Jill Soloway Film Keynote Speaker at the 2017 SXSW Conference [Video]

"Why aren't there more women directors? That is the question of the hour. There are so many cultural and social reasons, but I want to actually talk about the personal reasons, the psychological reasons. I feel very much like the right time, right place, right person to talk about this question, because over the past five years, I have become a director and become less of a woman. I am still a woman of course, but five years ago, I wasn't a director, I wasn't queer, and after my parent came out as trans, I began to question my own gender and inheritance and I had a fantastic idea for a TV show," said SXSW Film Keynote Speaker, Jill Soloway, on Sunday, March 12, at the 2017 SXSW Conference.

Jill Soloway is the creator of Transparent, which has won two Golden Globes and eight Emmys, including two for her directing. Soloway founded Topple Productions in 2015. She co-created and directs the new series I Love Dick, adapted from Chris Kraus’s critically acclaimed novel of the same title. Outside of the world of TV and film, Soloway co-created theatrical experiences The Real Live Brady Bunch, The Miss Vagina Pageant, Hollywood Hellhouse, and Sit and Spin and co-founded community organization East Side Jews. She is the author of the memoir Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants and the upcoming memoir Would You Still Love Me If.

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2017 SXSW Conference Speaker, Jill Soloway- Photo by Nicola Gell/Getty Images

By Neha Aziz