SXSW Release It

March 13, 2020

SXSW Release It is a special pitch competition featuring ten cutting-edge companies selected to pitch their product or service live at SXSW for a panel of judges comprised of technology industry experts, venture capitalists and high profile media who will select the product or service most likely to succeed in the marketplace.

SXSW Release It Finalists - 2019 - Photo by Akash Kataria

SXSW Release It Finalists - 2019 - Photo by Akash Kataria

About Release It


SXSW Release It provides a platform for companies to launch a new and innovative product or service during a pitch competition on the opening day of the SXSW Conference.

Ten cutting-edge companies launching a new product or services during this SXSW season will present to a panel of hand-picked judges, comprised of technology industry experts, venture capitalists, and high-profile media. A winner will be chosen based on which product or service is most likely to succeed in the marketplace.

Please read the FAQ for any questions you might have about the event or the application process.

For any further questions about Release It, email

Applications for Release It have now closed.


  • A company’s product / service must have launched no earlier than Wednesday, January 1, 2020.
  • A company’s product / service must not be launched after Friday, March 13, 2020.
  • Companies will be allowed to submit only one product or service to SXSW Release It. Companies who submit more than one product or service will not be eligible to participate in SXSW Release It.
  • Companies can not have presented in any of the following events: SXSW Pitch or SXSW EDU Launch.

Applications for Release It are now closed.

2019 Winner – Lumos Helmet

Lumos is a next generation bicycle helmet that features integrated lights, brake, and turn signals. Lumos started as a Kickstarter campaign, and has gone on to be featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2018. Lumos is also the first and only bike helmet to be sold in over 300 Apple Stores worldwide.

Past winners for the Release It event include Potrero Medical, Honest Dollar, Inteliclinic Inc., Neuroon Open, and Abartys Health.

SXSW Release It - 2019 - Photo by Akash Kataria

SXSW Release It - 2019 - Photo by Akash Kataria

2019 Finalists


Ampl Santa Monica, CA

Ampl is a News Discovery & Article Sharing Platform that enables messaging and annotation within articles. Ampl aggregates from over 250+ premium publishers and 90+ Topics. Ampl’s mission is to become the go-to social platform for news consumption, inspiring more discussion around people’s interests by making Article Sharing fun & easy.

Portland, OR

Dorsum is a company solving the problem of back pain caused by spinal misalignment during repetitive motion activities. Our supportive spinal device inserts into apparel as part of an interchangeable back support system. Dorsum is committed to creating purposeful and dependable products that adapt to motion and the user’s needs.

Leaf Tyme
Chicago, IL

The Leaf Tyme mobile app is a directory for the cannabis industry that connects consumers and patients to licensed dispensaries, brands, and clinics in their area. The platform allows users to find cannabis laws and regulations by state and learn how cannabis can help with common health conditions.

Lumos Helmet
Los Angeles, CA

Lumos is a next generation bicycle helmet that features integrated lights, brake, and turn signals. Lumos started as a Kickstarter campaign, and has gone on to be featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2018. Lumos is also the first and only bike helmet to be sold in over 300 Apple Stores worldwide.

Reviver Auto
Foster City, CA

Reviver Auto created the Rplate, the world’s first and only digital license plate, transforming the 125 year-old metal license plate into a multi-functional, bi-stable high definition digital display, and customizable, connected vehicle platform. It enables virtually any legacy vehicle to transform itself into a connected smart vehicle taking advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s technology including smart cities, AI, autonomous and semi-autonomous systems, various vehicle ownership business models and much more.

Stockholm, CA

Riteband is a stock exchange for music that empowers artists by bringing them cash when they need it; from fans and other investors who buy their future music copyright revenues. Backers can make a profit through secondary trading, just like on the stock exchange. Find the hit. Make money.

10 Block
Venice, CA

10 Block transforms high quality feature films & TV series into an experience the mobile generation loves by making great stories into bite-size blocks you can discover, binge and share on your phone. Their platform helps content owners reach today’s mobile viewers in an addictive social community.

The Labz
Atlanta, GA

The Labz’ is a music collaboration platform that frees music creators from the complex burden of song ownership data collection, ownership splits and song registration. We do this by integrating into the music creator’s current music sharing and songwriting digital workflow, collect data while creators collaborate, take that data to instantly register their ownership on a Blockchain database platform, and auto-generate simple forms such as a copyright and a split-sheets.

Winnipeg, Canada

Thisten is an audio to text platform that transcribes the world’s information – in real time. Backed by Google Creative Lab, Thisten was founded by Liz Jackson and members of SkipTheDishes’ startup team – Rui Melo, Ben Grynol and Sudeep Sidhu.

Austin, TX

ZPEG increases video encoder performance by 25% or more without compromising the visual experience. Companies sending video can reduce their bandwidth bill, increase the visual quality, and reduce buffering with a simple to install upgrade to their system.

2019 Release It Alternates

Dance Reality
Seattle, WA

We enable people to learn to dance anytime, from the comfort of their homes, from the best instructors in the world, and at a fraction of the cost, using AR with just a smartphone or tablet.

Hannover, Germany

Dresslife enables 1-to-1 personalization for fashion with exceptional accuracy, by integrating human feedback into its AI. Its technology allows customers to find the clothes they love and that fit. Dresslife’s vision is to create a market network for fashion that matches clothing for consumers across retailers and brands.

Past Participants Archive


Browse the Past Participants Archive for a list of SXSW Release It winners, finalists, judges, and other participants from previous years including the 2018 Winner:

Potrero Medical
San Francisco, CA

Potrero Medical has developed the Accuryn system, a smart urinary catheter and monitor that tracks multiple vital signs via the bladder continuously and automatically, and is developing algorithms for the early prediction of kidney failure, sepsis, hemorrhage, and other diseases, thus saving lives and dramatically reducing the cost of care.

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