Donald Albright and Deniese Davis On Elevating Voices [Video]

Tenderfoot TV Co-Founder and President, Donald Albright, and ColorCreative COO, Deniese Davis, come together for a discussion on how media and entertainment can bring light to social injustices, give voices to those who have been ignored, and incite real change.

"There’s a real generational gap and cultural gap in terms of the stories that we care about." – Donald Albright

Albright and Davis discuss how Black-centric media is systematically shut out of mainstream channels and emphasize the need to close the gap. With experience working on shows like Insecure and podcasts centered on Black voices, the two give insight on how to address social injustices through different mediums of storytelling and non-obvious avenues. They highlight humor, characterization, and untold stories as powerful tools for making media that matters.

"At the root of every issue that exists within Hollywood is...on one hand trying to convince the gatekeepers who are predominantly white and predominantly male that our stories matter but more importantly that there is an audience for our stories." – Deniese Davis

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By Hailey Hess