“Bob Trevino Likes It” Premiere - SXSW 2024 - Photo by Errich Petersen

2024 SXSW Film & TV Jury and Special Awards Winners Announced

SXSW presents 2024 Jury and Special Award winners of the 31st Film & TV Festival. Feature films receiving Jury Awards were selected from the Narrative Feature and Documentary Feature Competition categories, plus other juried sections, including Shorts, Independent TV Pilots, Music Videos, Design and XR Experience Awards. Special Awards announced included the SXSW Best of Texas Award, the Kickstarter NextGen Award, and the Janet Pierson Champion Award presented by Indiewire.

"What an extraordinary week of film and TV premieres we’ve had here at SXSW, and there is more to come through Saturday. Our theaters have been bursting with incredible and vocal audiences celebrating the exceptional and diverse work in our lineup, and we’re so excited to celebrate this year’s jury and special award winners!" - Claudette Godfrey, VP of Film & TV

All film categories will be eligible for category-specific Audience Awards, certified by the accounting firm of Maxwell Locke & Ritter. Audience Award Voting will conclude on Saturday, March 16 with winners being announced via sxsw.com the same week.

Cheers to all of the creators who participated in SXSW 2024 festivities! By continuing to polish their craft, fighting for their vision, and collaborating through distance and language barriers, each selection is building a better industry. Keep creating, we can't wait to see what you do next.



Jury Award Winner: Bob Trevino Likes It
Director/Screenwriter: Tracie Laymon, Producers: Tracie Laymon, Sean Mullin, Edgar Rosa, Felipe Dieppa

Special Jury Award for Performance: Maria Rodríguez Soto, Mamifera

Special Jury Award for Filmmaking: Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu, We Were Dangerous


Jury Award Winner: Grand Theft Hamlet
Directors/Screenwriters: Pinny Grylls, Sam Crane, Producers: Rebecca Wolff, Julia Ton

Special Jury Award for Bravery and Empathy: Carina Mia Wong and Alex Simmons, We Can Be Heroes


Presented by You42

Narrative Shorts Competition presented by You42 Jury

Jury Award Winner: Dissolution
Director/Screenwriter: Anthony Saxe, Producers: Thomas Lopez, Anthony Saxe

Special Jury Award: Sam Cutler-Kreutz and David Cutler-Kreutz, Trapped

Documentary Short Competition

Jury Award Winner: Remember, Broken Crayons Colour Too
Directors/Screenwriters: Shannet Clemmings, Urša Kastelic, Producers: Filippo Bonacci, Gabriel Grosclaude

Special Jury Award Winner: David Gauvey Herbert, Frank

Midnight Shorts Competition

Jury Award Winner: Transylvanie
Director: Rodrigue Huart, Screenwriters: Rodrigue Huart, David Alexander Cassan, Axel Würsten, Producer: Lucie Vigier

Special Jury Award Winner: Eros V, Meat Puppet

Animated Shorts Competition

Jury Award Winner: Wander to Wonder
Director: Nina Gantz, Screenwriters: Nina Gantz, Simon Cartwright, Daan Bakker, Stienette Bosklopper

Special Jury Award Winner: Phoebe Jane Hart, Bug Diner

Music Video Competition

Jury Award Winner: Célen - 'Mom told you so'
Director/Screenwriter: Cécile Cournelle

Special Jury Award for Technical Wizardry: Joe Nicolosi, The Burning Hell - 'All I Need'

Texas Shorts Competition

Jury Award Winner: Jedo's Dead
Director/Screenwriter: Sara Nimeh, Producers: Michael Mittelstaedt, Jeff Walker, Ellyn Church

Special Jury Award: Fatima Wardy, Hair Care

Independent TV Pilot Competition

Jury Award Winner: Marvin Is Sorry
Showrunners/Screenwriters: Brett Morrow, Alex Gehrlein, Jack Gacek, Director: Clint Pang

Special Jury Award: Zeke Nicholson, Halfrican American

Poster Design Competition

Jury Award Winner: 7 Beats Per Minute
Designer: John Godfrey

Special Jury Award Winner: Designer: Andrei Captan, If I Die in America

XR Experience Competition

Jury Award Winner: The Golden Key
Directors: Marc Da Costa, Matthew Niederhauser

Special Jury Award: Soul Paint
Directors: Sarah Ticho, Niki Smit, Producer: Anna Firbank, Screenwriter: Sarah Ticho

SXSW Special Awards

SXSW Best Of Texas Award: Preconceived
Directors: Sabrine Keane, Kate Dumke

Janet Pierson Champion Award: Kara Durrett, President of Pinky Promise Films

Kickstarter NextGen Award: Family
Director/Screenwriter: Benjamin Finkel

Congrats again to all the winners! See you all for three more days of the 2024 SXSW Film & TV Festival in Austin, TX.

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