If You Were Going To Marry Advertising, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency, You’d Do It At SXSW

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To Algebraix, SXSW’s Intelligent Future track means making technology more relevant to daily life than the headlines of virtual reality and AI that permeate your newsfeed. It means a wave of disruptive technologies that give users power, value, and security in ways not explored since the dawn of the internet. In the nearly 30 years that the internet has been shaping our lives and relationships, one relationship is still in need of restructuring: the one between consumers and advertisers.

The ALX app emerges at the convergence of the blockchain age, implications of deeper privacy rights set in motion by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and the adoption of cryptocurrency.

ALX is changing the advertising paradigm by creating a platform where advertisers will compete for attention and where individuals are compensated for use of their data and consumption of advertising. Where better than SXSW to launch the technology that will change how advertisers and consumers view data rights, data value, and ROI?

Learn more during Algebraix CEO Charles Silver's discussion, then relax with us in the ALX lounge on March 14-15 at the JW Marriott to learn how easy and fun it is to use ALX.

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By Jordan Guillory