SXSW 2020 Episodic Pilot Showcase Debuts on Vimeo

2020 SXSW Episodic Pilots: Bananas, Bored, Cooper’s Bar, The Dream, Homecoming: The Journey of Cardboard, and This Isn’t Me.

In the wake of the canceled SXSW 2020 Film Festival, a group of filmmakers officially selected for the SXSW 2020 Episodic Pilot Competition have launched the SXSW 2020 Pilot Showcase on Vimeo. This streaming event premieres a diverse selection of episodic pilots from the festival to global audiences for free starting on April 14.

“We saw a need to pivot on the cancellation of SXSW and open up conversations with online platforms about how to now connect with an audience — at a time when connection feels more important than ever,” said Coral Amiga and Nicole Hartley, co-creators of the pilot Bored. They reached out to Vimeo and set out to create a special showcase of select SXSW 2020 Film Festival episodic pilots available to the public.

"Vimeo is proud to offer creators of all kinds a platform to share their stories, now and always." – Courtney Horwitz, Head of Brand and Content at Vimeo

The SXSW 2020 Pilot Showcase includes six exclusive online premieres from across the world with more than half of the content and creators from the LGBTQ community. We are pleased to introduce edgy comedies Bored, Cooper’s Bar, The Dream, and This Isn’t Me, and engaging documentaries Bananas and Homecoming: The Journey of Cardboard.

While the unique SXSW experience cannot be recreated, audiences can still show their support for these creatives by watching and sharing their work. Thanks to Vimeo for providing a digital home for this exciting slate of pilots. Sit back and enjoy the show (links below) from wherever you are! The pilots will remain available for at least one month. Plus, join the creators for a virtual Q&A on Thursday, April 23 (more details coming soon).

SXSW 2020 Pilot Showcase

Documentary, LGBTQ | Australia
Director: Rachel Anderson; Screenwriters: Rachel Anderson, Mary Duong
A curious and playful look at growing up between two cultures in Queensland - the Sunshine State - with particular focus on food and family, presented by two Australian-born Asian friends who are awkward, honest, and warm in equal parts.

Comedy, LGBTQ | United Kingdom
Director: Georgia Oakley; Screenwriters: Coral Amiga, Nicole Hartley
Jamie and Eve are best friends who’ve always shared everything... and after drowning their post-Brexit, January sorrows at a party, they really do end up sharing everything. In the sober light of day will things ever be the same again?

Cooper’s Bar
Comedy | United States
Director: Alfredo de Villa; Screenwriters: Nick Morton, David Conolly
When Cooper Marino's career falls apart, he takes refuge in the backyard tiki bar he has painstakingly constructed over 15 years and there finds an unlikely path to his own resurgence.

The Dream
Comedy | United States
Director: Ron Najor; Screenwriters: Trevor Fernando, Ron Najor
The Dream follows Daryl, a broke aspiring film director who’s just moved to Los Angeles, taking his first job as a Production Assistant, and the ragtag gang of PAs that school him on how to survive in this insane and unpredictable work environment.

Homecoming: The Journey of Cardboard
Documentary | Japan
Directors: Yuko Shiomaki, Anna Thorson Mayer
Fuyuki Shimazu is an artist and cardboard lover who travels around the world to pick up cardboard he likes. His charming up-cycling art activities are depicted in the feature film From All Corners in 2018 and now his new chapter of journey starts.

This Isn’t Me
Comedy, LGBTQ | United States
Director: Adrian Rojas Elliot; Screenwriter: Ben Kawaller
An earnest West Hollywood homosexual with a skewed sense of decorum chases meaning and intimacy, routinely humiliating himself and occasionally stumbling into moments of grace.

SXSW 2020 Pilot Showcase

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2020 SXSW Episodic Pilots (l-r) Bananas, Bored, Cooper’s Bar, The Dream, Homecoming: The Journey of Cardboard, and This Isn’t Me. Images Courtesy of the Filmmakers.

By Jordan Roberts