Attention Exhibitors: Beware Solicitor Scams

2019 SXSW Attendee Experience

We've recently learned that companies are soliciting SXSW Online exhibitors with lists that allegedly contain SXSW Online attendee information. SXSW does not sell or transfer attendee information to third-parties for commercial purposes. Any message making these claims is not affiliated with SXSW and does not contain information from SXSW about its attendees.

The following email addresses we've seen used for these scam messages:,,,, and Be on the lookout for any suspicious emails and don't let these third-party solicitors deceive you.

Help us help you – contact us at if you have questions about the legitimacy or source of an email purporting to be connected to SXSW. For more information about SXSW's privacy practices, please review the SXSW Privacy Policy.

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2019 SXSW Attendee Experience - Photo by Diego Donamaria

By SXSW Staff Writer