2016 SXSW Accelerator Finalists & Alternates

More than 470 companies entered their web-based products for the opportunity to be part of the eighth annual SXSW Accelerator® presented by 24-7 Intouch. Competition was tough and we're extremely grateful for all of the incredibly creative entries we received this year. Watch the 48 Finalists showcase their products on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13 at the Hilton Austin Downtown. See the full list of Finalists and Alternates in each category below by scrolling through the list or by selecting a category below.

What does it means to be an Alternate? An Alternate serve as a backup when a Finalist is not able to participate in the event. All Alternate companies will compete in the One-Minute Speed Pitch that takes place at the SXSW Accelerator Awards ceremony.

Enterprise and Smart Data | Entertainment and Content Technologies | Health and Wearable Technologies | Innovative World Technologies | Payment and FinTech Technologies | Virtual Reality Technologies


Enterprise and Smart Data

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Kitchener, Ontario
Beagle uses artificial intelligence to read contracts and highlight key information, allowing business owners to instantly focus on the issues and identify risks quickly. Reviewing with decision makers is easy with real-time, secure editing and commenting.

Austin, TX
Bitfusion is a developer of advanced optimization technologies for compute-intensive applications. We deliver unprecedented speed and automatic acceleration on any infrastructure.

Pittsburgh, PA
BreatheWise “connected” gas regulators allow gas distributors to see real-time supply and demand data at each of their customer’s sites. This data improves supply chain logistics and efficiency through optimal delivery scheduling, route planning, usage tracking, and future demand prediction.

San Francisco, CA
Prior art is the key to invalidating frivolous patents and rejecting trivial inventions. DataNovo automates prior art searching to help businesses fight patent infringement lawsuits and assess their freedom-to-operate before pursuing potentially patentable innovations.

San Francisco, CA
HYP3R is a location-based engagement platform. HYP3R makes it easy for businesses to engage influential customers at specific locations on a personal level, in real-time. Our mission is to make marketing efficient for the business and delightful for the consumer.

San Francisco, CA
Parknav provides real-time on-street parking availability data to automotive, fleet, real-estate and internet companies. Its service covers over 70 cities 24/7 in the US and EU, and its customers embed this data into navigation systems, maps and real estate listings.

Memphis, TN
Preteckt uses machine learning to predict vehicle breakdowns, weeks in advance, for the trucking industry. The predictions get sent to fleet managers so that they can optimize their fleets and gain a 30% increase in their profit per truck.

Chicago, IL
Project44 is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that uses cloud-based freight APIs to instantly connect shippers and 3PLs to freight transportation carriers.


Munich, Germany
DataLion is an analytics and visualization platform that brings the power of data science to the masses. Our web-based software enables everybody to integrate and analyze data from spreadsheets, databases, or real time sources and create beautiful data presentations.

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Entertainment and Content Technologies

Basslet by Rescued Ideas
Berlin, Germany
Rescued Ideas changes the way you listen to music. We make the Basslet, a bracelet that – by transferring bass vibrations – makes you feel the music flowing through your body.

St. Louis, MO
Clone built an installed robotic video system for venues to produce multi-camera live events at low cost, fully automated, and run entirely remote without the need for an on-site crew. Clone enables high-volume live WebTV entertainment.

Bergen, Norway
DeeMe aims to be the greatest image based messaging app on the planet! With creativity and smashing design as the key narrative, you can share one-to-one, in groups or in broadcast.

Chicago, IL
Hearken is a new paradigm for journalism with a technology to support it. Our audience-driven platform enables newsrooms to partner with the public throughout the reporting process, resulting in original, relevant, and high-performing content.

San Francisco, CA
Maestro provides engaging video experiences that drive user action, sponsor and transactional revenue, and robust data collection for business-minded broadcasters. Customers layer Maestro over platforms like YouTube/Twitch to amplify viewership while maximizing return on investment within their own properties.

PopUp Play
Austin, TX
PopUp Play creates experiences for kids that blend screen time with play time.

San Francisco, CA
Prynt reimagines how we share digital content in the physical world with the first-ever smartphone printer/phone case, plus a secret video surprise.

Palo Alto, CA
Seerslab Inc. is a mobile media service and technology company, consisting of professionals with extensive experience on innovative mobile services. Its product, lollicam, is a fun and easy real-time video editing app, launched globally. Since its first debut in last May, lollicam gathered more than 2 million downloads within six months globally only through word-of-mouth.


Austin, TX
At Emoters, we’re building pets that happen to be robots. Using machine learning and AI, we are developing our initial product: tiny robots with charm and intelligence for your desktop, countertop, or bedside table.

Los Angeles, CA
Talk about your favorite TV shows with everyone, whenever you decide to watch. The Showgo app syncs with your show so you can experience the biggest moments with the world, spoiler-free. Showgo brings the “live tweeting” experience to all audiences.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Whitestone is a social marketplace for artists and true music fans. Our mission is to push the boundaries of online music players and define new ways to release, sell, and experience music online.

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Health and Wearable Technologies presented by Allscripts

Breath Diagnostics
Louisville, KY
OneBreath is a patented technology that will determine if a patient has lung cancer by analyzing a patient's breath with parts per billion accuracy. This allows for early detection which will save lives and health care costs. Its design makes it easy to use, inexpensive, and accessible.

Cocoon Cam
Palo Alto, CA
The Cocoon Cam wellness camera for babies is the first all-in-one video camera and phone application duo that noninvasively detects and tracks heart rate, respiration, and skin temperature at a distance, without any mats or sensors attached to the body!

Desktop Genetics
London, England
Desktop Genetics provides medical researchers with tools for CRISPR gene editing, a technology used for finding and replacing DNA in any organism. The company helps scientists make state-of-the-art genetic engineering decisions and conduct their cutting edge lab-work entirely from their computers.

DreamUp Vision
Paris, France
Vision deserves all our energy! DreamUp VIsion fights blindness by providing healthcare professionals everywhere around the world with software that diagnoses blindness related diseases, from retinal images, as well as the best ophthalmologists even in their earliest stages.

Cork, Ireland
Dengue Fever affects up to 528 Million people every year, leading to internal bleeding and organ failure. GlowDx has developed the world’s first Accessible Diagnostic Platform — a cost effective, user friendly, and rapid solution for the people of developing countries.

New York, NY
Kinetic is building hardware and software tools for a connected industrial workforce. Its wearable device is designed to reduce workplace injuries in industrial environments while improving efficiency.

San Francisco, CA
MUrgency is using the power of mobile technology and networks to make emergency medical response available to anyone, anytime, anywhere with just one tap on a mobile phone or through auto alerts from sensors / wearables for high risk population.

Madison, WI
Redox is the modern API for healthcare. We allow best-in-class software to easily and securely interoperate with EHRs by connecting to existing health system infrastructure. Software applications connect to Redox once and integrate with any health system they sell to.


St. Louis, MO
Epharmix creates clinically validated, condition-specific communication tools: SMS and phone-based "digital interventions." Epharmix interventions align with existing reimbursement codes and quality metrics, and are clinically proven to help patients, save payers money, and generate new revenue for physicians and nurses.

Durham, NC
Neuro+ makes brain-controlled video games to helps children and adults learn attention skills.

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Innovative World Technologies presented by Brother

Santa Monica, CA
AKA is developing an AI engine MUSE and its AI robot Musio. The company’s mission is to help the communication between all Things (IoT) including human beings.

Dropel Fabrics
New York, NY
Dropel Fabrics is a creator of hydrophobic natural textiles. We’ve infused cotton fibers with a patented nanotechnology process to invent water, stain, and odor repellent fabrics. We’re fostering a new generation of sustainable, innovative textiles that integrate into everyday clothing.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Engie is a car repair marketplace disrupting the automotive repair & maintenance industry. Engie offers a full solution to the driver - from malfunction diagnostics to real time bids from mechanics, all through a smartphone app.

San Francisco, CA
EpiBiome is a venture-backed precision microbiome engineering company focused on addressing the threat of bacteria to human health and agriculture without the use of conventional antibiotics.

Montreal, Canada
MakerBloks is changing how kids use tablets. Children learn everything from electronics to cooking with magnetic building blocks that interact with a tablet game. Designed for ages 6+, MakerBloks gets kids working with their hands and thinking outside the screen.

Mountian View, CA
MeWe is a revolutionary new communication network for consumers and enterprises. Designed as a technological tour de force for 1-to-1 communication and group collaboration, MeWe is free of data tracking, facial recognition, spying, and stalking and is available on iOS, Android, and desktop.

Morpher Folding Helmet Company
London, England
The world’s only fold-flat helmet. Making carrying helmets a breeze thereby encouraging use, helping save lives and traumatic brain injuries. Multi award winning, patented design causing major disruption in long established market. Stunning electronic enhancements to make all sports safer.

Pittsburgh, PA
Rorus makes the Filter Pack, the first comprehensive solution for carrying and instantly purifying drinking water, removing both biological and chemical contaminants. We use new nanotechnology and user-centered design to make the simplest filters in the world for humanitarian relief.


Los Angeles , CA
CUJO offers a smart way to fight home hacking. CUJO device connects to cloud-based machine learning services to guard all connected devices against malware and other hacks.

Houston, TX
Knocki transforms ordinary surfaces such as walls, tables, and doors into remote controls for connected devices. Avoid the hassle of apps, buttons, or switches to control your lights, alarms, thermostats, and more. Tap into your world with Knocki.

Vancouver, Canada
Wiivv is a bionics company that creates custom, 3D printed body-perfect gear. Wiivv’s team is comprised of industry leaders in 3D printing and wearable technologies.

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Payment and FinTech Technologies

Portland, OR
Chroma.fund is a blockchain-based exchange for trading stocks and bonds issued by early stage companies. Our software is used by financial firms who wish to build and trade software-defined ETFs. We're a Techstars company based in Portland, OR.

New York, NY
crnsy is the world’s first platform which allows travelers to evaluate all options available when looking to exchange currency through the aggregation of existing currency exchanges and the facilitation of both cash and electronic P2P exchanges. The average saving is 20-40 percent!

San Francisco, CA
Income& is a financial technology company focused on disrupting the traditional fixed-income investment marketplace. Its revolutionary PRIMO investment product, sold through the company’s proprietary platform, provides investors with lower risk and superior yield.

Pittsburgh, PA
InSpirAVE multiplies your Savings, placing your Aspirations — important purchases for life’s special moments — within reach! Our Internet-of-Savings platform empowers you – Discover your Aspiration. Ensure its Fulfillment. Inspired by your well-wishing network, go farther! Ecosystem merchants/banks benefit via expanded, engaged customer-relationships.

Koho Financial
Vancouver, Canada
Koho is what banking should be; no fee, modern, mobile, with spend categorizations, automatic savings, and much more.

Braga, Portugal
Mitigate risks of identity theft, credentials abuse, and fraud with a simply powerful, smartphone based, authentication solution. Loqr assures only you can access your accounts or approve your transactions, performing multimodal validations compliant with organizations' highest security requirements!

Montreal, Canada
Mobeewave brings together their expertise in, respectively, payments and embedded systems, and is powered by their conviction that mobile will drive the next generation of commerce.

SayPay Technologies
Pleasanton, CA
SayPay's disruptive authentication technology improves the user online experience, offers better security, and eliminates fragmented solutions like passwords, security questions, and hardware tokens.


Chicago, IL
Moneythink builds the financial capability of American youth with a high-touch, high-tech approach to financial education. Its new mobile app teaches students how to save, spend mindfully, and use financial products safely.

Austin, TX
See what the top traders are doing with their own money, in real time! Unlock the profiles of top traders to find their portfolios, new trades, and exclusive opinions to take your trading skills to the next level!

San Francisco, CA
Qwil's payments infrastructure enables instant liquidity for the 1099 workforce. By leveraging support for 1099ers across accounting, tax, benefits, and legal, 1099ers using Qwil can get liquidity daily for work performed and avoid waiting for payment and invoicing cycles. Qwil’s team have proven track records and years of experience across senior management roles in technology and payments companies.

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Virtual Reality Technologies

Los Angeles, CA
inVR is a publishing and discovery platform for CG VR experiences. We empower 3D artists and designers to upload and share their visions with our growing community of 30,000 enthusiasts.

San Mateo, CA
LumièreVR allows you to capture, re-explore, and share precious moments in VR. Our 3D VR camera with image recognition software let the users immerse themselves in the moment and trust the camera to take care of the rest.

NeuroDigital Technologies
Almeria, Spain
NeuroDigital disrupts in the field of Virtual Reality with Gloveone, a wireless haptic wearable that makes possible to feel and touch with both hands virtual elements displayed through an HMD or a screen. Rediscovering the World of touch!

Hamburg, Germany
SPHERIE is the combination of modern drone- and VR-technology to create full spherical VR-capturing of moving situations and static environments. The unique system enables SPHERIE to deliver essential data and footage to create unseen VR experiences.

Berlin, Germany
Your reality. Shared. Capture a 360 degree videos on your mobile in seconds, share it to any social network & view it in VR.

Austin, TX
Thrillbox is a data analytics platform for immersive media, providing the needed business lens for immersive content production, distribution, and advertising. Transforming audience engagement data into actionable, ROI-driven Business Intelligence is vital to the sustainable growth of the experiential economy.

San Francisco, CA
vantage.tv is disrupting the world of live events with VR live streaming and VOD content, social fan community features, and provides relevant commerce options to users. vantage.tv "The Best Seat in the House"

Oakland, CA
At XEOPlay we believe that VR creates stronger and more personal emotions than any other media. The player is a protagonist that experiences emotions just like real life. Our games use emotion to unlock human potential through play.


Rival Theory
Albuquerque, NM
Rival Theory is an Artificial Intelligence company re-imagining interactive storytelling in Virtual Reality. Their sentient digital actors get to know you, remember you, and build meaningful relationships with you over time.

Chelyabinsk, Russia
VicoVR is a revolutionary 3D sensor that brings Kinect-like gaming and full body avatar animation to Mobile Virtual Reality. VicoVR puts your body inside VR with no PC, no wires, nor wearable sensors!

Eindhoven, Netherlands
Using our web-based platform VRapp.co, VRmaster makes Virtual Reality easy and affordable, so anyone can go anywhere, anytime. VRmaster is a Dutch VR startup founded by Detlef La Grand, Mark de Ruiter and Freddy Snijder in May 2015.

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