ReleaseIt at SXSW Highlights Companies Launching New Products and Services

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ReleaseIt at SXSW is a special pitch competition in Startup Village® on the opening day of the SXSW Interactive Festival. Ten cutting-edge companies launching a new product or service during the 2016 SXSW season will present to a panel of industry experts and a winner will be chosen based on which product or service is most likely to succeed in the marketplace.

Any type of technology-related product or service is welcome to apply – we love variety! This is one of the very first events of the SXSW Interactive and is a great way to create buzz around your company at the beginning of the festival.

2016 Event Details

2016 ReleaseIt Logo


Hilton Downtown Austin
4th floor Salon B (500 E. 4th St, Austin, TX, 78703)


Friday, March 11, 2016
11:00am–12:00pm and 12:30pm–1:30pm


The event is open to SXSW Interactive, Gold, and Platinum badges. Register for your badge today.


  • Dr. Susan Amat is the founder of Venture Hive, an entrepreneurship education company serving governments, corporations, universities, and schools. The Venture Hive accelerator/incubator in Miami is focused on economic development and is home to tech startups from 18 countries. In 2013, Dr. Amat was named a Champion of Change at the White House.
  • Marc Nager of TechStars and UP Global are dedicated to unlocking human potential through a series of high impact programs that are led by grassroots leaders.
  • Julie Kirk has a passion for infusing innovation and entrepreneurial mindset coupled with action into individuals, communities, and regions to act as a catalyst for economic growth.


Trey Bowles - CEO and Co-founder of The Dallas Entrepreneur Center

2016 Release at SXSW Winner

Inteliclinic Inc.
San Francisco, CA
NeuroOn is an intelligent sleep mask that measures all important biological signals and provides accurate sleep analytics to users. It also has a bright light therapy to help users manage their circadian rhythm and optimize sleep to meet the needs of a 21st century lifestyle.

ReleaseIt at SXSW Runners Up

Cinamaker Technologies Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Cinamaker Technologies tools empower todays video creators with easy-to-use, powerful, and insanely fast digital workflows for multi-camera capture and production using smartphones, tablets and compatible digital video-cameras.

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Mend brings on-demand medical care to patients at the touch of a button. We provide convenient, transparent and affordable healthcare to our community using the best of both high-touch and high-tech.

2016 ReleaseIt at SXSW Finalists

Tokyo, Japan
Ideas that reach beyond the imaginable. Technology crosses the bounds of possibilities. Entrepreneurship that surpasses the expected. Three sources of strength, driving DENTSU innovation, bringing positive change to people and society. MotionScore will be the one creating big innovation in the field of music and motion.

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Mend brings on-demand medical care to patients at the touch of a button. We provide convenient, transparent and affordable healthcare to our community using the best of both high-touch and high-tech.

Albuquerque, NM
What if your spare change could create change? MyChange rounds up the change from your everyday credit and debit card transactions to donate to your favorite cause or candidate. Consider MyChange a tip jar for your personal values.

New York, NY
NUEYORKER is a New York based tech start-up that's building the world's largest closet of designer clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry by connecting the community. An on-demand closet with a million options dry-cleaned, packaged and delivered to you.

Bellevue, WA
Scoper facilitates decision making by allowing people to see what’s happening at the moment they need it most. Allowing people to experience happenings they are interested in, products or services they care about, or simply to experience a cool place.

St. Louis, MO
taptl invented a see through touch screen TV. Whether the technology is used in retail to revolutionize “window shopping” or in residential spaces to save space and energy, the applications are endless. Founded in 2014, taptl has four patents pending.

Berlin, Germany
The Berlin-based startup videmic GmbH is developing and marketing an ad-hoc video app. The videmic app allows users everywhere to watch HD videos as often as they like and instantly share them with others nearby. Without data usage!

Santa Monica, CA is the first travel search engine to show where you can travel for how much you want to spend. It not only reveals amazing destinations, but also the optimal flight and hotel for each destination.

2016 ReleaseIt at SXSW Alternates

BoomCloud 360
San Mateo, CA
With offices in San Diego, Austin and Houston, BoomCloud 360 is pioneering the new standard in global entertainment listening. Powered by celebrated academic and industry innovators, BoomCloud 360 creates transformational sound on all headphones, profoundly changing the way consumers experience games, movies, music and streaming across any device.

Allston, MA
QuikForce was founded with the belief that moving should be simple, not stressful. We want to bring an antiquated moving industry into the 21st century, using data analysis and machine learning algorithms to pave the way.

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