By Olivia Cruz



Spreading Connection and Kindness

Visible Spreading Connection and Kindness

Visible teams up with motivational speaker and influencer, Lizzie Velasquez, for Visible Acts of Kindness to spread kindness across the country.

During the pandemic, Visible Wireless launched an Acts of Kindness campaign, encouraging people to share stories on how they were focused on kindness. After smiling and shedding a few tears, no one inspired Visible more than motivational speaker and influencer Lizzie Velazsquez.

Lizzie has been immune compromised her entire life, but always a champion for kindness. Visible knew when it launched its Acts of Kindness campaign in 2021, Lizzie would be the perfect person to team up to share stories of kindness, spread joy and give hope.

“Before the virus, doing something kind for someone was special. Now, it could literally help save someone's life,” said Lizzie. “Imagine the possibilities if we could create a chain reaction with a simple act that continues and multiplies!”

But being kind isn’t limited to one month or to strangers. So join Visible and @littlelizziev and let us know by using #VisibleActsofKindness how you are helping to change the world with a call, text, email or post. The difference you make has the ability to start something bigger than yourself.

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Image courtesy of Visible

By Olivia Cruz