Whimsical Music Journey With Taiwan Beats Showcase

Whimsical Music Journey With Taiwan Beats Showcase

For SXSW 2022, Taiwan Beats has arranged for six groups of artists to play at six cultural venues. Sorry Youth, DJ QuestionMark, Olivia Tsao, Mong Tong, Sleeping Brain and Elephant Gym — six diverse styles from indie rock to oriental psychedelic. Every session starts with a pan and whirl of the camera, implying that we are about to enter an amazing, even whimsical, music journey.

From a 150-year-old traditional opera stage, Electric Flower Car (or Festival Float), to the seaport which was able to hold one of the few physical music festivals in 2021, each represents a unique scene from past to present. Feel the ongoing music trend from the island, with psychedelic mumbles under the dim light in a mysterious underground venue and an instrumental math rock trio’s melodic flow against the sea breeze.

As the journey moves forward, indie rock and electro-rock bands that echo with the urban lifestyle bring us back to the millennium. Lastly, stay tuned for some unexpected fusion of religious celebratory music with spinning turntables and jazzy tunes, lingering in old movie theaters with squeaky chairs and hand-drawn posters.

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Photo provided by Taiwan Beats

By Olivia Cruz