSW rock. Some heavy lifting may be involved.

Public Relations Crew

Hot off the presses! Volunteers will provide appropriate credentials to press registrants and assist with the support of the press check-in desk and various press areas throughout the event. This crew is a hot story!

Registration Crew

Everyone needs a badge or wristband to attend SXSW and SXSW EDU, which means this is a prime place to see all the new and familiar faces attending, performing, or participating at the event! Volunteers will confirm and distribute credentials to SXSW Registrants. Volunteers will also assist with distributing and replenishing event bags and printed materials in the Registration area and throughout the Austin Convention Center. Customer service is key and so is volunteering with the Registration Crew!

Sessions Crew

If your customer service skills are on point and you like supporting some of the hottest speakers in Texas, check out the Sessions Crew. Volunteers interact with speakers and registrants to ensure conference spaces run smoothly and on schedule. Volunteers will check badges, assist speakers and registrants, and provide support for sessions, lounges and green rooms. Some shifts will provide support with set up and breakdown, audience interactions, assistance with judging during competitions, as well as line management for various conference events. There is never a dull moment when you’re volunteering with Sessions! 

Signs Crew

Calling all creatives! If you like using a computer to create signs and using your hands to assemble them, you’ve found your crew calling. Help keep SXSW on brand by supporting event signage needs for official venues.

Special Events Crew

The name says it all! Volunteers will assist with various SXSW produced events throughout SXSW EDU and SXSW. Volunteers may find themselves helping with basic set up or breakdown, checking credentials, wayfinding, or line management. Volunteers must be age 18+.

Tech & RFID Support Crew

SXSW and SXSW EDU are all about using technology. Volunteers will assist with the setup and teardown of technical equipment in the Austin Convention Center before, during, and after the conference. This crew also stays on the move by helping to maintain, inventory, trouble-shoot, and deploy tablet readers used throughout the events. While smart-phone familiarity is highly recommended, being a techie is not required. Onsite training will be provided by crew managers.

NEW OPPORTUNITY - Event Ops Support Crew

Don't have a lot of time, but want to be a part of the SXSW Volunteer experience? This year we're offering the opportunity to volunteer 6 to 23 hours to help fill-in where additional support may be needed throughout SXSW and SXSW EDU. Volunteers will receive a SXSW Volunteer t-shirt and an invite to the SXSW Volunteer Appreciation Party in April. Only volunteers interested in reduced hours may sign up on this crew. Volunteers will register online in January and email Volunteer Headquarters (volunteer@sxsw.com) to join the crew.


Operates: March 6–19, 2023
Age: 16+, unless indicated otherwise in the crew description
Available Badges: SXSW EDU Badge, or Volunteer Interactive, Film, Music, or Platinum Badge

Comedy Crew

This crew is no laughing matter…or is it? Volunteers will admit attendees into comedy venues, assist with line management, usher attendees to seats, and help clear the venue after performances during the SXSW Comedy Festival. Volunteers must be aged 18+.

Film & TV Venue Staff Crew

A true favorite of film and tv fanatics, volunteers on this crew help support the SXSW Film & TV Festival. Volunteers will admit attendees into film theaters, assist with line management, help usher attendees to seats, and help clear the theater. Volunteers will also assist with updating the film’s event status. Catch a glimpse of your favorite actors and actresses while being a part of this globally recognized festival!


Operates: March 13 - 19, 2023
Age: 18+, unless indicated otherwise in the crew description
Available Badges: Volunteer Music or Platinum Badge

Artist Parking Ops

For Official SXSW Showcasing Artists who do not pick up their Artist Envelope & Barricade Access/Parking Passes at the Austin Convention Center when they arrive to check in, volunteers will greet these Official SXSW Showcasing Artists and direct them to park their vehicles in designated SXSW parking areas downtown. This will include distributing "Artist Packets" with parking maps, parking passes, and general festival information. They will also monitor and ensure that the designated SXSW artist parking areas are not being used by non-permitted, non-SXSW artist vehicles. Volunteers must be age 18+.

Day Stage

Volunteers assist with the International and Radio Day Stages. The International Day Stage is located outside at Brush Square Park and Radio Day Stage is located within the ACC. The crew will help maintain both spaces and support the set up of various types of music programming. Some heavy lifting may be required.

Line Management

If you want to see the SXSW Festivals in a completely different way, check out the Line Management Crew! Volunteers will navigate the Festival footprint in teams and assist with organizing lines at official SXSW venues. Customer service is an integral part of this crew, as well as a willingness to communicate with SXSW attendees. This role requires long periods of standing, or walking. The people watching is as good as it gets when you join this crew!

Music Festival Stage Crew

Volunteering with the SXSW Music Festival Stage Crew is an experience you won't forget. Hear the next big act, see amazing performances, and feel the energy that is the SXSW Music Festival. Volunteers may assist in a variety of roles, including helping artists with their gear, supporting SXSW Stage Managers and staff, and maintaining awareness for potential safety and operational issues in your venue. Volunteers will be assigned to a zone of 5-7 venues, which may provide a venue change throughout the festival and a chance to experience multiple venues and music genres.

Some heavy lifting may be required (up to 50 lbs), as well as the possibility of standing for long periods of time.. Volunteers must be age 21+. This crew will have an in-person venue walkthrough in addition to a training meeting.


Operates: November - March
Age: 18+, unless indicated otherwise in the crew description
Available Badges: SXSW EDU Badge + SXSW Platinum Badge
Please email Volunteer Headquarters (volunteer@sxsw.com) if you are interested in one of these leadership positions.
Crew Manager
Crew managers are volunteer leaders who dedicate a lot of time to ensuring the volunteer experience is unforgettable in the best way. They collaborate and plan with SXSW Staff for several months prior to the event and wrap up shortly after the SXSW concludes. Duties include assisting with recruiting, scheduling, training, and managing a volunteer crew. Crew managers carry a special level of recognition among the volunteer crews and are role models to the volunteers they lead. This role involves a series of meetings to prepare for the event, so pre-event availability is required. Local volunteers are preferred due to pre-event time requirements. We are no longer accepting new Crew Managers for the 2023 event.
Stage Manager
SXSW Stage Managers are volunteers with a desire to lead, while supporting SXSW Music Festival showcasing artists. Stage Managers volunteer before and throughout the SXSW Music Festival to ensure artists have everything they need for a successful showcase. During the Music Festival they are responsible for a stage and its volunteer stage crew, making sure that bands load in, start and stop their sets on time, and manage any issues that may arise. This role involves a series training and showcase advancement coordination, so pre-event availability is required.

 Local volunteers are preferred due to pre-event time requirements. Some heavy lifting may be required (up to 50 lbs), as well as the possibility of standing for long periods of time. Volunteers must be age 21+. We are no longer accepting new Stage Managers for the 2023 event.
Theater Manager
Theater Managers act as liaisons between SXSW Staff, production, theaters, filmmakers, publicists, alumni, and attendees at SXSW Film & TV Festival venues. Theater Managers help ensure films are screened as scheduled, while overseeing Film & TV Venue Staff Crew Volunteers. This is a great role for anyone looking to learn more about theater or festival operations. Theater Managers must commit to pre-event availability for a series of trainings.

 If you are interested in learning more about theater manager opportunities, please fill out this form.

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