2017 SXSW Film Festival Selections: Midnight Shorts [Video]

Just in time for Halloweenie we’ve added the 2017 Midnight Shorts Competition to our Vimeo channel. The Midnight Shorts are the most fun because these shorts get freaky, dirty, crazy, ridiculous, sexy, weird, and a wealth of other colorful adjectives. Or as some might say, “You can’t unsee that!” Enter at your own risk!

Check out more great short films from past editions of SXSW on our SXSW Film Festival Vimeo Channel.

2017 SXSW Midnight Short Film Selections

Hi Stranger directed by Kirsten Lepore

Hi Stranger. It's been a while...

Whiskey Fist directed by Gillian Wallace Horvat

A branding intern loses the life he once had after an encounter with a mysterious blonde and her whiskey bottle -- magical realism ensues.

The Saurus directed by Drew Maynard

A man with a robust vocabulary must write a scornful letter to an old friend.

Boss Ass Bitch directed by Winona Regan

Don't mess with a boss bitch. Dudes learn this the hard way in this animated short created by Winona Regan.

Mouse directed by Celine Held, Logan George

Fueled by coke, Vanessa and Danny attempt to capitalize on an unlikely opportunity.

Summer's Puke is Winter's Delight directed by Sawako Kabuki

Painful events become memories over time. Still, we vomit and eat again. Life is Eco.

Coyanuscocksee directed by Gary Ye

Koyaanisqatsi, but with dicks (please don't sue).

Other Midnight Shorts that were part of the SXSW 2017 program, but are not yet available to watch on Vimeo include:

FOUNDFOOTAGEXX100N.S.1 directed by Tony Grayson
Mister Popular directed by Charlie Mayforth
Tickle Monster directed by Remi Weekes
Kisses directed by Sean U'Ren
Kookie directed by Justin Harding
It Began Without a Warning directed by Santiago C. Tapia and Jessica Curtright
Do No Harm directed by Roseanne Liang
The Suplex Duplex ComplexX directed by Todd Rohal

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By Claudette Godfrey