Creating a Purpose-Driven Brand by Design with A.J. Hassan and Todd Kaplan at SXSW 2018 [Video]

With sixty percent of millennials identifying as "belief-driven" buyers, brands are supporting worthy causes to grow loyalty and sales. In this 2018 SXSW Featured Session, R/GA Chicago ECD A.J. Hassan and Todd Kaplan, PepsiCo VP of Marketing will look at how a global brands can execute a purpose-driven strategy in an authentic, organic way.

"We are seeing a lot of incredible work being done in the industry across the landscape, and really memorable, effective work by brands where they are trying to infuse purpose in everything they do. That is what I really mean when talking about a purpose-driven brand." - A.J. Hassan

Tackling common misnomers about purpose-driven brands, Kaplan explains that "having a nice CSR program doesn't make you a purpose-driven brand. Responding to a real, actual moment in time doesn't make you a purpose-driven brand. It's core to your values in everyday, it guides everything your brand is doing."

A huge part of being one of these brands is how they look to impact society and culture. "It's everything from how they design their product, and the way they communicate and market those beliefs," said Hassan. She went on to talk about the Method brand as an example including how this brand brought together long-term sustainability with an everyday activity like washing your hands.

"It's when a brand builds a connection with their audience, that exponential love is huge." - A.J. Hassan

Watch the 2018 Featured Session to learn more about purpose-driven brands and stay tuned to the Brands & Marketing Track as related sessions for SXSW 2019 are announced.

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Creating a Purpose-Driven Brand by Design Session - Photo by Kara Mosher

By Neha Aziz