SXSW Gaming 2014: We love It When a Plan Comes Together!

Written by Matthew Crump | Monday, Aug 12, 2013

Stay tuned for SXSW Gaming Expo updates

Last season, SXSW Gaming helped organize several events leading up the SXSW Gaming Expo. In addition to co-hosting the Game On Austin event with the Austin Chronicle, we enjoyed a Happy Hour at the Kung Fu Saloon, and a Super Smash Bros Tournament at Game Over Videogames. 

For the 2014 season, we’ve got even more fun up our sleeves.  There are even more meet ups, happy hours and fun video game themed events planned. Keep checking our web page for details and dates in the coming weeks.

If you are craving a more immediate way to participate in SXSW Gaming, please remember that The PanelPicker public voting period runs August 19 through September 6, 2013. Results from this voting give us an idea of YOU, the fans, wish to see for the coming season. Here is your chance to help shape the direction and content of the SXSW Gaming Expo. Save the dates and tell your friends!