Panavision, Light Iron & LEE Filters Support Global Storytellers

Panavision, Light Iron & LEE Filters Support Global Storytellers

This year’s SXSW Narrative Feature Competition was proudly presented by Panavision, the global provider of optics, cameras, and end-to-end services that power the creative vision of filmmakers.

The Panavision Group — including post-production creative-services company Light Iron and lighting- and photographic-filter manufacturer LEE Filters — is driven by a passion for close collaboration with storytellers, offering innovative tools and world-class support to help them through every step of their creative journey, from set to screen. Around the world, filmmakers turn to Panavision for its industry-leading lenses and unparalleled inventory of cameras and accessories. Cinematographers, gaffers, and lighting designers rely on LEE Filters for consistent, reliable, best-in-class lighting gels and diffusions. And from dailies through final color, filmmakers, studios, creatives and technologists count on Light Iron’s expertise to deliver innovative digital workflows that meet the needs of features and series for any and all distribution platforms.

The winning filmmaker in the Narrative Feature Competition received a grant package from Panavision, Light Iron and LEE Filters. Learn more about the Panavision Group’s support for filmmakers worldwide by visiting Panavision, Light Iron and LEE Filters online.

Photo provided by Panavision

By Olivia Cruz