SXSW Pitch

March 9-10, 2019

The eleventh annual SXSW Pitch (formerly SXSW Accelerator) takes place in front of a live audience and panel of expert judges to discover advancements in various sectors of emerging technology.

Early Deadline: October 4 ($100 fee)
Final Deadline Period: October 5 – November 15 ($220 fee)

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Photo by Marie Ketring

Photo by Marie Ketring



The eleventh annual SXSW Pitch (formerly SXSW Accelerator) will take place at the Hilton Austin Downtown on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10. A live audience, as well as a panel of expert judges, will discover advancements in various sectors of emerging technology. The best part – product demonstrations by the most ambitious talents in the world with the creative new ideas to change it. Catch a glimpse of the industry’s future, with a guided tour by our emcees and judges.

2019 SXSW Pitch will feature 50 Interactive technology companies from 10 different categories. These companies will dazzle a live audience with their company pitch and Q&A with our panel of judges. We will feature 25 companies on Saturday, March 9 and 25 companies on Sunday, March 10. On Sunday, March 10 at 7pm we will host the SXSW Pitch Award Ceremony and announce a winner from each category.

Early entry applications are now open through Thursday, October 4. The final deadline to apply is Thursday, November 15 at 11:59pm PT. Review the Entry Process for more information on eligibility, deadlines and fees.

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SXSW Pitch 2019

SXSW Pitch showcases cutting-edge technology in a global startup space each year in Austin.

50 Finalists, representing the most leading-edge technologies from around the world, will pitch to a panel of judges and a live audience this March.

Watch our video to hear from past participants and preview what to expect for 2019!

2019 Categories


Artificial Intelligence

Technologies related to simulation of intelligent behavior by machines, a machine’s capability to improve and perform tasks on its own. These startups seek to address medical diagnosis, remote sensing, electronic trading, transportation, tutoring, speech and visual recognition, and many more on the subject.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Technologies using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robotic automation and other novel visualization technologies, including applications for Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and other emerging offerings from industry giants. These applications may address such uses as gaming, entertainment, data visualization, education, medical care, warfare, transportation, and many more subject.


Technologies using digital ledgers, decentralized internet, and other distributed applications as ways to structure and share data. These applications may address such uses as cryptocurrency, supply chain, energy, media, global trade, security, and numerous other industries.

Enterprise & Smart Data

Technologies that facilitate the comprehension and application of informational data through workflows and analytics. These startups seek to improve productivity for businesses and/or individuals by using big data through a number of ways that include (but are not limited to) data collection, management, analysis, presentation, interpretation, security, and augmentation.

Entertainment & Content

Technologies and applications that are reinventing the ways in which we learn, relax and enjoy our time. Examples of included sectors include (but are not limited to) gaming, music, film, television, video, news and publishing, streaming and digital storytelling, as well as new and hybrid forms of entertainment.

Health & Wearable

Technologies focused on human-centric health applications that connect the “health optimizer” and those with illnesses, their care teams, primary and specialist clinicians, inpatient and outpatient facilities, benefit providers, and corporate wellness programs to share timely, relevant health data and drive better outcomes at affordable and sustainable cost levels.

Hyper-Connected Communities

This category showcases new products, services and apps that help hyper-connected communities (such as what occurs on-site at SXSW) better navigate and maximize their engagements. In addition to the kind of technologies that thrive in March in Austin, this category is for any creative and innovative app, product or service that does not fit elsewhere in the SXSW Pitch lineup. Examples of technologies that might fit into this category include (but are not limited to) Internet of Things, energy, space, natural resources, agriculture and robotics.

Social & Culture

Technologies that push the boundaries on how we navigate and interact in life with ourselves, our community, and our world. Examples of such sectors include (but are not limited to) social media, networking, dating, travel & hospitality, food or dining, fashion, the environment and social good.

Sports & Performance Data

Technologies impacting the before, during, and after in the sports and athletics sector. Whether geared towards novices or elite professionals, innovations in this field include (but are not limited to) the way we experience, prepare for, and participate in sports and outdoor recreation by using hardware or software applications focused on data-centric intelligence, measurement, and other analytical forms.

Transportation & Delivery

Technologies transforming and optimizing the transportation industry on a consumer and enterprise level. These innovations create efficiency in the way we move from point A to point B through (but are not limited to) the connected car, data routing applications, on-demand or ridesharing services, autonomous vehicles, logistics, delivery, and other new disruptive means.

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Entry Process Overview


Entry Deadlines & Fees

Early Entry Period: Monday, June 25 – Thursday, October 4 ($100 fee)
Final Entry Period: Friday, October 5 – Thursday, November 15 ($220 fee)
Final Deadline: Thursday, November 15 at 11:59pm PT


Companies are eligible to apply if they meet the following criteria:

  • The company’s product and / or service must have launched no earlier than March 9, 2017;
  • The company’s product and / or service must not launch after June 9, 2019;
  • Each company may only enter one product or service to SXSW Pitch;
  • A company that enters more than one product or service will not be eligible to participate in SXSW Pitch;
  • Founders of the company applying must retain some portion of ownership in the company;
  • Each applicant is only eligible to present in one of the SXSW family of startup events (SXSW Pitch, SXSW Release It, SXSW Launch EDU). In contrast, if you have applied for one of these events (other than SXSW Pitch), and were not accepted to participate, then please feel free to apply to SXSW Pitch.
  • The Company must not have raised over ten (10) Million Dollars in funding from combined funding sources; and
  • The product or service must fall into one of the SXSW Pitch categories.

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SXSW Pitch Alums: Over $5.43 Billion in Funding

SXSW Pitch proudly applauds our alumni and the millions of funding along the way. Over the years, we launched our startup platform for finalists with great ideas with the goal of matching them with top investors both nationally and internationally.

From our inaugural year of 23 participants to a total of 453 through 2018, we are proud to be the catalyst of many dreams and successes. Some of our prestigious alums you may know include Klout, Hipmunk, Wildfire, Siri, TubeMogul, Foodspotting and Tango.

Past SXSW Pitch finalists from 2009 to 2018 achieved the following:

  • 453 companies = 71% funding
  • 16% were acquired total through 2018 = $5.43 billion

Does not include certain undisclosed funding. This data is as of May 30, 2018.


For a listing of the Frequently Asked Questions about the SXSW Pitch read the SXSW Pitch FAQ. For any SXSW Pitch inquiries, please contact


For any press inquiries to SXSW Pitch Event, please contact , please contact

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2018 Pitchbook Report


PitchBook, a financial data and software company, has complied a decade’s worth of data into a report for SXSW Pitch (formerly SXSW Accelerator).

Download the SXSW Pitch Report from Pitchbook below to explore industry categories and data on standout, past participants from the most VC capital raised to most active investors in SXSW companies and much, much more.

2018 Winners


Congratulations to this year’s ten category winners as well as Best in Show, Best Bootstrap, and Best Speed Pitch, who were announced at the SXSW Pitch Awards Ceremony after the two-day competition.

New York, NY
GoKid is the complete carpool solution for schools, teams, and families.

Social and Culture
Austin, TX
ICON is a construction-technology company currently working toward building the first up-to-code 3D printed home in the United States (using concrete as substrate).

Enterprise and Smart Data
Seattle, WA
DroneSeed provides precision forestry services to timber companies & non-profits.

Augmented and Virtual Reality
Los Angeles, CA
We’ve created an AR display that requires no headset, no goggles, no smart device.

Hyper-Connected Communities
Austin, TX
GrubTubs solves for the overabundance of food waste coming from restaurants by creating a nutrient-rich animal feed that is affordable for local family farms.

Security and Privacy
Atlanta, GA
PolyPort is 3D asset protection, management, and delivery company, which employs proprietary encryption technology to facilitate an end-to-end solution for 3D designers.

Payment and FinTech
Boston, MA makes student debt repayment easy – for employers, platforms, and users.

Sports and Performance Data
Boston, MA
Nix is taking the guessing out of hydration with a single-use sweat analytics patch that tells athletes, soldiers, and laborers their hydration status and electrolyte losses in real-time.

Entertainment and Content
Vochlea Music
London, England
At Vochlea Music we’re developing real-time vocal recognition technology for music creation.

Health and Wearables
New York, NY
Nanowear is a New York-based connected-self technology platform for diagnostics and disease management based on proprietary cloth-based nanosensors and analytics.

Best Bootstrap Company (the company who has done the most with least)
Nashville, TN
Leaf provides financial services to the stateless and excluded by creating a virtual bank through blockchain technology.

Best in Show
New York, NY
Nanowear is a New York-based connected-self technology platform for diagnostics and disease management based on proprietary cloth-based nanosensors and analytics.

Best Speed Pitch
Roots Studio
Boston, MA
Roots Studio digitizes the creative content of traditional artists from remote areas with the global $32 billion art, interior décor, and design licensing markets.

2018 Advisory Board


Each year, the Advisory Board lend their industry expertise as they evaluate hundreds of applications and help determine the companies that will present in March. These individuals are instrumental to the success of the SXSW Pitch, and their hard work, diligence, and support in bringing together the future of the technology industry to our event is greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned for 2019 announcements throughout the season. Take a look back at the SXSW Pitch Archive for more information on past participants, judges, coaches and more.

Rafat Abushaban
Startup Grind
Gaza, Palestine
Martin Adair
Invest Northern Ireland
Belfast, Ireland
Kaan Akin
Hackquarters Accelerator
Istanbul, Turkey
Karen Allen
Karen Allen Consulting
Los Angeles, CA
Jonas Almeling
Business Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden
Simon Azzopardi
London, England
Imran Baghirov
Azercell Telecom
Baku, Azerbaijan
Kathleen Baireuther
Rocky Mountain Institute
Austin, TX
Julia Beleya
Plug and Play Tech Center
Sunnyvale, CA
Lisa Besserman
Startup Buenos Aires
Austin, TX
Jaroslaw Bialeck
Malta Information Technology Agency
Gdynia, Poland
Sussi Bianco
Konsulenthuset Sussi Bianco
Aarhus, Denmark
Taylor Bloom
London, England
Karen Boers
European Startup Network/
Brussels, Belgium
Robert Bouschery
Cologne, Germany
Cheri Bradish
Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario
Navjot Brar
Carpe Data
Santa Barbara, CA
Jakob Breddam
Aarhus, Denmark
Shawna Butler
Singularity University
Austin, TX
David Capo
TAMA-The African Marketer Agency
Abidjan, Africa
Bobbie Carlton
Innovation Women/Carlton Pr & Marketing
Lexington, MA
Gianmarco Carnovale
Roma Startup Association
Rome, Italy
Peter Chee
Seattle, WA
Ben Clayton
Plus Four
Montreal, Quebec
Jay Clouse
Unreal Collective
Columbus, OH
Bart Collet
Antwerp, Belgium
Steven Cook
Champion Capital Group
Marietta, GA
Eoin Costello
Scale Labs
Dublin, Ireland
Mike Cotton
Zone Startups Sports + Media
Toronto, Ontario
Cris De Luca
Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Cambridge, MA
Kristof De Mey
Victoris-Ghent University
Ghent, Belgium
Thibaut Decré
High TechXL
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Chris Denson
Innovation Crush
Los Angeles, CA
David Ding
DBS Bank
Singapore, Singapore
Simone Driessen
Startup Foundation
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Joshua Duboff
Reuters News Agency
New York, NY
Michel Duchateau
Brussels, Belgium
Danielle Duplin
FreeWind Productions
Boston, MA
Marwan Elfitesse
Station F
Paris, France
Stephanie Enders
Startup Edmonton
Edmonton, Alberta
Jay Fajardo
Manila, Phillippines
Joanne Fedeyko
Connection Silicon Valley
San Francisco, CA
Yaniv Feldman
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Jenny Fielding
New York, NY
Edward Fitzgibbon
NYZ Consulting
New York, NY
Kathleen Fritzsche
Startup Evangelist & Blogger
Berlin, Germany
Chris Furmanski
Virtual Ventures
Menlo Park, CA
Monique Giggy
Singularity University
Palo Alto, CA
Parm Gill
Gill Group
Ottawa, Ontario
Mike Grabham
Package Guard
Seattle, WA
Brett Greene
New Tech Northwest
Seattle, WA
Charles Greenwood
Charles Greenwood Consulting
London, England
Andrew Greer
Accelerate Okanagan
Kelowna, British Columbia
Nate Gross
Doximity & Rock Health
San Francisco, CA
Lorin Hamlin
Under Armour
Baltimore, MD
Cortney Harding
Friends with Holograms
Brooklyn, NY
Michal Harustiak
Startup Slovakia
Bratislava, Slovakia
Myma Hausseguy
Startup Europe Week
Brussels, Belgium
Tim Hayden
Stadia Ventures
St. Louis, MO
Jason Henrichs
Chicago, IL
Arno Hermans
Sport eXperience
Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant
Brett Holland
Creative HQ
Wellington, New Zealand
Krisztina ‘Z’ Holly
The Art of Manufacturing
Los Angeles, CA
Clyde Hutchinson
Journey Partners
Dublin, Ireland
Hugh Jedwill
Chicago, IL
Dmitry Kabanov
Moscow, Russia
Sanjib Kalita
Money 20/20
Fairfax, VA
Omar Kandil
Prime Minister’s Office-Arab Youth Center
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Cam Kashani
COACCEL-The Human Accelerator
Santa Monica, CA
Eric Kavanagh
The Bloor Group
Austin, TX
Courtney Klein
Washington, DC
Joshua Krammes
San Francisco, CA
Om Kundu
New York, NY
Jan Küster
Founders Fight Club
Munich, Germany
Steven Kuyan
NYU Future Labs
New York, NY
April Lane
Catapult Chicago
Chicago, IL
Dani Larson
Boulder, CO
Jennifer Lee
San Francisco, CA
Maren Lesche
YourStory Germany
Berlin, Germany
Mike Lightman
World Bank
Buffalo, NY
Ester Lokhost
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Lisa Mallner
Nordic Startup Bits
Copenhagen, Denmark
Jordan Marsillo
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Kansas City, MO
Martin Martinez
A-Player Media, Inc.
Austin, TX
Eric Mathews
Start Co.
Memphis, TN
Caitlin McAllister
Catapult Chicago
Chicago, IL
Florin Mihoc
Tech Executive & Advisor
New York, NY
Jonathan Milne
Ottawa, Ontario
Amirreza Mohammadi
Startup Digest
Tehran, Iran
Gene Murphy
Bank of Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Wayne Murphy
Cork, Ireland
Rika Nakazawa
San Francisco, CA
Doug Newcomb
C3 Group
Hood River, Oregon
Dimitri Ntempos
Thessaloniki, Greece
Christine Ntim
Global Startup Ecosystem
New York, NY
Emmanuel Nyame
Africa Startup Cup
Accra, Africa
David Odom
Denver, CO
Douglas Ogeto
Fuse Catalysts
Nairobi, Kenya
Cagdas Onen
Istanbul, Turkey
Jenny Osman
New York, NY
Jiro Otsuka
Urban Future Lab
New York, NY
Nate Pagel
San Francisco, CA
Leon Pals
Startup Foundation
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Glenford Patterson
Harlem Tech Summit
New York, NY
Amy Peck
San Francisco, CA
John Peters
Sports & Fitness Industry Association
Washington, DC
Adrian Pica
Cluj, Romaina
Jeremie Poirier
Malmö Startups
Malmö, Sweden
Egita Polanska
Startup Wise Guys
Riga, Latvia
Tanuja Rajah
Malaysia Global Innovation & Creativity Centre

Shah Alam, Malaysia
John Richards
Startup Ignition
Provo, UT
Andrea Romoli
Freelance Consultant
Milan, Italy
Matej Rus
Initiative Start:up Slovenia & PODIM
Maribor, Slovenia
Red Russak
Seattle, WA
Kamran Samadli
Dubai, UAE
Mark Sanders
Austin Technology Incubator/UT Austin
Austin, TX
Matthew Cohen Santorelli
Xylo Corporation
New York, NY
Joy Schoffler
Leverage PR
Austin, TX
Michiel Schuurman
SingularityU The Netherlands
Barendrecht, The Netherlands
Steve Schwartz
Seattle, WA
Shradha Sharma
Bangalore, Karnataka
Ingi Björn Sigurðsson
Icelandic Startups
Reykjavik, Reykjavik
Helen Situ
Virtual Reality Pop
New York, NY
Christoph Sollich
Berlin, Germany
Pauli Sosa
ZeroPoint Ventures
Auckland, New Zealand
Jewell Sparks
Berlin, Germany
Xavier Stewart
American Entrepeneurship Award
Brooklyn, NY
Unity Stoakes
StartUp Health
New York, NY
Jamie Sundsbak
Collider Coworking
Rochester, MN
Wayne Sutton
Change Catalyst
San Francisco, CA
Stefano Tambornini
Chiavari, Italy
Sebastien Tanguay
Quebec, Canada
Todd Tate
Musical Turk
San Francisco, CA
Tuba Terekli
Jeddah, Saudia Arabia
Pedro Torres-Mackie
Quotidian Ventures
Brooklyn, NY
Rick Turoczy
Portland, OE
Uwem Uwemakpan
Startup Grind Chapter Director
Lagos, Nigeria
Cecile van der Waal
Canopy Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal
Astrid Høegh Tyrsted
Aarhus, Denmark
Marianne Vikkula
Helsinki, Finland
Gonzalo Villaran
Ministry of Production Peru
Lima, Peru
George Vou
Larnaca, Cyprus
Mandy Webber
North Liberty, IA
Kevin Winston
Digital LA
Los Angeles, CA
Bert-Jan Woertman
Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Bacely YoroBli
Paris, France
Gloria Zaionz
Innovation Learning Network
San Francisco, CA
Hubert Zajicek
Health Wildcatters
Dallas, TX
Wei Zhou
Shanghai, China
Brian Zisk
SF Music Tech Summit
Paia, HI

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