The Relevance of Indonesian Technology to the American Market

The Relevance of Indonesian Technology to the American Market

2021 marks the 5th year of Archipelageek Indonesia participation at SXSW. Each year, every Indonesian startup company that’s representing the country was selected through rigorous series of curating processes to ensure they are equipped with solutions that understand the global market needs. This year’s Indonesian startups bring innovative, unique and fresh solutions to the U.S. market specifically.

To help replace the absence of physical schooling during the pandemic, Millealab and Octagon Studio came up with attractive XR technologies that bring new charm and experiences to learning. Gringgo Trash Tech will help deal with the roughly 300 million metric tons of MSW generated in the U.S. with its SWAi technology. Dreamaxtion lets companies assess and recruit their employees without bias with its psychometric assessments that focus on culture fit. BOTIKA and help the resurrection of the travel industry in the new normal with their AI-based conversation and concierge apps. And with the rest of the startups Aruna, PrivyID, and DNetwork, each presents their own products that will surely be prominent solutions for the American market.

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Photo courtesy of Archipelageek Indonesia

By Olivia Cruz