SXSW 2013 Video Recap: Scott Belsky Shares His Vision For the Creative World

Written by Monica Sack | Thursday, Oct 10, 2013

We all have a voice, and we all want our voice to be heard. But in the creative world, that can sometimes be a very difficult task to accomplish. Scott Belsky decided he'd try and do something about that. It started off as a simple mission: connect and organize the creative world. With the seed planted, he and a colleague started Behance. But how does one go about tackling this? What does this company have to offer the creative world?

During his talk at the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival, Connecting & Empowering the Creative World, Belsky discusses his three step process in giving creatives a platform to get their work noticed. It's called Creative Meritocracy. And it all seems simple enough: 1. Give creatives a focused platform to showcase their work. 2. Make sure there is a "credible" mass looking reviewing the work in order to help show the world how many unique and interesting ideas are out there. 3. Make sure that the creator of the work is probably attributed to the work so that the person can be found. Ok, maybe it's not that simple, but it's a great start to an amazing idea. Here's a guy that just wants everyone to have a voice, to have a chance of being discovered in a sometimes ocean of visual excrement. It's a way for people to keep doing what they absolutely love instead of doing anything just for a paycheck. By the end of the presentation, I became a believer of Scott Belsky, he's made me want to seek out my true passion and take some initiative to make it happen. Watch the clip below and maybe you will likewise become inspired to better things!

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