SXSW Trade Show Next Stage Schedule Announced

Your Future Life with Robots Explained -Photo by Cruz Mendez

Located in Exhibit Hall 4, the Trade Show Next Stage is packed with carefully curated content aiming to inspire and educate its listeners. The Next Stage draws inspiration from the creative industries to feature presentations and performances that span the focus of Interactive, Film, and Music. These sessions showcase the inventive, emerging talent participating at SXSW, including cross-industry panels with diverse speakers. Explore the buzzing Trade Show floor then make way to the Next Stage to further indulge in track-specific panels.

Take a look at the Trade Show Next Stage programming schedule:

Trade Show Next Stage Schedule

Sunday, March 15

11:00am | How to Avoid Purpose Fatigue | Advertising & Brand Experience

12:30pm | Imagining the Future: Autonomy and Flying Robots | Connection & Culture

2:00pm | Tech vs. Democracy: Ask Me Anything | Media & Journalism

3:30pm | Love and Intimacy in a Robotic Age | Connection & Culture

Monday, March 16

11:00am | Pioneering the Spatial Web & Bringing MR to Life | XR

12:30pm | Social Sustainability: Youth Sports Reimagined | Fantastic Future

2:00pm | Climate Science: Ask Me Anything | Climate & Social Action

3:30pm | Making Noise at the Loudest Time in History | Advertising & Brand Experience

Tuesday, March 17

11:00am | Designed Death: How (Not) to Get Resurrected | Fantastic Future

12:30PM | Social Robots Empowering Humans | Fantastic Future

2:00pm | Angel Investment: Ask Me Anything | Startups

3:30pm | The Coming Disinformation War | Media & Journalism

Wednesday, March 18

11:00am | Visualizing Shared Musical Experience | Future of Music

12:30pm | Eyes Off The Road! Universal's Drive For In-car VR | Fantastic Future

2:00pm | Space Exploration: Ask Me Anything | Space

3:30pm | Empowerment for All: Cannabis and Social Justice | Cannabusiness

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Photo by Cruz Mendez

By Allison Belcher