In Case You Missed it: First Round of Accepted Workshops for SXSW Interactive 2014

Written by Nanci Lancaster | Friday, Oct 18, 2013

Check out the first batch of workshop programming for SXSW 2014

On Monday, October 14th, we announced the first round of accepted SXSW Interactive programming, which included our highly popular extended workshops! See below for a list of the currently accepted workshop sessions for SXSW 2014, divided by theme.

All registrants with an Interactive, Gold or Platinum badge must sign-up in advance to attend any Interactive workshop when the online schedule goes live in January. So, set a reminder to check back here to sign-up to attend your favorite workshop(s). And, if you haven't already, don't forget to purchase a badge by 11:59 CST today, October 18, before prices increase tomorrow!

Art, Science and Inspiration
Creative Coding: Art + Design with Cinder
(Chandler McWilliams, The Barbarian Group/UCLA, Keith Butters, The Barbarian Group, Toby Boudreaux, Control Group)

Fear No Marker: Tools to Create Your Visual Story
(Nora Herting, ImageThink, Heather Willems, ImageThink)

Idea Vomiting: A Creative Brainstorming Session
(Elizabeth Jensen, IBM, Alexander Braden, IBM, Courtney Tye, IBM)

Museums and Mothballs: Reinventing the Experience
(Matthew Tiews, Stanford University, Laura Martini, Counsyl, Michael Turri, Independent, Christine Renaud, E-180, Inc.)

Content and Distribution
Always Be Testing: Detecting Novelty in A/B Tests
(Amelia Showalter, Amelia Showalter LLC)

Begin at the End: Content Planning for Insights
(Dorice Piraino, LiveWorld, Mark Williams, LiveWorld)

Content Everywhere: Preparing For Mobile & Beyond
(Sara Wachter-Boettcher, Independent)

Content Modeling: Designing Structured Content
(Rachel Lovinger, Razorfish, Cleve Gibbon, Cognifide)

CX + Content: Built-in Emotion and Empathy Online
(Victoria Prozan, Prozan McGlinn LLC, Lauren Fritsch, The Coaching Collective)

How to Build Mental Models for Content + Marketing
(Tara-Nicholle Nelson, RETHINK Mulimedia, Inc.)

IRE Watchdog Workshop
(Jaimi Dowdell, IRE, Mark Horvit, IRE, Megan Luther, IRE)

Design and Development

Advanced Agile Mobile Design: Android 4.x iOS 7
(Greg Nudelman, DesignCaffeine, Inc.)

Age Of The Alchemist: A D&D Approach to UX Design
(Tyler Wilson, DDB California, Vincent Higgins, DDB California)

Build Responsively
(Jeremy Loyd, Sparkbox, Ben Callahan, Sparkbox)

Building Better Web Apps with Angular.js
(Ian MacDowell, R/GA, Katrina Bekessy, R/GA)

Cloud Portability With Multi-Cloud Toolkits
(Everett Toews, Rackspace)

Data to Go: Mobile API Design
(Chuck Greb, AWeber Communications)

DPS & You: Building A Digital Magazine
(Abby Kallgren, Funny or Die, Nate Maggio, Funny or Die)

Filters, Bias, and Collaboration
(J. Nathan Matias, MIT Media Lab)

Hardware Isn't Hard, It's Complicated
(Aren Kaser, Igor Institute)

Hey Web Developer, Why Do You Hate the Disabled?
(Carol Gibson, Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing, Susan Hewitt, Texas Department of State Health Services)

How to Design Products for Behavior Change
(Stephen Wendel, HelloWallet)

Responsive Web Design When Things Are Teh Sux0r
(Scott Lenger, Beaconfire)

Reusable HTML, CSS, & JS: Front End Legos Part 2
(Shay Howe, Belly, Darby Frey, Belly)

The Humor-Centered Design Process
(Chris Trew, The New Movement Theater, Chelsey Delaney, Catalyst Group)

Type Tasting Global Lettering Workshop
(Sarah Hyndman, With Relish Ltd)

Yes, and . . . a Human-Centered Design Workshop
(Sarah Stein Greenberg, Institute of Design at Stanford, Aaron Huey, National Geographic, Justin Ferrell, Institute of Design at Stanford, Sean Hewens,

Health and Business

Beyond Ping Pong Tables: Building Better Companies
(Vipin Goyal, SideTour, Rasanath Das, Bhakti Center, Jessica Lawrence, NY Tech Meetup)

Bitcoin Workshop: Buying, Selling and Transacting
(Stephen Fraga, AcademyX Computer Training)

DIY PR for Crowdfunded / Kickstarter Projects
(Connie Zheng, North of Nine Communications)

Minorities and Health Tech: A How-To Workshop
(Alisa Hughley, enBloom Media, LLC, Dr. Ivor Horn, ibh Health Consulting, LLC, Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls CODE, Damon Davis, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)

Social and Privacy

After Snowden: Privacy, Surveillance, and the NSA
(Jeffrey Rosen, George Washington Law School, Susan Landau, National Research Council, Robert Chesney, University of Texas School of Law, Timothy Edgar, The Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University)

Growth & Identity: A Dialogue with Burning Man
(Jim Graham, Burning Man, Silvia Stephenson, Burning Man, Rebecca Throne, Burning Man)

What Does the Future of Geotagging Mean
(Nicole Johnson, SapientNitro, Jenessa Carder, SapientNitro)

SXSW Gaming and Create

Unity for All: Intro to Unity 4
(Carl Callewaert, Unity Technologies)

Unity Insider: A Demo Artist’s Bag o’ Tricks
(Beau Folsom, Unity Technologies)

WTF and Beyond

Experience Transformed: Beyond UXD
(Daniel Rosenberg, MIT, Christine Outram, Deutsch, LA)

Need more information or would like to teach a SXSW Interactive Workshop? Feel free to email Nanci at any time.

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