Jailbreaking the Simulation with George Hotz at SXSW 2019 [Video]

George Hotz, hacker and Founder of self-driving startup Comma.ai, took the stage at SXSW 2019 to discuss whether or not we are living in a simulation and who created this simulation? Can we escape it? And if we are living in a simulation, does that mean God is real?

"It’s easy to imagine things that are so much smarter than you and they could build a cage you wouldn’t even recognize." - George Hotz

During his Featured Session, Hotz wastes no time diving straight into the simulation hypothesis and sharing his own beliefs on the matter. Enthusiastically, Hotz explains why he believes we are living in an advanced simulation beyond the realm of human understanding, created and observed by either a supernatural being or artificial intelligence. While it may sound pretty far out, Hotz stands by the claim that, "There’s no evidence this is not true."

Watch the full talk and decide for yourself if we are living in a simulation. Learn about Hotz's notorious hacking background, his daily struggle to understand if we can break out of this simulated universe to meet God, and his future plans to possibly create a church.

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Photo by Nicola Gell

By Ari Roth