300+ Showcasing Artists Including Priests, Yung Lean, Grace Carter and More for SXSW 2019

Happy New Year! Today we announced 300+ Showcasing Artists for the SXSW Music Festival, March 11-17, 2019. These acts from 40 countries join almost 500 Showcasing Artists already announced in the first and second Showcasing Artist announcements for SXSW 2019.

Showcasing Artist additions include DC punk group Priests, Swedish rapper and Sad Boys frontman Yung Lean, buzzy Australian singer-songwriter Angie McMahon, alternative R&B singer/producer Kevin George, Domino Records electro pop producer Georgia, and soulful bedroom pop performer Omar Apollo. Also joining the lineup is Terrible Records electronic pop duo Two People, South Korean rapper Jvcki Wai, British soul singer Grace Carter, Congolese DIY dance collective KOKOKO!, and Philly native R&B performer Pink Sweat$.

This year the SXSW Music Festival is pleased to present first-time showcase lineups by Spacebomb Records, YEAR0001, Playtime Festival Mongolia, Don’t Come to LA, She Shreds, Verve Label Group, and Mahogany, as well as highly anticipated returning showcases from Communion, Gorilla vs. Bear + Luminelle, and BBC. SXSW will also be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Bloodshot Records and hosting a 10th year anniversary showcase for Sounds from Columbia. Details on lineups and venue locations will be released in the coming weeks along with more artists and showcases.

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2019 SXSW Showcasing Artists

Everything subject to change.

AAerial (Austin TX)
Abhi The Nomad (Austin TX)
Alex Francis (Hitchin UK-ENGLAND)
Alice Phoebe Lou (Berlin GERMANY)
åMBe (Brooklyn NY)
Anemone (Montréal CANADA)
Angie McMahon (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Another Michael (Philadelphia PA)
Another Sky (London UK-ENGLAND)
Anteros (London UK-ENGLAND)
Aquarian Blood (Memphis TN)
Azultrabuco (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Bad Moves (Washington DC)
Bad Sounds (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Bailen (New York NY)
Bambara (Brooklyn NY)
Barrie (Brooklyn NY)
BEA1991 (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Bedouine (Los Angeles CA)
Being Dead (Austin TX)
Beshken (Los Angeles CA)
Big $wift (Downey CA)
Big Bliss (Brooklyn NY)
Big Joanie (London UK-ENGLAND)
Billy Strings (Nashville TN)
The Blank Tapes (Los Angeles CA)
The Blinders (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Blinky Bill (Nairobi KENYA)
BUHU (Austin TX)
Bush Tetras (New York NY)
The Bvtcher (Austin TX)
Carrion Kids (Mexico City MEXICO)
Cassandra Jenkins (New York NY)
Cassia (Macclesfield UK-ENGLAND)
Charlotte OC (Blackburn UK-ENGLAND)
Chasing Nomads (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Chucky Trill (Houston TX)
Cimafunk (Havana CUBA)
CLAVVS (Brooklyn NY)
CNVS (Canvas) (Queretaro MEXICO)
co34pt (Newcastle-upon-Tyne UK-ENGLAND)
Colores Santos (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Control Top (Philadelphia PA)
Cosme (Guayama PUERTO RICO)
Critical Assembly (Austin TX)
Cure For Paranoia (Dallas TX)
Cutesylvania (Flint MI)
Cypress Moreno (Los Angeles CA)
Danger Grove (Loveland CO)
Dan Marshall (Guadalajara MEXICO)
DannyBrasco (Nuevo leon MEXICO)
Death Of A Dream (Austin TX)
Deep Cuts (Houston TX)
The Desert (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Dhira Bongs (Bandung INDONESIA)
DJ Confucius Jones (Austin TX)
DJ PH (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
The DOJO (Austin TX)
Donna Missal (Los Angeles CA)
Doomsquad (Toronto CANADA)
Dopey's Robe (Vancouver CANADA)
Drinker (Los Angeles CA)
Dwellers (Salt Lake City UT)
E.B. The Younger (Denton TX)
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians (Austin TX)
Edna and The Musicians (Cuauhtemoc MEXICO)
Efya (Accra GHANA)
Elisapie (Montreal CANADA)
Eliza Shaddad (London UK-ENGLAND)
Eme Alfonso (Havana CUBA)
Emilia Ali (Boston MA)
Emma Elisabeth (Berlin GERMANY)
Erin Rae (Nashville TN)
Esther Rose (New Orleans LA)
Fangclub (Dublin IRELAND)
Faux Ferocious (Nashville TN)
Feefa (Los Angeles CA)
Fernanda Takai (Belo Horizonte BRAZIL)
Ferris & Sylvester (London UK-ENGLAND)
Fruit & Flowers (Brooklyn NY)
FURUTORI (Shimokitazawa JAPAN)
Georgia (London UK-ENGLAND)
Geowulf (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ghostly Kisses (Québec CANADA)
GHXST (Brooklyn NY)
GIRL SKIN (Brooklyn NY)
Glass Caves (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)
Go Cactus (Mallorca SPAIN)
Golden Vessel (Brisbane AUSTRALIA)
Good Fuck (Chicago IL)
Grace Carter (London UK-ENGLAND)
Grace Turner (Newcastle AUSTRALIA)
Greenwave Beth (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Grubby Little Hands (Philadelphia PA)
Grün Wasser (Chicago IL)
Harmony Byrne (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Henry Brun & The Latin Playerz (San Antonio TX)
Honyock (Sacramento CA)
The Howl & The Hum (York UK-ENGLAND)
Illiterate Light (Harrisonburg VA)
illuminati hotties (Los Angeles CA)
Indigo Sparke (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Intertwine (Bergen NORWAY)
Invoke (Austin TX)
Irata (Greensboro NC)
It Was Romance (Brooklyn NY)
J.Patron (Bogota COLOMBIA)
JAG (Los Angeles CA)
Jazzrausch Bigband (Munich GERMANY)
Jeff Lofton (Austin TX)
Jess Williamson (Los Angeles CA)
J Fernandez (Chicago IL)
Jojo Abot (Volta Region GHANA)
Jon Dee Graham (Austin TX)
Jony Beltran (Acuña MEXICO)
Josin (Freiburg GERMANY)
J.S. Ondara (Nairobi KENYA)
J Soulja (Austin TX)
Just Loud (Atlanta GA)
Jvcki Wai (Seoul SOUTH KOREA)
Kalan.frfr (Los Angeles CA)
Kalu & The Electric Joint (Austin TX)
Kate Teague (Oxford MS)
K Camp (Atlanta GA)
Kevin George (Stamford CT)
Kosha Dillz (Tel Aviv ISRAEL)
Kwame (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
La Banda Acústica Rodante (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
La Chinga (Vancouver CANADA)
The Lagoons (Austin TX)
La Matilda (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
La Real del Sonido (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Larkins (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
La Sonidera (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires (Birmingham AL)
Light Vibes (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Lily and Horn Horse (Hudson NY)
Lily & Madeleine (Brooklyn NY)
Lina Tullgren (Queens NY)
Lisa Morales (San Antonio TX)
Liza Owen (London UK-ENGLAND)
Lizbeth Roman Y Los Duendes Invisibles (Sabana Seca PUERTO RICO)
Lolita De Sola (Caracas VENEZUELA)
Los Coast (Austin TX)
Lou Rebecca (Paris FRANCE)
Lows0n (Xiamen CHINA)
Lug (Austin TX)
machìna (Tokyo JAPAN)
Madam X (London UK-ENGLAND)
Madeline Kenney (Oakland CA)
Mahya Veray y su Trauma (Guaynabo PUERTO RICO)
Major League Djz (Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA)
Mama Duke (Austin TX)
Manniax (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Mansionair (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Mayorkun (Lagos NIGERIA)
Melenas (Pamplona SPAIN)
Memories In Broken Glass (San Antonio TX)
Merely (Gothenburg SWEDEN)
Mexico City Blondes (Santa Barbara CA)
Minke (London UK-ENGLAND)
Miss World (London UK-ENGLAND)
Molly Burch (Austin TX)
Monstruos del Mañana (Mexico City MEXICO)
Moonlover (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Morabeza Tobacco (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Mourning [A] BLKstar (Cleveland OH)
Moving Panoramas (Austin TX)
Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5 (Austin TX)
Mundaka (Lima PERU)
The Mystery Lights (New York NY)
N7 & Pwap (Oklahoma City OK)
Nadia Tehran (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Nanook of the North (Gdansk POLAND)
Naomi Wild (Los Angeles CA)
Neblinna (Maracaibo VENEZUELA)
Nicole Atkins (Nashville TN)
NineOne# (Xi’an CHINA)
No Party For Cao Dong (Taipei TAIWAN)
Novo Amor (Cardiff UK-WALES)
Nutopia (San Juan PUERTO RICO)
Odonis Odonis (Toronto CANADA)
Oh, Rose (Olympia WA)
Ohtis (Los Angeles CA)
Omar Apollo (Hobart IN)
Orchards (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Pablo Dazán (Bogota COLOMBIA)
Pablo Trujillo (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Papachina (Armenia COLOMBIA)
Parker Gispert (Nashville TN)
Passeport (Cincinnati OH)
Pecker (Nueno SPAIN)
Penelope Isles (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
PHI (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Pink Sweat$ (Philadelphia PA)
Pip Blom (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Pipo Romero (Cadiz SPAIN)
Plastic Picnic (Brooklyn NY)
Pottery (Montreal CANADA)
Priests (Washington DC)
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (Perth AUSTRALIA)
Puppy (London UK-ENGLAND)
Ratboys (Chicago IL)
Rebecca Loebe (Austin TX)
Reece (Woodbridge VA)
Rick Maguire (from Pile) (Boston MA)
Ric Wilson (Chicago IL)
Ritt Momney (Salt Lake City UT)
Rizha (Madrid SPAIN)
Robinson (Nelson NEW ZEALAND)
Robot Koch x Delhia de France (Berlin GERMANY)
Ross Golan's The Wrong Man (Los Angeles CA)
Rucci (Inglewood CA)
Saint Lo (Montreal CANADA)
San Mei (Robina AUSTRALIA)
Serko Fu (Monterrey MEXICO)
Sexy Bicycle (Barcelona SPAIN)
Shepherds (Atlanta GA)
Sir Babygirl (Hanover NH)
Sofia Portanet (Berlin GERMANY)
Soriah (Portland OR)
Sorry Girls (Montreal CANADA)
Spike Vincent (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Ssali Moses Bebe Cool (Ntinda Kampala UGANDA)
Steady Holiday (Los Angeles CA)
Stefan Wesolowski (Gdansk POLAND)
The Stitches (Los Angeles CA)
Stuck in the Sound (Paris FRANCE)
Superfónicos (Austin TX)
Surfbort (Brooklyn NY)
TarantisT (Los Angeles CA)
Tarik Hassan (Austin TX)
Tatiana Hazel (Chicago IL)
The Teeta (Austin TX)
Tetractys (Austin TX)
Thaiboy Digital (Bangkok THAILAND)
Thalea String Quartet (Austin TX)
The Cold Stares (Evansville IN)
Thumpasaurus (Los Angeles CA)
TiKA (Toronto CANADA)
Tribade (Barcelona SPAIN)
TWEN (Boston MA)
Two Medicine (Denton TX)
Two People (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Ume (Austin TX)
Ushbebe (Aladja NIGERIA)
Vector (Lagos NIGERIA)
Virgin Pool (Los Angeles CA)
We And The Machines (Quito ECUADOR)
Wild Moccasins (Houston TX)
Will Johnson (Austin TX)
Wohl (Guadalajara MEXICO)
Xenia França (Bahia BRAZIL)
Yung Lean (Stockholm SWEDEN)
Yves Jarvis (Montreal CANADA)
Zack Varner (Austin TX)

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Photo credits, clockwise from top left:
Sofia Portanet - Photo by Lucio Aru & Franco Erre
Rizha - Photo by Octavuss
Yung Lean - Photo courtesy of the Artist
KOKOKO! - Photo courtesy of the Artist
J.S. Ondara - Photo by Josh Cheuse
Alice Phoebe Lou - Photo by Elliott Mckee

(Teaser photo) KOKOKO! - Photo courtesy of the Artist

By Hayden Bagot