SXSW Eco Keynote Dr. Sarah Richardson + Day Two Highlights [Video]

Day two of SXSW Eco 2016 programming carried on the celebration of breakthrough initiatives, technology driving social and environmental progress, and new ways of addressing critical challenges at local and global levels. Among the many sessions and events, our highlight reel above features Keynotes from Dr. Sarah Richardson and William McDonough, the Eco Exhibition, and Place By Design Outdoor Lounge with installations from PXD finalists and local artists. Watch the highlights video and then take a deeper dive into Tuesday's Keynote with Dr. Sarah Richardson discussing genetic engineering.

"How do you figure out what life is when you can't assume that it doesn't look or talk like you?" During her keynote, Dr. Sarah Richardson, trained in both computational and molecular biology, expands upon her unique perspective on the emerging discipline of synthetic biology. Dr. Richardson argues that the fundamental nature of biology requires we apply a very different sort of engineering. Delving into CRISPR, a genome editing tool, Dr. Richardson talks about its exciting potential in bacteria where it's already solving problems.

Watch the full Keynote video, The Planet is a Cookbook: Genetic Engineering Recipes for the Future, from Dr. Sarah Richardson at SXSW Eco 2016. Plus, check out a bonus interview during which Dr. Richardson gives us her thoughts on affecting change, the misconceptions about gene editing, and beer.

Watch Keynote

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2016 SXSW Eco Keynote Dr. Sarah Richardson – Teaser photo by Ziv Kruger

By Jordan Roberts




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