Trade show

March 11-14. The Trade Show highlights the integrations and overlaps between SXSW’s converging industries, hosting a diverse range of forward-thinking exhibitors ranging from promising startups to established industry leaders.

Trade show

SXSW Trade Show 2017 - Photo by Merrick Ales



As the largest exhibition at SXSW, the Trade Show enhances and complements conference programming with endless unexpected discovery opportunities. In no other place at SXSW will you find this many creative businesses and organizations together in one place. In fact, 2017 brought together more than 300 exhibitors.

Take a look at the SXSW Trade Show floor map.

Featured Exhibitors

Make sure to stop by our featured exhibitor booths:

Several areas located throughout the Trade Show feature content aimed to promote discovery, education, and inspiration. Some of the areas on the Trade Show floor include the following.

Discovery Stage

The Discovery Stage features curated content from exhibitors that covers topics of their choosing. Visit the stage each day for unique sessions that feature programming including demos, solo talks, panel presentations, and more.

Next Stage

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Next Stage presented by Stitcher draws inspiration from the creative industries to feature presentations and performances that span the focus of Interactive, Film, and Music. These sessions showcase the inventive, emerging talent participating at SXSW, including cross-industry panels with diverse speakers and intimate showcases from official SXSW artists.

Come & Capture

With a focus on the evolving landscape of digital filmmaking, Come & Capture is a platform for manufacturers, filmmakers, and app developers to highlight their new tools for capturing and creating content.

Health Pavilion

The Health Pavilion is the place to interact with and learn about inventive technologies that are changing the face of health and healthcare.

Meet Up Pavilion

Come by the Meet Up Pavilion for some casual networking with other professionals while exploring a range of topics from the Interactive, Film, and Music industries.

Startup Village

Startup Village spotlights the best and brightest up-and-coming businesses from all industries and sectors including mobile apps, 3D printing, SaaS, FinTech, and more.

International Pavilion

Experience the next level of innovation and creativity from across the globe at the International Pavilion, where delegates from six continents converge to discuss promising trends of the future.

Social Impact Pavilion

Meet the companies that are driving social innovation, raising awareness, and making a real difference in the lives of people all over the world.

SXSW Trade Show 2017 Photos

NASA at the trade show
A man shakes hands with a robot at the Trade Show during SXSW 2017.
A SXSW attendee interacts with an exhibitor at the SXSW Trade Show in 2017
A game show being played at Next Stage at the SXSW Trade Show
A man experiences NASA
A woman from the Japanese delegation stands in the middle of the International section of the SXSW Trade Show 2017.
Stella Artois served samples of beer out of their airstream at the Trade Show. Stella
A man pets a dog at the SXSW Trade Show in 2017.
A close up of the Flash Drives for Freedom in the Social Impact Pavilion at the SXSW Trade Show 2017.
Left to right: Errich Petersen, Trade Show at SXSW 2017 - Photo by Michael Caulfield, Nicky Lockman, Nicky Lockman, Errich Petersen, Merrick Ales, Sara Marjorie Strick, Nicky Lockman, Jay Willingham


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