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SXSW Pitch

March 14-15, 2020

SXSW Pitch showcases innovative new technology to a panel of industry experts, high-profile media professionals, venture capital investors, and angel investors.

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SXSW Pitch Presented by Cyndx - 2019 - Photo by Beverly Schulze

SXSW Pitch Presented by Cyndx - 2019 - Photo by Beverly Schulze

About SXSW Pitch


At the 12th annual SXSW Pitch Presented by Target Accelerator, a live audience and a panel of expert judges will discover advancements in various sectors of emerging technology.

Join us for pitches and product demonstrations from the most ambitious talents in the world with the creative new ideas to change it from March 14-15, 2020 at the Hilton Austin Downtown.

50 interactive technology companies in 10 different categories will dazzle a live audience with their company pitch and Q&A with our panel of judges.

For any SXSW Pitch inquiries, please contact For any press inquiries on SXSW Pitch, please contact Please be aware that this is not a fundraising event.

Applications are closed for SXSW 2020. Stay tuned for the finalists announcement coming later in the season. Learn more about other ways to participate including SXSW Release It.

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SXSW Pitch Alums: Over $6.6 Billion in Funding

SXSW Pitch proudly applauds our alumni and the millions of funding along the way. Over the years, we launched our startup platform for finalists with great ideas with the goal of matching them with top investors both nationally and internationally.

From our first year in 2009 to 2019, we have received over 5,000 startup applications and invited 503 of these startups to participate in the on-site competition. We are proud to be the catalyst of many dreams and successes. Of the 503 SXSW Pitch Finalists some of our most prestigious alums include Klout, ICON, Hipmunk, Wildfire, Siri, TubeMogul, Foodspotting, and Tango.

Past SXSW Pitch finalists from 2009 to 2019 achieved the following:

  • 75% of past finalists have received funding
  • Past finalists have received $6.6 billion in funding
  • 16% have been acquired

Does not include certain undisclosed funding. This data is as of June 13, 2019

Explore the Past Winners Archive to browse winners and other participants from previous SXSW Pitch seasons.

SXSW Pitch Presented by Target Accelerator

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The 2020 SXSW Pitch Presented by Target Accelerator event will feature 25 companies on Saturday, March 14 in the Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DE (fourth floor) from 9:30AM-6:00PM and 25 companies on Sunday, March 15 in the Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DE (fourth floor) from 9:30AM-6:00PM during the Startups Track of the SXSW Conference.

All SXSW Pitch events grant primary access to Platinum and Interactive Badges and grant secondary access to Film and Music Badges.

SXSW attendees will have the opportunity to meet all 50 companies at the Meet the Finalists event on Monday, March 16 at 10:30am CT in the Hilton Austin Downtown Salon C, fourth floor.

SXSW Pitch – Meet the Finalists
March 16, 2020 | 10:30AM – 12:30PM
Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon C, fourth floor)
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On March 15 at 6:30pm CT, SXSW will host the SXSW Pitch Award Ceremony on the 6th floor of the Hilton Austin Downtown in Salon H and announce a winner from each category, including the overall “Best in Show” winner.

SXSW Pitch Award Ceremony
March 15, 2020 | 6:30PM – 8:00PM
Hilton Austin Downtown (Salon H)
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Applications are closed for SXSW 2020. Stay tuned for the finalists announcement coming later in the season. Learn more about other ways to participate including SXSW Release It.

For questions about the selection process and more, please see the FAQ. SXSW Pitch inquiries can be directed to

To be eligible:

  • A company’s product or service must launch no earlier than March 14, 2018
  • A company’s product or service must launch before June 14, 2020
  • Each company may only enter one product or service to SXSW Pitch
  • A company that enters more than one product or service will not be eligible to participate in SXSW Pitch
  • Founders of the company applying must retain some portion of ownership in the company
  • Each applicant is only eligible to present in one of the SXSW family of startup events (SXSW Pitch, SXSW Release It, or SXSW EDU Launch). In contrast, if you have applied for one of these events and were not accepted to participate, then please feel free to apply to SXSW Pitch
  • The Company must not have raised over ten (10) million dollars in funding from combined funding sources
  • The product or service must fall into one of the SXSW Pitch categories

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2019 Recap

2020 Categories


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Voice

Technologies related to machine-simulated intelligence, consciousness, empathy, or speech. These technologies may also cover Internet of Things and smart devices, or a machine’s ability to perform, anticipate, and streamline tasks without human assistance. These startups seek to address a wide variety of issues.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Technologies using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), automation, and other novel visualization technologies, including applications for all Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality headsets and other emerging hardware and software technology. These startups may find applications in gaming, entertainment, data visualization, education, medical care, warfare, transportation, and more.


Technologies using digital ledgers, decentralized internet, and other distributed applications to structure and share data. These applications may address such uses as cryptocurrency, supply chain, energy, media, global trade, security, point-of-sale technologies, and numerous other industries.

Consumer Technology & CPG

Technologies that optimize the process, creation, sales, or distribution of tech-enabled retail and consumer products. Startups may include AR/VR, food, personal care, pet tech, personal electronics, makeup, clothing, bricks & mortar retail technologies, and other companies that use data, applications, and technology to innovate traditional categories.

Enterprise & Smart Data

Technologies that increase productivity for businesses and/or individuals by simplifying informational data through new workflows and analytics. These startups may have applications in data collection, management, analysis, presentation, interpretation, security, and augmentation across industries such as business, finance, advertising, and more.

Entertainment & Content

Technologies and applications that are reinventing the ways humans find enjoyment through areas such as leisure, education, and entertainment. Industries these technologies address may include gaming, music, film, television, video, arts, news and publishing, streaming, and digital storytelling, as well as novel and hybrid forms of entertainment.

Health, Wearables & Wellbeing

Technologies focused on human-centric applications that advance health and connect individuals with health systems and facilities, care teams, providers, insurance, corporate and personal wellness services, and public health & social services. These startups may also include applications in aging and geriatrics, general wellness, diagnosis, genetics, exercise, nutrition, sleep, sports, and wearable technologies.

Innovative World Technologies

This category is for any creative and innovative application, product, or service that does not fit in another SXSW Pitch category, as well as technologies that act as the backbone that new technologies or forms of communication are built on. Examples of technologies that might fit into this category include (but are not limited to) payments and financial technologies, food-related technologies, computer chip technology, energy, space, natural resources, and others.

Smart Cities, Transportation & Logistics

Technologies that create and advance smart cities by providing services and products for local environments, which includes buildings, neighborhoods, communities, and public spaces. These innovations may find applications in real estate development, transportation, logistics, delivery, autonomous vehicles, ridesharing, infrastructure, utilities, public works, security, population data, government and civic services, and more.

Social & Culture

Technologies that explore and expand the boundaries of how humans experience life as individuals, as communities, and as global citizens. Examples of such sectors include (but are not limited to) social media and networking, dating and friendship, travel and hospitality, environment and climate change, home, and fashion. This category also covers social enterprise technologies that aim to solve social or societal problems, impact positive change, and improve the lives of individuals and groups.

2020 Finalists


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Voice

3Space Makers
Conroe, TX
We believe that everyone, regardless of means, should have a safe, durable home. 3Space Makers creates technologies, including robotics, material science, and automation, to produce affordable homes for working families and veterans. Our company mandate is to produce homes 50% faster, 50% less expensive and 50% better.

Miami, FL
Deepblocks is an Artificial Intelligence company building a centralized global platform for analyzing real estate development. We integrate financial analysis, zoning limits, and market data into a single formula that enables instant modeling of development potential in any city around the world. Now working in the imperial and metric systems.

Ann Arbor, MI
Intvo is a software company that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand and predict pedestrian behavior in the context of autonomous cars and fleet-vehicles.

Sonavi Labs
Baltimore, MD
Sonavi Labs has created Feelix, an advanced diagnostic platform that harnesses the power of machine learning to detect and manage respiratory diseases and infections more efficiently than ever before.

San Francisco, CA
Wunder is an all-in-one parenting assistant that uses AI and science to help parents monitor and improve their child’s early language and cognitve development. Wunder is backed by HAX/SOSV, Johnson & Johnson, and Stanford StartX and is clinically-proven to build positive parenting habits and boost cognitive and language skills.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

New York, NY
echoAR is a cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) that provides tools and network infrastructure to help developers & companies quickly build and deploy AR apps and content. echoAR is backed by Techstars, received grants from Y Combinator, Verizon, and NYC Media Lab, and was featured on The Hill.

Laguna Beach, CA
Eyedaptic, is a software technology company addressing the large unmet need in the ophthalmic field of AMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration). Our visually assistive solutions are based on open market Augmented Reality (AR) glasses and embeds our proprietary simulated natural vision software, which optimizes the remaining peripheral vision.

Munich, Germany
Holoride takes everyday journeys and transforms them into hyper-immersive experiences by combining navigational and car data with XR. The technology has the power to change backseat entertainment forever, can help reduce motion sickness and, opens up for a new layer of immersion in games and educational content.

Looxid Labs
Seoul, Korea
Looxid Labs is an AI start-up aiming to integrate biometrics into the VR/AR/MR platform. We have tailored our AI system to decode the users’ cognitive and emotional states using their biosignals. To integrate a biometric system into HMD platforms, we have developed the most VR compatible brain-sensing technology Looxid Link.

Praxis Labs
Palo Alto, CA
Praxis Labs advances diversity and inclusion outcomes through Virtual Reality based unconscious bias training. We let users take on a perspective different than their own, experience incidents of bias, and then practice responding to those incidents; Praxis increases empathy, reduces bias, and creates sustained behavior change for individuals and organizations.


Queensland, Australia
AgUnity is an award-winning tech company founded with the ambition to help change the lives of the 1-billion remote and rural farmers in emerging markets. Tackling issues of poor connectivity, a lack of digital literacy, and a lack of trust, AgUnity has developed a smartphone and blockchain-based solution for the world’s ‘last mile’ communities, a simple mobile product restoring trust, and connecting smallholder farmers with the services they need.

New York, NY
DrumG is creating a world-class application development, operation and support platform for financial services. DrumG Technologies has developed a production-ready and financial institution approved enterprise blockchain network designed to anonymously aggregate and provide analytics on institutional datasets while allowing users to maintain full control and ownership of their data. The Titanium Network is currently used by several Tier 1 financial institutions. DrumG is located in New York, London, Singapore and Bermuda.

San Francisco, CA
Quantstamp is a Y Combinator-backed company building the standard in blockchain cybersecurity. With a team of security experts dedicated to securing decentralized systems, Quantstamp is enabling a future of safer and more reliable blockchain applications and has helped a broad range of enterprises to innovate securely.

Cleveland, OH
Votem is a revolutionary election management company that aims to give democracy back to the people. We leverage a blockchain-based mobile voting platform to let everyone’s voices be heard by making it easy to vote and nearly impossible to cheat.

Winding Tree
Gibraltar, Spain
Winding Tree drives the development of open source protocols for the travel industry. Starting with ORG.ID, a global registry of business entities that streamlines access to APIs in an automated and secure way without the need for third parties.

Consumer Technology & CPG

AVA Technologies
Vancouver, Canada
AVA Technologies Inc. is an IoT agtech startup that unlocks the green thumb in anyone. We invented AVA Byte, the world’s smartest indoor garden, to empower urbanites to grow food right at home.

EasyKale Labs
Jackson, MS
EasyKale Labs LLC makes “superfood” more accessible and easier to consume through its flagship product, Bilal’s EasyKale® Kale Shaker. The powdered, tasteless kale was developed as a result of founder Bilal Qizilbash’s research into kale’s cancer-fighting properties and is designed to maintain kale’s health benefits while minimizing its flavor.

Los Angeles, CA
PurePlus is in a new category called Earth Functional Food – food that provides environmental benefits beyond health. PurePlus is disrupting candy with stealth nutrition. PurePlus has created a healthy candy wafer from the most climate impactful, imperfect and nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. We are a triple-bottom line company that makes products that are good for the health of people and the planet. We value a transparent supply chain and measure success through the wellbeing of our employees and producers and the resilience of the ecosystems that produce our core ingredients.

Renzoe Box
Austin, Tx
Renzoe Box is a smart beauty platform streamlining your beloved makeup products & brands into a refillable travel-ready case. This is paired with an AI-powered software to manage your collection, discover new products, & easily order refills. We are the next-gen hardware & software platform for the $500B global beauty industry.

Trust & Will
San Diego, CA
Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Trust & Will is modernizing the $180B+ trust and estate planning industry with an easy, fast, and secure way to set up your estate plan online. Trust & Will streamlines the estate planning process for the half of all adults who have put off setting up their will or trust. Trust & Will has helped more than 60,000+ members successfully protect their legacy.

Enterprise and Smart Data

Brooklyn, NY
LexSet, better vision with better data. For computer vision AI used for object recognition and spatial navigation, the biggest problem is the lack of well annotated training data. LexSet solves this by simulating the world in 3D, creating limitless, unbiased data; dramatically improving AI accuracy and ease of development.

New York, NY
Passbase is an off-the-shelf identity verification solution that allows you to confirm the identity of your users through a combination of liveness detection, one-to-one facial comparison, and forensic ID authenticity checks. We get you up and running fast with simple pricing, minimal engineering effort, and global document coverage.

San Jose, CA
StrongSalt is a privacy-as-a-service API platform based upon searchable encryption that allows enterprises to search on their own encrypted documents as easily and quickly as Google can on webpages. The API platform can help enterprises secure data storage infrastructure and preserve data privacy in the world of AI and smart devices.

Seattle, WA
Syndio is SaaS company committed to eradicating unlawful pay disparities in the workplace. Syndio enables global organizations to analyze and resolve pay gaps due to gender or race and stay in compliance over time. Syndio has over 60 enterprise customers including, Nordstrom, Match Group, Target, Adobe and PagerDuty and 1+m employees on the platform.

Pasadena, CA
Virtualitics Immersive Platform™️ is a state-of-the-art data analytics platform. The advanced, patented technology is based on a decade of research at California Institute of Technology and NASA/JPL.

Entertainment and Content

Phoenix, AZ
Americans rate fake news as a larger problem than climate change, racism or terrorism. We’re fixing fake news by verifying digital content. Citefull, The Verified News Source, provides readers with a trusted and independent resource they can deploy to quickly confirm – or debunk – news stories in real time.

London, England
FilmChain manages end-to-end financial transactions in media, powered by blockchain. The automated platform collects & allocates revenues in real time, from tickets sold to filmmakers’ pockets. It tracks rights, offers performance predictions and analytics. Enterprises, film funds, Oscar-nominated producers are using the platform that paves the way to a transparent industry.

Wichita, KS
Quicc has rocketed into the global marketplace serving video creators in over 70 countries worldwide with automated, burnt in captions to ensure maximum accessibility and increased engagement to the video content published by creators in a world where their audiences now watch extensively without sound.

St. Noire by Virsix Games
Austin, TX
Virsix Games is an award-winning, interactive gaming and entertainment company co-founded by Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari) and Zai Ortiz (Hollywood Creative Director behind J.A.R.V.I.S. in Iron Man). Virsix Games is creating the next generation of gaming, play and immersive entertainment through rich storytelling and emerging technologies.

Sydney, Australia
The friendly Wriveted chatbot helps children quickly discover a book matched to their interests and general reading ability. A robot-like kiosk with a tablet and thermal printer rewards children with a printed list of the books they like.

Health, Wearables, & Wellbeing

Milis Bio
Cork, Ireland
Milis Bio is designing the future of flavourings: low calorie, protein-based ingredients each crafted to meet the specific needs of a given use case. Bespoke development of sweeteners, umami flavours and salt substitutes with varying potency, solubility and tolerances to suit any client food and beverage CPG.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Radiobotics is automating medical image analysis at hospitals, helping both doctors and patients in getting faster turnaround and less diagnostic errors. The algorithms are easy to integrate into existing workflows and highly scalable. Radiobotics is an award winning Scandinavian based health-tech company with CE-approved products on the market.

Safe Health
Los Angeles, CA
Makers of the “Safe Sex App” that lets people privately show their verified STD status on their phone and provides the easiest, least expensive way to get tested and treated for sexually transmitted diseases (which are at an all-time high in the U.S., for the fifth year in a row).

Sisu Global
Baltimore, MD
Sisu Global is the future of medical devices in emerging markets, starting with Hemafuse: a device alternative to donor blood. Hemafuse can salvage, filter, and recycle blood from internal bleeding. Hemafuse is sold in Africa through Kenya’s largest medical distributor. Sisu is currently expanding its product portfolio and geographic scale.

Austin, TX
TeVido makes an underutilized procedure, to restore lost skin color, available to physicians and their patients. Hypopigmentation, caused by scarring and skin diseases is difficult to treat. Using proprietary techniques, TeVido prepares a patient’s own epidermal cells for use in a transplant procedure. Your skin, your cells, your color.

Innovative World Technologies

Porto, Portugal
Betmarkets allows you to automatically copy the best professional bettors. Fund your account, pick the bettors of your choice and how much to invest in each. Every time one of them places a bet, the same bet is placed for you. We look at sports betting from a financial perspective.

Lofty AI
San Francisco, CA
Lofty AI shows you properties primed for rapid appreciation. Our results speak for themselves. If you had bought one of our A.I.’s suggested properties a year ago, you would have made over 45x higher returns on appreciation alone compared to if you bought a property not suggested by our A.I.

Los Gatos, CA
Recycle today to print tomorrow. MolyWorks is building a distributed recycling network to convert scrap metal into additive manufacturing grade powder and parts at the point of need.

NeelAgil Technologies
Telangana, India
We developed oral insulin technology for insulin dependent diabetes patients. The invention is going to help million of diabetes patients around the world by providing painless and cost-effective therapy.

Plantible Foods
San Diego, CA
Plantible Foods has developed vertically integrated system that produces a plant-based protein ingredient that can replace egg whites, whey and casein in food & beverage applications. Harnessing the power of the humble but awe-inspiring lemna, the system is 100x more sustainable than soy and doesn’t require arable land.

Smart Cities, Transportation & Logistics

Atlanta, GA
A game changing machine learning technology that helps users discover smarter ways to make their buildings energy efficient while saving on construction cost.

Austin, TX
Flugauto is a B2B tech company developing a world-class UAV platform for aerial delivery of industrial cargo for the energy industry. For businesses that want to transport cargo we offer the benefits of a helicopter, speed and access to remote locations, but at the cost of ground transportation.

MD Ally
Philadelphia, PA
Each year, over 96 million non-emergency 911 calls decrease ambulance availability and drive billions in avoidable costs. MD Ally allows 911 systems to navigate these callers to more appropriate care options to improve clinical and financial outcomes for patients, payers, and public safety systems.

Cairo, Egypt
Trella connects shippers to carriers in the fragmented road freight industry, to create transparency, efficiency and reliability, empowering carriers to find regular work with many shippers, eliminate excessive broker margins, and maximize truck utilization, while allowing shippers to book affordable loads, minimize matching time, and greater visibility on their shipments.

Los Angeles, CA
Waycare is a cloud-based platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides traffic management solutions for cities around the US. We integrate data from sources such as city infrastructure, connected vehicles, and external data partnerships, to provide users with powerful insights to improve traffic and safety management operations.

Social and Culture

Cairo, Egypt
Agrona with patented technology; manufactures particleboard wood out of vegetable crop residues without chopping a single tree creating a sustainable and eco friendly business for both the environment and the society.

Applied Bioplastics
Austin, TX
Applied Bioplastics’ mission is to replace traditional plastics and composites with plant-based alternatives and to build a sustainable growth engine for eco-friendly agriculture in developing countries. They intend to transform the perception of bioplastics from “expensive and uncommon” to “inexpensive and ubiquitous”.

Boston, MA
Arist helps leading organizations create, launch, and assess text message courses. Inspired by research from Stanford and UPenn, text message courses are extremely accessible and effective, with completion and satisfaction rates that are up to 20 times higher than other types of digital learning.

Collective Liberty
Washington, DC
Collective Liberty’s mission is to eradicate human trafficking. We collaborate across industries, agencies, and survivor-support agencies to create ground-breaking, data-driven approaches that work. By leveraging high-tech data collection and analysis solutions, we shift systems and improve public policy to ensure as a community we support survivors while stopping traffickers.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
With Skilllab’s mobile app, job seekers identify and document their professional skills in their native languages to explore professional career pathways they could pursue in a given labour market. Job seekers, case managers and career coaches use the resulting Skill Profiles to improve career planning, job search and vocational training.

2020 Alternates


Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Voice

PIX Moving
Guiyang, China
PIX Moving is a self-driving startup dedicated to rebuilding the cities with autonomous mobility. PIX build robo-vehicle that consists of multi-functional cabin and autonomous driving chassis. With the modular design and innovative manufacturing approach, PIX integrates living, working and entertainment space on all kinds of robo-vehicles, making spaces connected, sharable and on-demand. Cabin + chassis design enables the flexible modification between autonomous mini hotel, self-driving coffee car, unattended vending car, multi-purpose self-driving room and more diverse range of applications.

Plano Intelligence
Plano, TX
Plano Intelligence leverages imminent technology and social transformations arising from cognitive artificial intelligence. Their cognitive AI platform, iCognet, is a reusable, plug & play, and versatile foundation for existing and future AI applications. One such deployed application, iNotify, identifies, locates, and tracks wielded guns in prohibited areas to send notifications to intended recipients, eliminating the need for human video surveillance. They’re also developing a flash-flood warning system built to generate and deliver real-time intelligence from IoT data streams.

Austin, TX
UneeQ is a platform that enables chatbots to become an engaging, visual customer experience that creates emotional connection. Powered by AI, UneeQ’s intelligent digital human platform supercharges a brand’s ability to create real-time interaction based on tailored content and memorable personas who build an emotional connection with customers by using the power of the human face.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Tampa, FL
Immertec provides a real-time, immersive training platform in virtual reality for surgeons.

Dallas, TX
SURVIVR is a VR training platform that helps first responders improve their decision-making and response times. Trainees are immersed in a variety of high-pressure situations such as traffic stops, domestic violence, and active shootings. SURVIVR is currently engaged with police departments and the U.S. Air Force.

VIKA Books
Avon, United Kingdom
VIKA Books are creators of immersive learning experiences that combine creative technologies with usercentered product designs. Our first product, ‘Where is the Bird?’ is an augmented reality book that inspires all families, deaf and hearing, to interact in British Sign Language. The augmented reality extends beyond the book to a range of user-centered AR products including stickers, colouring sheets, wall art and fabrics.


Boston, MA
BlockMedx is a next generation smart e-prescribing and analytics system that can be used anywhere in the world to send and receive electronic prescriptions, track prescriptions, and predict patient risk behaviors.

Madison, WI
Highview, an SAP partner, continually enhances the way in which SAP customers interact with their own customers and suppliers. Highview and SAP built the World’s first Blockchain powered B2B solution.

The Sandbox
Paris, France
TSB Gaming Ltd. international team is building The Sandbox, a blockchain decentralized community-driven gaming platform where players can Play, Create, Own Items + Lands or Explore them and Earn SAND.

Consumer Technology & CPG

Pittsburgh, PA
Stop waking up with sleep lines, bed head and sweaty sheets. Nollapelli’s breakthrough bedding (patent pending) balances moisture, temperature, and friction for a more restorative sleep while also protecting skin and hair. Nollapelli plans to own the emerging sleepcare space with a range of products for “wellness while you sleep.”

Santa Cruz, CA
SellHound is a mission-driven startup focused on extending the life-cycle of stuff and enhancing the circular economy by building a scalable system that automates the creation of highly optimized listings of secondhand items to sell across marketplaces… all from just a few photos.

New York, NY
Wardrobe is a peer-to-peer platform that enables people to rent luxury, designer and vintage clothing from each other’s closets. Backed by the founders of Airbnb, Opendoor and Coinbase, Wardrobe partners with local dry cleaners that provides cleaning, storage and serves as access points where users can pick-up/ return their rented items.

Enterprise and Smart Data

Santa Barbara, CA
Security doesn’t have to be hard. At Allthenticate, we want to break the mold of security products by providing users with more security and less burden. Our product, Single Device Authentication (SDA), is designed to enable seamless authentication in both the physical and digital worlds by using our smartphone app to replace keys and passwords, while unifying the management of these credentials into one easy-to-use interface.

Austin, TX
Marlo is building a workplace mastery platform, starting with a tool to find and fix unproductive meetings. With real-time meeting feedback, your team can start measuring meeting productivity with Net Meeting Score, make immediate change with actionable recommendations backed by data, and end the culture of unproductive meetings.

New York, NY
ZeBrand is an automated branding web service.

Entertainment and Content

The Last Gameboard
Boulder, CO
Gameboard-1 is an experience-based gaming platform. Merging the physical and digital worlds of gameplay with our proprietary SenseScreen Technology. Gameboard-1 revolutionizes the way we interact with physical objects on any digital interface.

Side Door
Halifax, Canada
Side Door is a platform that matches artists with hosts, builds direct connections, and simplifies the show-booking process with easy and transparent digital tools. Helping to create memorable shows in living rooms, backyards, coffee shops, community halls, studio spaces, etc., Side Door re-imagines how people connect through live performance.

Health, Wearables, & Wellbeing

New York, NY
Lilu builds technology to empower new moms. We’ve developed the first commercially available hands-free pumping bra with automated breast massage to help nursing mothers pump more milk in less time, without any hassles.

Reveal Technologies
Houston, TX
Reveal Technologies is recreating human eyesight using direct retinal projection.

YourChoice Therapeutics
Berkeley, CA
YourChoice Therapeutics is revolutionizing reproductive health options for women and men by developing hormone-free contraceptives and fertility treatments and bringing them to market.Our first product is a female-controlled, non-hormonal, on-demand contraceptive lubricant women can use to prevent pregnancy just before intercourse!

Innovative World Technologies

360VR Technology
Newark, DE
We have built a comprehensive building information platform using 3D models, intensive analysis, and machine learning in order to improve building operational efficiency, reduce risk, and increase emergency response effectiveness.

Solstar Space Company
Santa Fe, NM
Solstar Space Company is a space communications company working to build a Space Wide Web. Solstar demonstrated the first commercial WiFi hot spot in space on board Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Spaceship twice and posted the first commercial Tweet from space.

Trella Technologies
Bourne, MA
Trella creates energy-efficient and globally-scalable solutions to problems unique to the indoor farming industry. Our product, TrellaGro LST™, automatically trains tall plants to grow horizontally helping indoor cultivators control taller/fruit-bearing crops in spaces that were previously problematic due to height constraints like those found in urban farms and freight containers.

Smart Cities, Transportation & Logistics

Houston, TX
Evolve syncs the smart home and smart building with real-time electrical grid conditions, enabling customers to save up to 50% on their electricity costs and actually decarbonize their footprint by aligning energy consumption to times of the day renewable energy is abundant.

Austin, TX
NUBIGON offers SaaS solutions for developing uniquely accurate and reliable Digital Twins of the built environment. Capable of harvesting ever-growing volumes of LIDAR data and imagery, our software enables architecture, engineering and construction companies to seamlessly model as-built conditions, update designs and preempt costly rework orders.

Boston, MA
SparkCharge makes a portable ultra-fast electric vehicle charging units that is small, modular and data-centric. Since the chargers are compact they can be delivered to an EV owner on demand via any on demand service like Uber, Lyft or AAA. Combined with the data, this creates a mobile on-demand charging infrastructure allowing electric vehicle owners to have their cars charged ultra fast, anytime & anywhere they want it.

Social and Culture

Civic Champs
Bloomington, IN
Civic Champs automates volunteer management for nonprofits and converts volunteers to donors. Our mobile-first platform leverages geo-location technology to provide seamless scheduling and hour tracking. This streamlined data collection is key to building a robust CRM for nonprofits and empowers them to effectively engage and build loyalty with their supporters.

New York, NY
FairFrame coaches’ managers to give better feedback by highlighting possible unconscious bias and giving immediate, on-screen guidance on how to mitigate it. Our enterprise analytics also give completely new insights into the workplace experience. FairFrame leverages AI and decades of social science research to power its easy-to-use diversity technology platform.

The Tuesday Company
Washington, DC
The Tuesday Company created a software platform to help nonprofits, campaigns, and unions leverage supporters’ personal networks to share information. Our app, Team, brings your organizing strategies to your supporters’ smartphones, prompting them to help you build community, drive activism, and increase donations.

2020 Judges & Emcees


2020 Judges

Lance Armstrong
Next Ventures
Austin, TX

Jayne Brady
Belfast, Ireland

Jason Breen
Target Accelerator
Minneapolis, MN

Stacey Chang
Design Insitute for Health
Austin, TX

Tipatat Chennavasin
The Venture Reality Fund
Daly City, CA

Ned Desmond
San Francisco, CA

Vincent Diallo
Interlace Ventures
San Francisco, CA

Brian Dixon
Kapor Capital
Oakland, CA

Mandela Dixon
Founder Gym
Oakland, CA

Barry Downes
Sure Valley Ventures
London, England

Steve Downs
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Princeton, NJ

Alex Estevez
Greenville, SC

Kristen Faulkner
Threshold VC
San Francisco, CA

Stacy Feld
Johnson and Johnson Innovation
San Francisco, CA

Stephane Gantchev
LAUNCHub Ventures
Sofia, Bulgaria

Renata George
Zenmen Corporate Venture
San Francisco, CA

Arlan Hamilton
Los Angeles, CA

Cassandra Harris
Shark Tank Ventures
London, England

Chip Hazard
Boson, MA

Samara Hernandez
Chingona Ventures
Chicago, IL

Ari Horie
Women’s Startup Lab
Menlo Park, CA

Greg Horowitt
UC San Diego
La Jolla, CA

Mohanjit Jolly
Iron Pillar
Palo Alto, CA

Beth Kearns
Touchdown Ventures
Los Angeles, CA

Laura Kilcrease
Alberta Innovates
Edmonton, Canada

Kay Koplovitz
Springboard Enterprises
New York. NY

Patrick Lor
Panache Ventures
Calgary, Canada

Prashant Matta
Panache Ventures
Toronto, Canada

Rumi Morales
Outlier Ventures
Chicago, IL

Sarah Morgenstern
Flourish Ventures
Washington, DC

Jim Murphy
The Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta, GA

Rokas Peciulaitis
Contranian Ventures
Vilnius, Lithuania

Ethan Pierse
CryptoAssets Institute
Paris, France

Nasir Qadree
Pier 70 Ventures
Washington, DC

Walter Robb
Stonewall Robb Advisors
Austin, TX

Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks
Berlin, Germany

Ivo Stivoric
San Francisco, CA

Bryan Stolle
Wildcat Venture Partners
San Mateo, CA

Alicia Syrett
Pantegrion Capital
New York, NY

Stefanie Thomas
Impact America Fund
Washington, DC

Bradley Tusk
Tusk Venture Partners
New York, NY

Werner Vogel
Seattle, WA

Ryan Wang
Outpost Capital
Los Angeles, CA

Martina Welkhoff
WXR Fund
Seattle, WA

Melissa Withers
RevUp Capital
San Francisco, CA

Edith Yeung
Proof of Capital
San Francisco, CA

Santiago Zavala
500 Startups
Mexico City, Mexico

2020 Emcees

Lisandra Rickards
Former Chief Entrepreneurship Officer
Branson Centre Caribbean
Lisandra Rickards is Former Chief Entrepreneurship Officer at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean, the region’s leading business accelerator for scale-up entrepreneurs. Lisandra has developed and delivered scaled initiatives to over 2,500 Caribbean entrepreneurs and counting. She has also spearheaded the Centre’s strategic shift to becoming a player in the Caribbean venture capital industry by supporting growth-stage entrepreneurs towards investment, raised funding for the expansion of the Centre’s mission, and relocated its headquarters from Montego Bay to the business hub of Kingston. Lisandra recently left the Branson Centre to establish an online course and coaching business – Soul Career. She holds an MBA with Honors from Harvard Business School.

Andrew Hyde
Andrew is a technologist that has roots in design. He started Startup Weekend which reached half a million participants and 162 countries around the world.

2020 Advisory Board


Rob Aalders Startup Spirit Heerlen, Limburg

Rafat Abushaban Riable Gaza, Palestine

Annia Aleman City of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA

Karen Allen Karen Allen Consulting Los Angeles, CA

Haley Allgood Startup Junkie Fayetteville, AR

Simon Azzopardi Sherpa Naxxar, Malta

Kathleen Baireuther Ford Autonomous Vehicles Austin, TX

Dave Barcos North Bank Innovations Vancouver, WA

Lina Bartuseviciute LITAO Consultancy Group Shanghai, China

Alexander Bastien Think Accelerate Helsingborg, Sweden

Ellen Bateman Global Entrepreneurship Network Arlington, TX

Holly Beilin Engage Atlanta, GA

Shelly Bell Black Girls Venture Foundation Washington, DC

Robert Bennett VIATEC Victoria, Canada

Marjan Blumberg Embassy of the Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jan Bormans European Startup Network Brussels, Belgium

Robert Bouschery 360vier Cologne, Germany

Melissa Bradley 1863 Ventures Washington, DC

Navjot Brar Carpe Data Santa Barbara, CA

David Brown Australian Trade and Investment San Francisco, CA

Leigh Buchanan Venture Café Miami Miami, FL

Suzy Bureau GiveBackHack Columbus, OH

Sarah Burgaud StartOut San Francisco, CA

Kelly Burton Founders of Color Atlanta, CA

Shawna Butler Singularity University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Guido Caicedo ESPOL Guayaquil, Ecuador

Bobbie Carlton Innovation Women Lexington, MA

Rosario B. Casas VR Americas Bogota, Columbia

Raymond Chin Accenture Interactive Singapore, Singapore

Rendi M Clark Boulder Startup Week Boulder, CO

Ben Clayton OpenExO Montreal, Canada

Jay Clouse The Up Company Columbus, OH

Phillip Cogley Adeo Interactive Columbus, OH

Bart Collet Hyperadvancer Antwerp, Belgium

Steven Cook FortuneCMO Marietta, GA

Varelie Croes Government of Aruba Oranjestad, Aruba

Debra Davis We Are Phase2 New York, NY

Cris De Luca Johnson & Johnson Innovation Cambridge, MA

Jean Donnelly FinTech Sandbox Boston, MA

Tyler Drake Baxter Healthcare Corporation Deerfield, IL

Simone Driessen Startup Curated Rotterdam, Netherlands

Toni Eberhart Urban Engines Huntsville, AL

Patricia Edwards XIS Global Washington, DC

Conrad Egusa Publicize Westport, CT

Craig Elias Bow Valley College Interpublic Group Medibrands Calgary, Canada

Mandy Ellerton Bush Foundation Saint Paul, MN

Jay Ellis University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

Matthew Espinoza City Business Calendars San Antonio, TX

Belinda Esterhammer Springboard Group Hong Kong, China

Jonny Farringdon Bryte Pittsburgh, PA

Allison Felix Embarc Collective Tampa, FL

Paola Ferrario Challenger Paraguay Asuncion, Paraguay

Idan Fisher UK Israel Tech Hub Tel Aviv, Isreal

Alvin Foo IPG Mediabrands Shanghai, China

Jessica Ford Techstars Anaheim, CA

Jillian Friot Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS Corporation Boston, MA

Kathleen Fritzsche Zoi Berlin, Germany

Juliane Froemmter T-Hub Foundation Hyderabad, India

Kyla Frye WT Enterprise Center Amarillo, TX

Tim Fulton Horizon Two Labs Columbus, OH

Brett Greene New Tech Northwest Seattle, WA

Nate Gross, MD Doximity & Rock Health San Francisco, CA

Jazmin Gustale Office of the President-Paraquay Asuncion, Paraguay

Regina Gwynn Black Women Talk Tech New York, NY

Lorin Hamlin Under Armour Baltimore, MD

Jason Henrichs FinTech Forge Chicago, IL

Kelly Henry SoGal Foundation New York, NY

Seth Hillinger Nymusictech Meetup Brooklyn, NY

Timo Hoffmann Pioneer.To Gummersbach, Germany

Amy Hopper Winrock International Little Rock, AR

Jeff Hui Young Founders School Hong Kong, China

Clyde Hutchinson Journey Partners Dublin, Ireland

Ricardo Irias Sube Lantinamerica Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Alejandra Jimenez New York, NY

Cate Johnson Arbor Revolutions Washington, DC

Dmitry Kabanov Techstars Startup Digest Moscow, Russia

Sanjib Kalita Guppy Fairfax, VA

Dalia Kamar Foundersmedia Cairo, Egypt

Umesh Kumar Build with Napel London, England

Om Kundu InSpirAVE New York, NY

James Kwan Jumpstart Media Limited Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Kim Lane Kim Lane Co. Conway, AK

Jennifer Lee My Blind Brother San Francisco, CA

Tina Lee MotherCoders San Francisco, CA

Maren Lesche Startup Colors Berlin, Germany

Nicholas Longano Cyndx New York, NY

Rebecca Love Ryalto Boston, MA

Cynthia Macias mHUB Chicago, IL

Yael Malatskey CityZone Tel Aviv, Israel

Lisa Mallner Nordic Startup Bits Copenhagen, Denmark

Oscar Malpica Envisioning Labs Vancouver, Canada

Ikram Mansori Curah San Francisco, CA

Martin Martinez A-Player Media Austin, TX

Eric Mathews Start Co. Memphis, TN

Jean Paul Mau-Asam New Dutch Wave Amsterdam, Netherlands

Caitlin McAllister Catapult Chicago Chicago, IL

Mary McKenna Tech Entrepreneur Donegal, Ireland

Nina Means Austin Community College Austin, TX

Catalina Mejia ACDIVOCA Honduras Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Sloan Miller INNO New Orleans, LA

Katie Milligan Delta Regional Authority Memphis, TN

Vanessa Miranda Girls in Tech San Diego, CA

Jessica Moose Santa Fe Business Incubator Santa Fe, NM

Violeta Moran Fundacion Emprender Manta, Ecuador

Dax Moreno Tech Bloc San Antonio, TX

Richard Munassi Tampa Bay WaVE Tampa, FL

Amy Nelson Lovely New York, NY

Doug Newcomb Wards Intelligence Hood River, OR

Aline Noizet Salut 2.0 Barcelona, Spain

Joe Novello Nursegrid Portland, OR

Roshawnna Novellus EnrichHER Atlanta, GA

Christine Ntim Global Startup Ecosystem New York, NY

Nadyli Nunez Ascender Pittsburg, PA

Cagdas Onen Oppsense Toronto, Canada

Faris Oweis Instigation Protocol Austin, TX

Leon Pals Startup Foundation Rotterdam, Holland

Sanjay Parekh MailMosh Atlanta, GA

Neetal Parekh Innov8social Mountain View, CA

Glen Patterson Trifecta Venture New York, NY

Amy Peck EndeavorVR San Francisco, CA

Benjamin Penkert SportsTechX Berlin, Germany

Daniela Peralvo IMPAQTO Quito, Ecuador

Lauren Pradhan Grow North Minneapolis, MN

Burunda Prince The Farm Comcast NBC Universal Atlanta, GA

Alessandro Ravanetti Marketing & Fintech Advisor Barcelona, Spain

Scott Resnick Hardin Design & Development Madison, WI

Miki Reynolds Grid110 Los Angeles, CA

Vanessa Roanhorse Roanhorse Consulting Albuquerque, MN

Jessica Robinson Detroit Mobility Lab Detroit, MI

Steven Rodriguez Washington, DC

Andrea Romoli Freelance Milano, Italy

Emily Ross Inkvine Consulting Dublin, Ireland

Randi Salko Women’s Startup Lab Menlo Park, CA

Ryan Salts LaunchSA San Antonio, SA

Matthew Cohen Santorelli Boomy New York, NY

Steve Schwartz Tableau Software Redmond, WA

Michael Seiler Google San Francisco, CA

Elisa Sepulveda The Riveter Austin, TX

Jonty Sharples London, England

Marcus Shaw Co.lab Chattanooga, TN

Marcus Shaw Co.lab Chattanooga, TN

Leah Simoncelli AlphaLab Gear Pittsburg, PA

Martina Skelly YellowSchedule Castleconnell, Ireland

Jons Slemmer Chengdu Sichuan, China

Christoph Sollich The Pitch Doctor Berlin, Germany

Sanja Stankovic Hamburg Startups Hamburg, Germany

Thomas K.R. Stovall ImBlackInTech Chicago, IL

Jennifer Tacheff CommonGenius San Francisco, CA

Sabastian Tanner TechDay New York, NY

Todd Tate Viva Data San Francisco, CA

Laura Teicher FORGE Somerville, MA

Todd Terrazas Ai La Los Angeles, CA

Anna Thomlinson Start It @Kbc Brussels, Belgium

Frederik Tibau Brussels, Belgium

Kunbi Tinuoye Urbangeekz Marietta, GA

Sebastien Toupy The Next Web Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mandisa Turner Wakefern Food New York, NY

Rick Turoczy PIE Portland, OR

Adaora Udoji Rlab: NYU Tandon School of Engineering New York, NY

Christopher R. Upperman Envolve Entrepreneurship New York, NY

Uwem Uwemakpan Startup Grind Lagos, Nigeria

Lode Uytterschaut Start it @KBC Antwerpen, Belgium

Issac Vanderburg Launch Alaska Anchorage, AK

Heidy Vaquerano Girls in Tech LA/WRSSR Los Angeles, CA

Pedro Vasconcellos BeerOrCoffee Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Saleema Vellani Innovazing Washington, DC

Sebastien Vidal Parallel18 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Marian Villa Pionerasdev Medellin, Antioquia

Stacey Wallin Numinus Vancouver, Canada

Lauren Washington Black Women Talk Tech Austin, TX

Michael Weatherby BDO Canada Surrey, Canada

Eric Weissmann Cintrifuse Cincinnati, OH

Cecillia Wessinger Mass Collaboration Tulsa, OK

Samson Williams Axes and Eggs Dubai, UAE

Sevetri Wilson Resilia New Orleans, LA

Kevin Winston Digital LA Los Angeles, CA

Samantha Wolfe We Are Phase2 New York, NY

Felix Wong Startup Weekend Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Joey Womack Amplify 4 Good Atlanta, GA

Kat Yalung Bixel Exchange Startup Launch Los Angeles, CA

Hubert Zajicek Health Wildcatters Dallas, TX

Rodolfo Zhouri Cubo Itaú São Paulo, Brazil

Brian Zisk SF MusicTech Summit San Francisco, CA

Carlos Zuzunaga SF MusicTech Summit San Francisco, CA

2020 Coaches



Monica Landers
Qualifier (Facilitator)

Dean Cruse
Qualifier (Facilitator)

Greg Wright
HATCH pitch
Pre-Event Coach (Facilitator)

Brian Lang
Energizing Health
On-site Coach (Facilitator)

Pre-Event Qualifiers, Pre-Event Coaches and On-Site Coaches

Katie Baker
Pre-Event Coach

April Beasley
RCKT Marketing
Pre-Event Coach

Kara Bortone
Johnson & Johnson Innovation- JLABS
On-Site Coach

Sara Brand
True Wealth
On-Site Coach

Zach Brandon
Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce
On-Site Coach

Shelly Brenckman
Texas A&M University
Pre-Event Coach

Molly Cain
Pre-Event Coach

Emma Cartmell
On-Site Coach

William Clark
On-Site Coach

Julie Collins
Collins Consulting
On-Site Coach

Michael Crider
EX Squared
Pre-Event Qualifier

Cassandra Cuellar
Shearman & Sterling LLP
Pre-Event Coach

Liz Deering
The Un. Inc
On-Site Coach

Lindsay Deneault
Atrium Health
On-Site Coach

Dorit Donoviel
Translational Institute for Space Health
On-Site Coach

Kim Evans
On-Site Coach

Gary Fomi
On-Site Coach

Suzanne Futterman Porch
On-Site Coach

McArthur Gill
Pre-Event Qualifier

Benjamin Glenn
A Matter of Innovation
On-Site Coach

Eddie Gonzalez-Novoa
Energizing Health
On-site Coach

Jonathan Ha
Dell Technologies
Pre-Event Coach

Joanna Heinrich
Pre-Event Qualifier

Yael Hochberg
Rice University/MIT
On-Site Coach

Jacqueline Hughes
Kauffman Fellows
Pre-Event Qualifier

Amy Hurwitz
Boston Consulting Group
On-Site Coach

Mariam Jacob
Allergy and Asthma Clinics of Houston
Pre-Event Coach

Rashmi Kilam
Bouin Capital
Pre-Event Coach

Blanca Lesmes
BB Imaging and Healthcare Consulting

Paulo Machado
Health Innovation Partners LLC
Pre-Event Coach

Monique Maley
Articulate Persuasion
On-Site Coach

Deborah Mansfield
Pre-Event Coach

Erin Mays
Ebco Trends
Pre-Event Qualifier

Lisa McDonald
Austin Technology Incubator
On-Site Coach

Jake McKee
Pre-Event Coach

Robert McKee
Cypress Associates
On-Site Coach

Roberto Moctezuma
Fractal River
Pre-Event Coach

Mellini Monique
Vocal Culture Garden
On-Site Coach

Will Neder
Universal Operations
On-Site Coach

Rachelle Orbio
NFP, ValorUp
Pre-Event Coach

Beto Pallares
Joseph Advisory
On-Site Coach

Mark Phillips
Are You Watching This?!
Pre-Event Qualifier

Mark Piening
Pre-Event Qualifier

Joy Schoffler
Casoro Capital
On-Site Coach

Chris Shonk
ATX Seed Ventures
On Site Coach

Sarah Spear
Pre-Event Qualifier

Kristin Spindler
IncubatorCTX at Concordia University
On-Site Coach

Mike Steely
Vocool Technologies
Pre-Event Coach

Mark Streich
Pre-Event Coach

Chris Treadaway
Polygraph Media
Pre-Event Quaifier

Joshua Weibling
HATCH pitch
Pre-Event Coach

Tanya White
Pipeline Angels
Pre-Event Quaifier

Brian Williams
Pre-Event Coach

Sabrina Wojtewicz
Bunker Labs
Pre-Event Quaifier

Ron Yerkes
Pre-Event Coach

Pitchbook Report


Each year, PitchBook, a financial data and software company, complies over a decade’s worth of data into a report for the SXSW Pitch event.

Download the 2020 Report from PitchBook below to explore industry categories and data on standout past participants from the most VC capital raised to most active investors in SXSW companies and much, much more.

2019 Winners


Artificial Intelligence

Derq Dubai, UAE

1.3M people die from crashes every year. Autonomous Vehicle technologies are coming, but “mute” autonomous systems won’t solve all safety problems. Derq, an MIT spin-off and Techstars Mobility alum, develops software that helps eliminate crashes and save lives by using patented and award-winning AI algorithms to predict crashes with enough time to prevent them.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Healium by StoryUP Columbia, MO

Healium by StoryUP is the world’s first XR mindfulness channel powered by the user’s brain and heart rate. The biometrically controlled VR & AR stories heal themselves via data from the user’s wearables. In published studies, Healium has been shown to reduce moderate anxiety in as little as 4 minutes.


Nebula Genomics San Francisco, CA

Nebula Genomics offers consumers and patients affordable personal genome sequencing and enables control over personal genomic data, while researchers get access to a network of individuals for on-demand genomic data generation, access and analysis.

Enterprise & Smart Data

Geospiza Swift Denver, CO

Geospiza uses big data analytics to save lives in disaster. We automate data integration and provide rich, evidence-based decision support to emergency managers, elected officials, and corporate continuity planners.

Entertainment & Content

Tankee Austin, TX

Tankee helps parents protect their kids from inappropriate online content while allowing kids to watch gaming videos they love on mobile devices. From Minecraft adventures to ROBLOX music videos, Tankee’s team of real live humans review, create, and curate the best gaming content in a family-friendly, worry-free environment.

Health & Wearable

Pathware Ann Arbor, MI

Pathware is creating hardware and software solutions to simplify the digital pathology workflow. Our whole slide imaging and cloud-based management system, Bioptic, rapidly returns a biopsy quality determination to verify that a viable biopsy was collected with over 96% certainty.

Hyper-Connected Communities

UbiGro Los Alamos, New Mexico

UbiGro is a nanotech-enabled greenhouse film by UbiQD, Inc. that red-shifts the sun’s spectrum for improved crop yield and quality. UbiGro has been shown effective for tomatoes, cucumbers, leafy greens, hemp, and cannabis in various climates. UbiQD enabled this innovation with its safer, cheaper, and more reliable quantum dot technology.

Social & Culture

Supportiv Berkeley, CA

Supportiv —The Support Network—delivers NLP-driven precision peer support and hyper-targeted resource recommendations for daily life struggles like work stress, family pressures, relationship conflict, or loneliness. The proprietary NLP instantly matches users into topic-specific peer groups that dynamically convene for real-time emotional support. People healing people, globally scalable.

Sports & Performance Data

MIRO – Human Body AI Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Miro uses AI & computer vision to instantly identify athletes, individual consumer insights & more from running event photos/video. Miro analyzes the human body in motion to unlock value for athletes, events, sponsors & brands. Miro’s proprietary AI has powered the raceday experience for more than 7MM athletes globally.

Transportation & Delivery

ENSO – Sustainable Tires for Electric Vehicles London, England

ENSO innovates in the tire industry by making sustainable tires for electric vehicles that fundamentally reduce toxic tire emissions and increase EV driving range up to 20%. ENSO’s eco-friendly tires are significantly more sustainable and energy efficient than the standard tires currently equipped on some of the World’s best-selling EVs.

Best Bootstrap Company


The Best Speed Pitch Winner

Xplosion Tech

Best in Show Winner

Nebula Genomics

Explore the Past Winners Archive to browse winners and other participants from previous SXSW Pitch seasons.

2019 Finalists


Artificial Intelligence

Dubai, UAE

1.3M people die from crashes every year. Autonomous Vehicle technologies are coming, but “mute” autonomous systems won’t solve all safety problems. Derq, an MIT spin-off and Techstars Mobility alum, develops software that helps eliminate crashes and save lives by using patented and award-winning AI algorithms to predict crashes with enough time to prevent them.
Edmonton, Canada

Testfire Labs is an award-winning software company that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to build next-generation productivity tools. Our flagship product is, an AI-assistant that transcribes notes and action items, audits meeting history, and drops it all into a searchable dashboard, for unprecedented organization and productivity insights.

Pittsburgh, PA

RoadBotics is an infrastructure technology company that uses AI to revolutionize how governments and engineering firms make data-driven pavement management decisions. The company uses cutting-edge deep learning and a simple smartphone to disrupt the highly subjective and expensive pavement inspection process.

London, England

Imagine you never had to deal with insurance again. Sherpa’s proprietary AI assesses all the risks you face, and builds you a personalised, all-in-one insurance solution. What’s more, our insurance will automatically keep up to date as your life changes, so you can sleep easy, knowing you are always perfectly protected. Insurance reinvented: better, simpler, cheaper.

San Diego, CA

Autonomous livestock farm management. Livestock produce 30% of global protein. Vence reduces the cost of sustainably raised meat by eliminating the need for infrastructure (fences) and labor on livestock farms and giving customers real-time control. Our AI/ML also provides farmers with additional insight into animal behavior, health and fertility.


Clean Robotics
San Francisco, CA

CleanRobotics utilizes robotics and AI to properly sort recyclables and landfill waste, at the bin level, while gathering useful data and educating the public.

San Francisco, CA

Track is on a mission to make it easier to be self-employed, starting with automatically detecting 1099 income, then withholding and submitting what you owe. No more tax surprises.

Berlin, Germany

XAIN AG is a Berlin-based AI, Cybersecurity and Distributed Systems company. We combine academic research with industry experience to develop unique solutions around enterprise data, resource and knowledge sharing challenges.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Gainesville, FL

BehaviorMe has created a SaaS that enables therapists to increase the independence of kids and young adults with autism and developmental disabilities. The software is used as part of a therapy session where therapists can run multiple scenarios during a single appointment. Currently the software is being deployed as a web portal and standalone VR headsets.

Healium by StoryUP
Columbia, MO

Healium by StoryUP is the world’s first XR mindfulness channel powered by the user’s brain and heart rate. The biometrically controlled VR & AR stories heal themselves via data from the user’s wearables. In published studies, Healium has been shown to reduce moderate anxiety in as little as 4 minutes.

LinkVR Robot
Austin, TX

LinkDyn provides cutting-edge robots that enable new human-robot interaction in VR applications with realistic force feedback, robotic rehabilitation with seamless assistance, and more. The VR Haptic Robot can drastically improve VR training efficacy by allowing users to feel virtual objects and environment like those in the real world.

New York, NY

Obsess is an immersive e-commerce platform that uses mobile & web-based VR and AR (no headsets needed) to create a new, highly engaging online shopping experience. Our mission is to re-invent the grid interface that hasn’t changed since it was invented by Amazon 20 years ago to sell books online.

Cologne, Germany

DigitalTwin Technology founded in Cologne, Germany aiming to create digital twins of civil infrastructure. Tunnelware is a product that provides digital twin of construction site and Tunnel Boring Machine in order to monitor and manage the construction process in real-time on 5D platform virtually for safer and productive environment.


Austin, TX

myHouseby is the leading platform for new home construction allowing home buyers to discover, design and build homes for their unique lifestyles. From home plan discovery to designing and creating a new home, myHouseby is revolutionizing the new home construction marketplace.

Screen Door
Los Angeles, CA

Screen Door Laboratories augments team capabilities with real-time mission-critical information.

Tampa, FL

Using virtual reality technology, Verapy enhances patient experiences through fun exercise games – reimagining the way therapists engage with their patients.


Golden, CO

Bext360 develops technologies that leverage blockchain, artificial intelligence and IoT, to: streamline critical supply chains in emerging economies, provide a traceable fingerprint for commodities from producer to consumer, and enable organizations to track sustainability and CSR policies and progress. Bext360 was named to Forbes’ 25 Most Innovative AgTech Startups In 2018.

Austin, TX

Eggschain exists to preserve hope of life and peace of mind in the fertility industry and beyond. Leveraging the blockchain, we enable consumers to track their frozen eggs, embryos, sperm and genetic materials. We deliver the above by providing immutable records of ownership information and estate plans.

Knowbella Tech
Cincinnati, OH

Knowbella Tech is an open science collaboration company that uses blockchain to deliver free tools, services, intellectual property, and equipment to researchers, particularly the underserved. Those researchers who collaborate within the Platform will be awarded AnthroCoin cryptocurrency. The Company will initially generate revenues by matchmaking scientists with employers who pay to access the scientists looking for employment.

Nebula Genomics
San Francisco, CA

Nebula Genomics offers consumers and patients affordable personal genome sequencing and enables control over personal genomic data, while researchers get access to a network of individuals for on-demand genomic data generation, access and analysis.

Milwaukee, WI

SteamChain is unlike any other Industrial IoT company in the market today. We don’t just create dashboards that need to be monitored. We enable new business models that bring purpose to clients IIoT investments by connecting financial transactions to machinery performance.


Miami, FL

Bioverse is changing the way our society values the natural ecosystem and biodiversity by creating an entirely new economy that leverages biological and genetic diversity. Using blockchain to secure access and ownership of digital genomics and associated IP, Bioverse is creating a mechanism to ensure that investments in biological and genetic discoveries are generating capital gains to indigenous communities, local government, and ecosystem restoration initiatives.

Los Angeles, CA

Lucidity uses blockchain technology to bring transparency to digital advertising so brands always get what they pay for, honesty is rewarded, dishonesty isn’t, and measurement standards are enforced. We provide the transparency brands need to buy media with confidence.

San Francisco, CA

NuID is a pioneer in trustless authentication and decentralized digital identity. The NuID platform leverages zero knowledge cryptography and blockchain technology to eliminate the need for businesses to store passwords.

Enterprise and Smart Data

Geospiza Swift
Denver, CO

Geospiza uses big data analytics to save lives in disaster. We automate data integration and provide rich, evidence-based decision support to emergency managers, elected officials, and corporate continuity planners.

Austin, TX

Based on Pilosa, Molecula is a computational analysis engine that enables scientists and engineers to focus on the fundamental research needed to solve complex problems without the expensive and difficult data management usually required. Molecula is shifting the focus to extracting knowledge and intelligence from information.

New York, NY

Novo is a banking platform that provides better business checking accounts to today’s companies and is powered by a network of FDIC-insured community banks. Novo is bringing small business banking into the modern age with easy-to-use tools for founders on the go.

Austin, TX

Osano’s platform utilizes ML to provide users with insights regarding data sharing.

Singapore, Singapore

TransferFi is creating the world’s first long-range, safe and efficient Wireless Power Network (WPN). It will be used to power IoT sensor networks to high-power applications that will provide easy access to primary sources of energy. TFi is revolutionizing the way we access power.


Clovis Technologies
San Francisco, CA

Clovis is the next generation anti-money laundering solution: we’re building AI that stops criminals from using our financial systems to terrorize and exploit people around the world.

San Francisco, CA

Research global networks, cloud regions, and interconnected data centers in one place.

Entertainment and Content

Los Angeles, CA

Acciyo’s mission is to transform reading the news from a survivalist exercise into a rich, motivating experience. Our debut product is a tool that populates a timeline of previous articles published on the subject you’re reading. No matter what you read, get the context you need to understand it with ease.

Sacramento, CA

Fantag is the easiest, fastest way for teams, schools, broadcasters and streamers to manage video – for hassle-free sharing of highlights. Using patented cloud video synchronization technology and an app, Fantag automates delivery of personalized highlights and transforms the fan experience. We create a world where no moment is ever lost.

Toronto, Canada

Horizon makes blockchain-powered video games for dreamers, futurists, and digital citizens. We’re pioneering a new dimension of gaming that belongs to its players.

Kyoto, Japan

Stroly is an online platform for illustrated maps linked with geolocation technology. Our service also provides user behavior feedback for data-driven marketing.

Austin, TX

Tankee helps parents protect their kids from inappropriate online content while allowing kids to watch gaming videos they love on mobile devices. From Minecraft adventures to ROBLOX music videos, Tankee’s team of real live humans review, create, and curate the best gaming content in a family-friendly, worry-free environment.


Austin, TX

Ibble helps people build financial confidence by unlocking investment knowledge. With curated news, daily interactive live-streams and weekly trading competitions, we make investing accessible for everyone.

Immersive Systems
Los Angeles, CA

Immersive Systems is delivering a media platform to power the next generation of fan engagement and revenue growth in competitive esports. The platform seamlessly integrates all the stats, highlights, images and content that fans want and delivers it in a beautiful, interactive app.

Atlanta, CA

Vidgo is a prepaid streaming service that targets the unbanked. Vidgo has developed a disruptive pre-payment ecosystem for television to accept cash paying customers.

Health and Wearable

San Francisco, CA

Boost Biomes is using the powerful social networks among microbes to provide novel, sustainable solutions to feed and heal people everywhere. Our first products seek to reduce the enormous waste in agricultural products due to crop loss to fungal pests in the field and post-harvest.

San Francisco, CA

Kegg aims to disrupt fertility industry by cutting of the unnecessary costs, providing meaningful data to women through fertility hardware and access to remote 1:1 fertility specialists. This will make fertility care affordable to millions of women and provide the necessary data for the foundation of preventive healthcare.

Ann Arbor, MI

Pathware is creating hardware and software solutions to simplify the digital pathology workflow. Our whole slide imaging and cloud-based management system, Bioptic, rapidly returns a biopsy quality determination to verify that a viable biopsy was collected with over 96% certainty.

Portable Surgical Visualization System
Philadelphia, PA

X-Biomedical is commercializing surgical visualization technologies developed over several years at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Our novel all-inclusive portable surgical visualization solution is at the convergence of multiple enabling digital technologies & provides more value & costs significantly less compared to status quo systems, disrupting a ~$2B market.

Zibrio SmartScale
Houston, TX

Zibrio: The balance company is dedicated to giving people an edge in their performance, and preventing unnecessary deaths, injuries and costs from falls through a connected smart-scale that measures balance and identifies fall risk. Falls are not a normal part of aging, and we give you the health span you crave.


InvestAcure, PBC
New York, NY

InvestAcure, PBC is building a spare change investment platform to help you invest in companies working on a cure for Alzheimer’s. Our vision is to see a world where drug companies are owned by millions of spare change investors committed to a cure.

Chicago, IL

Rhaeos is a noninvasive wearable flow sensor designed by Northwestern University materials scientists and neurosurgeons for the care of patients with hydrocephalus.

Triad Health AI
Boulder, CO

Using smart speakers to make smarter exercises for Parkinson’s, Triad Health AI takes advantage of emerging smart speaker ecosystems to help people living with Parkinson’s stay healthy, safe and independent.

Hyper-Connected Communities

Chicago, IL

Mesh++ builds battery- and solar-powered WiFi nodes that can host huge, high-speed mesh networks anywhere.

Seattle, WA

NODE’s patent-pending technology and platform makes the most sustainable and healthy homes affordable. We slash time and cost by turning construction into assembly, activating a new workforce to assemble our flexible system that results in high quality, zero emission, homes.

Munich, Germany

ObjectBox enables Edge Computing in IoT and Mobile with the fastest Edge Database: smaller than 1MB, 10x faster than any alternative, and easy natural language APIs. With ObjectBox, companies develop decentralized products independent from the cloud, that perform in real-time. On top of the database we‘re building a synchronization solution.

Washington, DC

TwentyTables re-imagines the relationship between patrons, restaurants and the food insecure. Our multi-sided marketplace offers consumers affordable fixed-cost meals, and increases vendor efficiencies, while also helping feed the hungry. A-Community-of-Food.

Los Alamos, New Mexico

UbiGro is a nanotech-enabled greenhouse film by UbiQD, Inc. that red-shifts the sun’s spectrum for improved crop yield and quality. UbiGro has been shown effective for tomatoes, cucumbers, leafy greens, hemp, and cannabis in various climates. UbiQD enabled this innovation with its safer, cheaper, and more reliable quantum dot technology.


Austin, TX

Fieldcraft is a sourcing platform harnessing better data so buyers can simplify ingredient discovery and leverage plant-based and clean label solutions for the next generation of food and beverage.

Austin, TX

We make it easy for people to take checkbook control of their retirement savings and invest in anything allowed by the IRS, with no penalties.

Social and Culture

EnrichHER Funding
Atlanta, GA

EnrichHER Funding is fueling the growth of women-led businesses by enabling women founders to secure capital in an affordable and non-dilutive way. Similar to Kiva, we provide investors with an opportunity to lend to small businesses. EnrichHER loans range from $50,000 to $75,000 and are made to pre-screened women-led companies.

Ann Arbor, MI

MySideKick is a complete web-based application that addresses all the issues of sexual violence, with a mobile interface to help better engage college students. We discovered 4 reasons why sexual violence is not properly being addressed on college campuses and created 7 powerful components to address and remedy these issues.

New Age Meats
San Francisco, CA

At New Age Meats, we make meat from animal cells instead of animal slaughter. We can craft meat to be tastier, healthier, and more sustainable than any other meat.

Berkeley, CA

Supportiv —The Support Network—delivers NLP-driven precision peer support and hyper-targeted resource recommendations for daily life struggles like work stress, family pressures, relationship conflict, or loneliness. The proprietary NLP instantly matches users into topic-specific peer groups that dynamically convene for real-time emotional support. People healing people, globally scalable.

VOLO Career Volunteering Platform
London, England

VOLO Group is transforming career development to help people build happier, more fulfilling careers. Their Career Volunteering platform offers a differentiated approach to professional development that addresses skill-building through volunteering; offering hands-on opportunities to learn and grow, while making a positive impact in the local community.


San Francisco, CA

Explorest is modernizing how people discover, experience and photograph the world’s greatest places via highly curated insights from today’s top travel influencers.

iAccess Innovations Atlanta, GA

A lifestyle application to allow users with mobility impairments to access life!

Tris Holdings
Los Angeles, CA

Tris started as a search and chat extension for google, talk to others searching the same thing, now we are a social browser in play store and App Store.

Sports and Performance

Bisecu Smart Bike Lock
Seongnam-si Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Bisecu, world’s first fully automatic smart bike lock. Bisecu, which allows bicycle users to forget the presence of the lock and enjoy the bike riding experience fully. Bisecu is not only a completely new type of lock but also the lightest smart bike lock. Furthermore, Bisecu acts as a smart cycling device that analyzes users riding data.

Islamabad, Pakistan

We are a sports technology company with our first product, CricFlex – world’s first wearable technology for Cricket. An arm sleeve, embedded with sensors, tracks illegal bowling actions, arm force, action time & spin to determine player performance, consistency and effort, helping them improve. It’s a US patented technology.

Fan Controlled Football League
Los Angeles, CA

The FCFL is reimagining sports for the digital age: taking the passion of live sport, the competition of fantasy sports, the engagement of video games, and the global reach of esports and combining them into a fan-controlled, live sport, streamed on Twitch and built for the next generation of fan.

MIRO – Human Body AI
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Miro uses AI & computer vision to instantly identify athletes, individual consumer insights & more from running event photos/video. Miro analyzes the human body in motion to unlock value for athletes, events, sponsors & brands. Miro’s proprietary AI has powered the raceday experience for more than 7MM athletes globally.

Limassol, Cyprus

Learn2Play is an international eSports EdTech company offering gamers a platform to improve their skills. L2P counts with over 1M subscribed users on its two platforms, MoreMMR and MoreLegends, which make use of AI to provide a match analysis for Dota 2 and League of Legends, respectively. The platforms also counts with video lessons and its own tournaments.


Marina Del Rey, CA

Mobalytics is the first personal performance analytics platform and gaming assistant for gamers. The platform measures player performance, helps them define their strengths and weaknesses and provides personalized advice on how to improve. You can think of it as an AI coach for gamers.

Uru Sports
Denver, CO

Uru Sports is an online sports recruitment platform connecting players, coaches and teams. Athletes use Uru to find available roster positions on teams worldwide. Teams use Uru to recruit talent.

Xplosion Technology
Missouri City, TX

Xplosion Technology is a sports-technology company based in Texas and centered around our cutting-edge human performance software platform. Think Google Analytics for athletes. Our state of the art, patented data collection process prevents and identifies key injuries among players. Xplosion leverages validated testing methods coupled with wearable sensors to provide training staff comprehensive reports about each athlete’s susceptibility to injury.

Transportation and Delivery

Autonomous Electric Transport System
Gothenburg, Sweden

By challenging conventional thinking, by utilizing big data and cutting-edge technology — and by inspiring people to take responsibility for the planet and each other — Einride is making the movement of goods more intelligent: emission-free, safe, cost-effective, and ultimately, sustainable.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Electristructure is an infrastructure developer for electric charging stations focused on public transport buses. The market for electric buses in public transport is experiencing a major breakthrough this year. Electristructure will take responsibility for long-term investments and optimization of public transport systems.

ENSO – Sustainable Tires for Electric Vehicles
London, England

ENSO innovates in the tire industry by making sustainable tires for electric vehicles that fundamentally reduce toxic tire emissions and increase EV driving range up to 20%. ENSO’s eco-friendly tires are significantly more sustainable and energy efficient than the standard tires currently equipped on some of the World’s best-selling EVs.

Seattle, WA

Migo is the free app for discovering new and existing ways to get from A to B without jumping from app to app. Migo helps riders discover the right ride, at the right time. Options include rideshare, carshare, taxi, scooter, and bikeshare, to specialty transport and public transportation.

Smart B/L
Ljubljana, Slovenia

CargoX is the first open, neutral, and independent decentralized blockchain platform for the shipping industry, built with CargoX’s Blockchain Document Transaction System (BDTS). Freight forwarders, platforms exporters and importers can now enjoy superb data security, documentation transaction speed, and comprehensive integrity with CargoX’s revolutionary Smart Bill of Lading.


Kaizen Health
Chicago, IL

Kaizen Health is changing mobility for healthcare and municipalities to ensure every person, regardless of physical ability, has access to transportation that they need to lead healthy and happy lives.

Kilroy Blockchain
Austin, TX

Kilroy Blockchain helps innovators disrupt their industries by specializing in building custom integrated systems using blockchain, artificial intelligence, and ecommerce technology to streamline business processes and create a smarter organization.

Millebot, Inc.
Orlando, FL

Millebot is a privately held deep-tech company that designs and builds a modular digital-manufacturing platform within the ISO shipping container. Our mission is to accelerate access to sustainable production.

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