Futurology Season 2: Explore Big Questions About What’s Next

SXSW 2022 - Microphone - Photo by Ann Alva Wieding

The second season of Futurology has arrived! This 12-episode Audible original podcast presented by SXSW asks and answers a dozen big questions about the world of tomorrow.

Peer into the future with host Otis Gray for a new round of queries tackling sex, space, cities, and higher education. Preview the latest episodes below and get ready to turn up the inspiration.

Season 2 Episodes

Sex | Technology has invaded our sex lives — but there’s no reason this can’t be hot. In this mostly-safe-for-work episode, meet the erotic pioneers of "sextech."

Space | Futurology travels to the annual Space Symposium, explores the cutting edge of space warfare, and wonders: How can we preserve the wonder of space as it becomes the next battlefield?

Cities | Just how intelligent are “smart” cities, really? We speak to some of the biggest brains in urban planning about the astonishing promise — and terrifying pitfalls — of the future of urban life all over the planet.

Higher Education | No American institution is more overdue for disruption than costly, elitist higher education as we know it. Can we reboot college without losing all the things we love about it?

Subscribe to Audible to listen to the future today. If you missed Futurology's first season, be sure to catch up with Dr. Kate Furby and hear what's next for food, work, mindfulness, and longevity. Stay tuned for more episodes coming later this year.

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By Jordan Roberts