Bozoma Saint John on Paying Attention to the Present [Video]

Back for 2019, CMO of Endeavor Bozoma Saint John sat down for a Keynote conversation with entrepreneur and model Ashley Graham to discuss how brands and creatives can harness the "cultural crystal ball" that allows them to accurately predict what’s next in entertainment, sports, art, fashion, food, and – more importantly – how to help create it.

Saint John spoke bluntly during the Keynote, often directly addressing the audience, to challenge everyone to take an active role in creating culture and do more than search for a secret key to creating relevant content.

"It’s so interesting, we’re always trying to predict what’s going to happen when we need to be paying attention to what’s happening right now." – Bozoma Saint John

Learn how to identify and bring these crystal ball predictions to life – watch Bozoma Saint John and Ashley Graham's entire SXSW Convergence Keynote. Check out more videos from SXSW 2019 sessions on our YouTube channel.

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Bozoma Saint John and Ashley Graham Keynote - 2019 - Photo by Katie Marriner

By Nicole Cappabianca