Cost Sharing: A New Future for Healthcare

Sedera Shares A New Future for Healthcare

The next iteration of the sharing economy is here.

There’s more than one way to provide healthcare for yourself and your family – and it’s about time people had more options. People should have choices they can make for themselves, that aren’t tied to their employer or a corporate insurance company. Sedera is not insurance. There is no card and there are no networks. A Sedera Membership provides a different kind of healthcare experience that’s transparent and easy to understand, with a responsive team ready to guide you. Sedera joins the innovative SXSW Community with a cutting edge technology that gives people the opportunity to share large unexpected medical costs. Sedera also supports members with resources to educate themselves about pricing, bill negotiation, and the best places to receive care in their area.

Sedera is more than a way to pay for medical costs. It’s a community reshaping the future of healthcare.

Visit the SXSW Sedera booth or to learn more about Medical Cost Sharing.

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Image courtesy of Sedera

By Olivia Cruz


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