Create Cross-Culture Designs for a Global Audience With Yiying Lu at SXSW 2018 [Video]

Yiying Lu is no stranger to SXSW, she was commissioned by Expedia to create a marking campaign during the 2014 event and designed the Interactive swag bag in 2012! In this talk, the award-winning creative director will share her 10 years of cross-cultural design practice for global brands and businesses such as Disney, Twitter, 500 Startups, Wasabi Warriors and China Australia Millennial Project.

Lu tells personal stories of how she created artworks for the Twitter Fail Whale, the Conan O’Brien Pale Whale, the official Dumpling Emoji, and the Shanghai Disney Recruitment Campaign. Additionally, she discusses her unique experience as IDEO’s first Artist In Residence in China.

"My passion is to highlight the fun out of function." - Yiying Lu

After discussing how the Twitter Fail Whale made its way to different creations around the world from street art to cake and even tattoos; Lu talks about how many companies are integrating works of art with error messages. "People can relate more to it and in some ways, it also plants a seed of empathy into their product," said Lu.

Lu then switched her attention to the creation of the Dumpling Emoji. After a text conversation with a friend about grabbing food in San Francisco, Lu realized that there was no dumpling emoji and immediately got to work! A group of volunteers and friends passionate about this project formed "emojination" and started a Kickstarter since the process to have a new emoji is actually a very rigorous endeavor. Two years later the emoji was on phones everywhere.

The concept of nurturing fresh talent is extremely important to Lu, so much so that she created the China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP). The program is about connecting dynamic, young leaders in bilateral innovation incubators and providing the tools to address real-world, global challenges. "They get the opportunity to present their ideas to investors and venture capitalists."

Join Yiying Lu on a journey of exploring cross-cultural creativity through colorful logos, whimsical illustrations, symbolic typography designs in the full SXSW Featured Session, Create Cross-Culture Designs for a Global Audience from the Design Track.

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Yiying Lu - Photo by Shedrick Pelt

By Neha Aziz