FLUF WORLD Unveils FLUF Haus: SXSW Edition

FLUF WORLD Unveils FLUF Haus- SXSW Edition

SXSW is excited to host FLUF Haus: SXSW Edition, the third installment of live activations from NFT Project FLUF World, and the only event of its kind to fuse the metaverse and physical world. From March 12th - 15th, FLUF Haus will host dozens of events at its custom built FLUF Dome village along with partners Altered State Machine, Beyond, Sylo, and more to be announced. The events will include forums to discuss topics as diverse as AI in NFTs, ecosystem interoperability, and Web3 music and culture.

The four day-long symposium will enable its vibrant and diverse community to unify and engage with industry partners, artists, and Web3 communities. FLUF Haus aims to lead the charge on defining conversations about the future of the NFTs and the ecosystem, while exploring to establish a democratic Metaverse Manifesto towards a free, open and inclusive meta experience – one that empowers its inhabitants and influences positive change.

FLUF World is a metaverse ecosystem of NFT character collectables and a global, creative community. From their genesis collection Flufs, to Thingies, Party Bears, and more to come, FLUF World is taking the NFT world by storm with exponential community growth and A-list partners and collaborators.

For more information and to learn more, head to our website:fluf.world

Photo provided by Non-Fungible Labs

By Olivia Cruz