“Tech Under Trump” Programming Scheduled March 15-16

Tech Under Trump

In the wake of the November 8 election results, we have added special “Tech Under Trump” programming to the SXSW schedule on Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16. The goal of this programming is both to inform attendees about how the tech / startup ecosystem will likely change over the next four years, as well as to inspire registrants on how to bridge the many gaps and divisions that the election has revealed.

Confirmed speakers for this “Tech Under Trump” programming include Patrick Curry (VR Austin), Anil Dash (Fog Creek), Melinda Epler (Change Catalyst), Ashish Gadnis (banquapp.com), Jeff Howe (author of “Whiplash”), Eli Pariser (Upworthy), Dave Pell (Next Draft), Erin Schrode (Journalist and Activist), Wayne Sutton (Change Catalyst), and Molly Wood (MarketPlace). More names and session titles to be announced.

The “Tech Under Trump” programming will occur as part of the new Tech Industry Track (with expanded dates, running March 9-16). Other sessions related to various aspects of the new administration will occur in Government (March 9-13), Journalism (March 10-16), Social Impact (March 11-15) and Startup Village (March 9-16).

The new 2017 badge structure will allow expanded flexibility for SXSW attendees to attend more of this exceptional programming. Take advantage of all that SXSW has to offer by registering today.

By Lillian Park